Details, datasheet, quote on part number: TDA1519AQ
Description22 W BTL or 2 X 11 W Stereo Car Radio Power Amplifier
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Product specification File under Integrated Circuits, IC01 May 1992

The is an integrated class-B dual output amplifier a 9-lead single in-line (SIL) plastic power package. The device is primarily developed for car radio applications. Features Requires very few external components for Bridge Tied Load (BTL) Stereo or BTL application High output power Low offset voltage at output (important for BTL) Fixed gain Good ripple rejection Mute/stand-by switch Load dump protection AC and DC short-circuit-safe to ground and VP QUICK REFERENCE DATA PARAMETER Supply voltage range operating non-operating load dump protected Repetitive peak output current Total quiescent current Stand-by current Switch-on current Input impedance BTL stereo Stereo application Output power THD 10%; 4 THD 10%; 2 Channel separation Noise output voltage Po Vno(rms) dB V |ZI| k VP IORM Itot Isb Isw mA A CONDITIONS SYMBOL MIN. TYP. MAX. UNIT Thermally protected Reverse polarity safe Capability to handle high energy on outputs (VP = 0 V) No switch-on/switch-off plop Protected against electrostatic discharge Low thermal resistance Identical inputs (inverting and non-inverting) Compatible with TDA1519B (except output power).

PARAMETER BTL application Output power Supply voltage ripple rejection THD = 1 kHz to 10 kHz DC output offset voltage Crystal temperature PACKAGE OUTLINES 9 lead SIL; plastic power SOT131-2; 1996 July 22. 9-lead SIL-bent-to-DIL; plastic power SOT157-2; 1996 July - 22 CONDITIONS SYMBOL MIN. TYP.


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