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CategoryData Conversion => ADC (Analog to Digital Converters)
DescriptionLow Voltage 8-bit Microcontrollers With Uart, I2c-bus And ADC
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

Product specification Supersedes data of 1996 Oct 04 File under Integrated circuits, IC20 1997 Mar 14

CONTENTS FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION ROMless version: P80CL580 APPLICATIONS ORDERING INFORMATION BLOCK DIAGRAM FUNCTIONAL DIAGRAM PINNING INFORMATION Pinning Pin description FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION OVERVIEW General CPU timing MEMORY ORGANIZATION Program Memory Data Memory Special Function Registers (SFRs) Addressing I/O FACILITIES Ports Port options Port 0 options SET/RESET options TIMERS/EVENT COUNTERS Timer 0 and Timer 1 Timer T2 Timer/Counter 2 Control Register (T2CON) Watchdog Timer PULSE WIDTH MODULATED OUTPUT Prescaler Frequency Control Register (PWMP) Pulse Width Register (PWM0) ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER (ADC) ADC Control Register (ADCON) REDUCED POWER MODES Idle mode Power-down mode Wake-up from Power-down mode Status of external pins Power Control Register (PCON)

I2C-BUS SERIAL I/O Serial Control Register (S1CON) Serial Status Register (S1STA) Data Shift Register (S1DAT) Address Register (S1ADR)

Multiprocessor communications Serial Port Control and Status Register (S0CON) Baud rates INTERRUPT SYSTEM External interrupts to INT8 Interrupt priority Interrupt registers OSCILLATOR CIRCUITRY RESET External reset using the RST pin Power-on-reset SPECIAL FUNCTION REGISTERS OVERVIEW INSTRUCTION SET LIMITING VALUES DC CHARACTERISTICS AC CHARACTERISTICS PACKAGE OUTLINES SOLDERING Introduction Reflow soldering Wave soldering Repairing soldered joints DEFINITIONS LIFE SUPPORT APPLICATIONS PURCHASE OF PHILIPS I2C COMPONENTS

Very low current consumption: typically 2.5 V and 8 MHz Operating ambient temperature range: to +85 °C. 2 GENERAL DESCRIPTION

Full static 80C51 Central Processing Unit 8-bit CPU, ROM, RAM, I/O a 56-lead VSO or 64-lead QFP package 256 bytes on-chip RAM Data Memory 6 kbytes on-chip ROM Program Memory for P83CL580 External memory expandable to 128 kbytes: RAM to 64 kbytes and ROM to 64 kbytes Five 8-bit ports; 40 I/O lines Three 16-bit Timers/Event counters On-chip oscillator suitable for RC, LC, quartz crystal or ceramic resonator Fifteen source, fifteen vector, nested interrupt structure with two priority levels Full duplex serial port (UART) I2C-bus interface for serial transfer on two lines Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with Power-down mode; 4 input channels and 8-bit ADC Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) output (8-bit resolution) Watchdog Timer Enhanced architecture with: ­ non-page oriented instructions ­ direct addressing ­ four 8-byte RAM register banks ­ stack depth limited only by available internal RAM (maximum 256 bytes) ­ multiply, divide, subtract and compare instructions Reduced power consumption through Power-down and Idle modes Wake-up via external interrupts at Port 1 Frequency range: to 12 MHz. For ADC operation minimum 250 kHz 2.7 V Supply voltage: V 4 ORDERING INFORMATION TYPE P8xCL580HFT P8xCL580HFH Note

The P80CL580; P83CL580 (hereafter generally referred P8xCL580) is manufactured in an advanced CMOS technology. The P8xCL580 has the same instruction set as the 80C51, consisting of over 100 instructions: 49 one-byte, 46 two-byte, and 16 three-byte. The device operates over a wide range of supply voltages and has low power consumption; there are two software selectable modes for power reduction: Idle and Power-down. For emulation purposes, the P85CL580 (piggy-back version) with 256 bytes of RAM is recommended. This data sheet details the specific properties of the P80CL580; P83CL580. For details of the 80C51 core and the I2C-bus see "Data Handbook IC20". 2.1 ROMless version: P80CL580

The P80CL580 is the ROMless version of the P83CL580. The mask options on the P80CL580 are fixed as follows: All ports have option `1S' (standard port, HIGH after reset), except ports P1.6 and P1.7 which have option `2S' (open-drain, HIGH after reset) Oscillator option: Oscillator 3 Power-on-reset option: off. 3 APPLICATIONS

The an 8-bit general purpose microcontroller especially suited for cordless telephone and mobile communication applications. The P8xCL580 also functions as an arithmetic processor having facilities for both binary and BCD arithmetic plus bit-handling capabilities.

VSO56 plastic very small outline package; 56 leads QFP64 plastic quad flat package; 64 leads (lead length 1.95 mm); body 2.8 mm

1. `x' or 3. Refer to the Order Entry Form (OEF) for this device for the full type number, including options/program. 1997 Mar 14 3


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AD7851 : 14-Bit, 333 Ksps, Serial Sampling A/D Converter. Single 5 V Supply 333 kSPS Throughput Rate/ 2 LSB DNL--A Grade 285 kSPS Throughput Rate/ 1 LSB DNL--K Grade & K Grades Guaranteed 125 C/238 kSPS Throughput Rate Pseudo-Differential Input with Two Input Ranges System and Self-Calibration with Autocalibration on Power-Up Read/Write Capability of Calibration Data Low Power: 60 mW typ Power-Down Mode: 5 W typ Power.

