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CategoryMultimedia => Video => Processors
DescriptionI2c-bus Controlled Pal/ntsc/secam TV Processors
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

Tentative Device Specification December 16, 1997 Previous version: April 24, 1997

FEATURES The following features are available in all IC's: Multi-standard vision IF circuit with an alignment-free PLL demodulator without external components Alignment-free multi-standard FM sound demodulator (4.5 MHz to 6.5 MHz) Audio switch Flexible source selection with CVBS switch and Y(CVBS)/C input so that a comb filter can be applied Integrated chrominance trap circuit Integrated luminance delay line Asymmetrical peaking in the luminance channel with a (defeatable) noise coring function Black stretching of non-standard CVBS or luminance signals Integrated chroma band-pass filter with switchable centre frequency Dynamic skin tone control circuit Blue stretch circuit which offsets colours near white towards blue RGB control circuit with "Continuous Cathode Calibration" and white point adjustment Possibility to insert a "blue back" option when no video signal is available Horizontal synchronization with two control loops and alignment-free horizontal oscillator Vertical count-down circuit Vertical driver optimised for DC-coupled vertical output stages I2C-bus control of various functions The detailed differences between the various IC's are given in the table on page 3.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The various versions of the TDA 884X/5X series are I2C-bus controlled single chip TV processors which are intended to be applied in PAL, NTSC, PAL/NTSC and multi-standard television receivers. The N2 version is pin and application compatible with the N1 version, however, a new feature has been added which makes the N2 more attractive. The IF PLL demodulator has been replaced by an alignment-free IF PLL demodulator with internal VCO (no tuned circuit required). The setting of the various frequencies and 58.75 MHz) can be made via the I2C-bus. Because of this difference the N2 version is compatible with the N1, however, N1 devices cannot be used in an optimised N2 application. Functionally the IC series is split is 3 categories, viz: Versions intended to be used in economy TV receivers with all basic functions (envelope: S-DIP 56 and QFP 64) Versions with additional features like E-W geometry control, H-V zoom function and YUV interface which are intended for TV receivers with 110° picture tubes (envelope: S-DIP 56) Versions which have in addition a second RGB input with saturation control and a second CVBS output (envelope: QFP 64) The various type numbers are given in the table below.

SURVEY OF IC TYPES ENVELOPE TV receiver category PAL only PAL/NTSC PAL/SECAM/NTSC NTSC only December 16, 1997 Economy TDA 8840 TDA 8841 TDA 8842 TDA 8846/46A TDA 8843 TDA 8844 TDA 8847 2 S-DIP 56 Mid/High end Economy TDA 8840H TDA 8841H TDA 8842H TDA 8854H TDA 8857H QFP 64 Mid/High end

FUNCTIONAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE VARIOUS IC VERSIONS IC VERSION (TDA) Automatic Volume Limiting PAL decoder SECAM decoder NTSC decoder Colour matrix PAL/NTSC(Japan) Colour matrix NTSC Japan/USA YUV interface Base-band delay line for PAL and SECAM or chroma comb filter for NTSC Adjustable luminance delay time Horizontal geometry Horizontal and vertical zoom Vertical scroll 2nd CVBS output 8854H 8857H


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MN3113F : Package =. Vertical Driver LSI for Video Camera CCD Area Image Sensor The is a vertical driver LSI for a two-dimensional interline CCD image sensor. It a built-in power supply circuit that, in conjunction with such external components as six booster capacitors and two voltage stabilization capacitors, produces stabilized +15.0V and ­10.0V power supplies from a +5.0V.

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TA8256H : 3-channel. Package = Hzip 12-P-1.778B ;; Recommended VCC (V) = 20 ;; RL=2 Ohm = ;; RL=4 Ohm = ;; RL=8 Ohm = 6 W X 3 ;; /built-in Functions = 3 Channels, Muting Function, Output Shorting (AC)/thermal Shutdown Overvoltage Protection. ;; Operating Voltage (V) = 10 to 30.

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U4065B : FM Front End. The is a bipolar integrated FM-frontend circuit. It contains a mixer, an oscillator, two IF preamplifiers and an unique interference sensor. The device is designed for high performance car radio and home receiver applications. D All frontend functions of a high performance FMreceiver, except the RF preamplifier, are integrated D Improved dynamic range.

WM8778 : WM8778 : 24-BIT, 192KHZ Stereo Codec.

TS4601 : Audio Power Amplifiers High performance stereo headphone amplifier with capacitorless outputs and I˛C bus interface.

IRS2052MTRPBF : 2 Channel Digital Audio Amplifier The IRS2052M integrates two channels of high voltage, high performance Class D audio amplifier drivers with PWM modulators and protections. In conjunction with external MOSFET and external components, a complete 2 channel Class D audio amplifier can be realized. The IRS2052M is designed with floating analog inputs and protection.

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