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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
DescriptionMultiple Voltage Regulator With Switch
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Preliminary specification Supersedes data of 1995 Nov 20 File under Integrated Circuits, IC01 1997 Jul 09

FEATURES Two VP-state controlled regulators (regulator 1 and regulator 3) and a power switch Regulator 2, reset and ignition buffer operates during load dump and thermal shutdown Separate control pins for switching regulator 1, regulator 3 and the power switch Supply voltage range +50 V (operating from 11 V) Low reverse current of regulator 2 Low quiescent current (when regulator 1, regulator 3, and power switch are switched off) Hold output (only valid when regulator 1 is switched on) Reset and hold outputs (open collector outputs) Adjustable reset delay time High ripple rejection Back-up capacitor for regulator 2. PROTECTIONS Reverse polarity safe (down -18 V without high reverse current) Able to withstand voltages V at the outputs (supply line may be short-circuited) ESD protected on all pins Thermal protection Local thermal protection for power switch Load dump protection Foldback current limit protection for regulators 1, 2 and 3 Delayed second current limit protection for the power switch (at short-circuit) The regulator outputs and the power switch are DC short-circuited safe to ground and VP. ORDERING INFORMATION PACKAGE TYPE NUMBER NAME TDA3605Q DBS13P DESCRIPTION GENERAL DESCRIPTION

The is a multiple output voltage regulator with a power switch, intended for use in car radios with or without a microcontroller. It contains: 1. Two fixed voltage regulators with a foldback current protection (regulator 1 and regulator 3) and one fixed voltage regulator (regulator 2), intended to supply a microcontroller, that also operates during load dump and thermal shutdown. 2. A power switch with protections, operated by an enable input. 3. Reset and hold outputs can be used to interface by the microcontroller. The reset signal can be used to call up the microcontroller and the hold output indicates regulator 1 voltage available and within range. 4. A supply pin which can withstand load dump pulses and negative supply voltage. 5. Regulator 2 will be switched at a supply voltage >6.5 V and off at a voltage of regulator V. 6. Also there is a provision for use of a reserve supply capacitor that will hold enough energy for regulator (5 V continuous) to allow a microcontroller to prepare for loss of voltage.

plastic DIL-bent-SIL power package; 13 leads (lead length 12 mm)

QUICK REFERENCE DATA SYMBOL Supply VP supply voltage operating reverse battery regulator 2 on jump start load dump protection Iq(tot) VREG2 VREG3 Power switch Vsw(d) IswM drop-out voltage peak current Isw 1 A Isw = 1.8 junction temperature t 10 minutes during 50 ms; 2.5 ms PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN.

total quiescent supply current standby mode

Voltage regulators output voltage regulator 1 output voltage regulator 2 output voltage regulator IREG2 300 mA; V 4.75


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