CS5510 : 16/20-Bit, 8-Pin, A/D Converter.

CXD1171M : 8-bit 40MSPS High Speed D/A Converter. The 8-bit 40 MHz high speed D/A converter. The adoption of a current output system reduces power consumption mW (200 load at 2 Vp-p output). This IC is suitable for digital TV and graphic display applications. Resolution 8-bit Max. conversion speed 40MSPS Non linearity error within ±0.25 LSB Low glitch noise TTL CMOS compatible input +5 V single power.

LTC1273 : ->Single Input. LTC1273 5V, 300ksps, 0V to 5V Input, Parallel Interface.

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MAX183 : 3 s, 12-Bit ADC.

MB40978 : 3-channel 8-bit RGB D/A Converter. The Fujitsu a 8-bit ultra high speed digital to analog converter for video frequency band fabricated by Fujitsu Advanced Bipolar Technology. Owing to adoption of RGB 3-channel input/output, it is suitable for digital TV, graphic display etc. Resolution Linearity Maximum Conversion Rate Analog Output Voltage Range Digital Input Voltage Single Power Supply.

MB40C938V : 20 MSPS 3ch 8-bit D/A Converter. The is a high-speed CMOS process-based D/A converter provided with the thtee-channel I/O for RGB, allowing for independent contorl of the three channels. Resolution Linearity error Differential linearity error Maximum conversion rate Supply voltage Digital input voltage range Analog output voltage range Dissipation power Additional capabilities Package.

MSC1211Y5PAGR : MicroSystem Mixed-Signal Data Converters. ti MSC1211Y5, 8051 Cpu With 32kB Memory, I2C, 24-Bit ADC, And Quad 16-Bit DACs.

P8XCL580HFH : Low Voltage 8-bit Microcontrollers With Uart, I2c-bus And ADC. Product Supersedes data of 1996 Oct 04 File under Integrated circuits, IC20 1997 Mar 14 CONTENTS GENERAL ROMless version: P80CL580 APPLICATIONS ORDERING INFORMATION BLOCK DIAGRAM FUNCTIONAL DIAGRAM PINNING INFORMATION Pinning Pin FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW General CPU timing MEMORY ORGANIZATION Program Memory Data Memory Special Function Registers (SFRs) Addressing.

THS1060PHP : 10-bit 60 MSPS if Sampling Communications Analog-to-digital Converter.

TLV2543 : . TLV2543I 12-BIT ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTERS WITH SERIAL CONTROL AND 11 ANALOG INPUTS 12-Bit-Resolution A/D Converter 10-µs Conversion Time Over Operating Temperature Range 11 Analog Input Channels 3 Built-In Self-Test Modes Inherent Sample and Hold Function Linearity Error. ± 1 LSB Max On-Chip System Clock End-of-Conversion (EOC) Output Unipolar or Bipolar.

TLV571DW : 2.7 V to 5.5 v, 1-channel, 8-bit, Parallel Analog-to-digital Converter.


ADC12QS065 : Quad 12-Bit 65 MSPS A/D Converter with LVDS Serialized Outputs The ADC12QS065 is a low power, high performance CMOS 4-channel analog-to-digital converter with LVDS serialized outputs. The ADC12QS065 digitizes signals to 12 bits resolution at sampling rates up to 65 MSPS while consuming a typical 200 mW/ADC from a single 3.0V supply. Sampled data is transformed.

ADS8557 : 670kSPS, 14-Bit, 6-Channels, Simultaneous Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter The ADS8556/7/8 contain six low-power, 16-, 14-, or 12-bit, successive approximation register (SAR) based analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with true bipolar inputs. Each channel contains a sample-and-hold circuit that allows simultaneous high-speed multi-channel signal.

ADC1613D125HN : ADC1613D125 - Dual 16 Bits ADC; 125 Msps; Serial JESD204A The ADC1613D is a dual channel 16-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) optimized for high dynamic performances and low power at sample rates up to 125 Msps. Pipelined architecture and output error correction ensure the ADC1613D is accurate enough to guarantee zero missing codes over the entire.

DAC161S055 : Precision 16-Bit, Buffered Voltage-Output DAC From The PowerWise® Family The DAC161S055 is a precision 16-bit, buffered voltage output Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) that operates from a 2.7V to 5.25V supply with a separate I/O supply pin that operates down to 1.7V. The on-chip precision output buffer provides rail-to-rail output swing and has a typical.

HS-565BEH : High Speed, Monolithic Digital-To-Analog Converter The HS-565BRH, HS-565BEH are fast, radiation hardened 12-bit current output, digital-to-analog converters. This part replaces the HS-565ARH, which is no longer available. The monolithic chips include a precision voltage reference, thin-film R-2R ladder, reference control amplifier and twelve high-speed.

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