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CategoryMultimedia => Video => TV Applications => NTSC
DescriptionSAA7111; Video Input Processor (VIP)
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

Product specification Supersedes data of 1996 Oct 30 File under Integrated Circuits, IC22 1998 May 15

CONTENTS FEATURES APPLICATIONS GENERAL DESCRIPTION QUICK REFERENCE DATA ORDERING INFORMATION BLOCK DIAGRAM PINNING FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION Analog input processing Analog control circuits Clamping Gain control Chrominance processing Luminance processing RGB matrix VPO-bus (digital outputs) Synchronization Clock generation circuit Power-on reset and CE input RTCO output The Line-21 text slicer Suggestions for I2C-bus interface of the display software reading line-21 data GAIN CHARTS LIMITING VALUES CHARACTERISTICS TIMING DIAGRAMS CLOCK SYSTEM Clock generation circuit Power-on control OUTPUT FORMATS APPLICATION INFORMATION Layout hints I2C-BUS DESCRIPTION I2C-bus format I2C-bus detail Subaddress 00 Subaddress 02 Subaddress 03 Subaddress 04 Subaddress 05 Subaddress 06 Subaddress 07 Subaddress 08 Subaddress

Subaddress 0A Subaddress 0B Subaddress 0C Subaddress 0D Subaddress 0E Subaddress 10 Subaddress 11 Subaddress 12 Subaddress 1A (read-only register) Subaddress 1B (read-only register) Subaddress 1C (read-only register) Subaddress 1F (read-only register) FILTER CURVES Anti-alias filter curve Luminance filter curves Chrominance filter curves I2C START SET-UP PACKAGE OUTLINE SOLDERING Introduction Reflow soldering Wave soldering PLCC QFP Method (PLCC and QFP) Repairing soldered joints DEFINITIONS LIFE SUPPORT APPLICATIONS PURCHASE OF PHILIPS I2C COMPONENTS

Four analog inputs, internal analog source selectors, e.g. 4 CVBS 2 Y/C (1 Y/C and 2 CVBS) Two analog preprocessing channels Fully programmable static gain for the main channels or automatic gain control for the selected CVBS or Y/C channel Switchable white peak control Two built-in analog anti-aliasing filters Two 8-bit video CMOS analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) On-chip clock generator Line-locked system clock frequencies Digital PLL for H-sync processing and clock generation Requires only one crystal (24.576 MHz) for all standards Horizontal and vertical sync detection Automatic detection 50/60 Hz field frequency and automatic switching between standards PAL and NTSC Luminance and chrominance signal processing for PAL BGHI, PAL N, PAL M, NTSC M, NTSC N and NTSC 4.43 User programmable luminance peaking or aperture correction Cross-colour reduction for NTSC by chrominance comb filtering PAL delay line for correcting PAL phase errors Real time status information output (RTCO) Brightness Contrast Saturation (BCS) control on-chip The YUV (CCIR-601) bus supports a data rate of: = 13.5 MHz for 625 line sources = 13.5 MHz for 525 line sources. Data output streams for or 8-bit width with the following formats: 411 YUV 422 YUV 422 YUV 565 RGB (16-bit) with dither 888 RGB (24-bit) with special application. 720 active samples per line on the YUV bus One user programmable general purpose switch on an output pin Built in line-21 text slicer Power-on control 1998 May 15 3 Two switchable outputs for the digitized CVBS or Y/C input signals to 0) and to 0) via the I2C-bus Chip enable function (reset for the clock generator) Compatible with memory-based features (line-locked clock) Boundary scan test circuit complies with the IEEE Std. - 1990 (ID-Code B) I2C-bus controlled (full read-back ability by an external controller). 2 APPLICATIONS

Desktop video Multimedia Digital television Image processing Video phone. 3 GENERAL DESCRIPTION

The Video Input Processor (VIP) is a combination of a two-channel analog preprocessing circuit including source selection, anti-aliasing filter and ADC, an automatic clamp and gain control, a Clock Generation Circuit (CGC), a digital multi-standard decoder (PAL BGHI, PAL M, PAL N, NTSC M and NTSC N), a brightness/contrast/saturation control circuit and a colour space matrix (see Fig.1). The CMOS circuit SAA7111, analog front-end and digital video decoder, is a highly integrated circuit for desktop video applications. The decoder is based on the principle of line-locked clock decoding and is able to decode the colour of PAL and NTSC signals into CCIR-601 compatible colour component values. The SAA7111 accepts as analog inputs CVBS or S-video (Y/C) from TV or VTR sources. The circuit is I2C-bus controlled.


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