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CategoryInterface and Interconnect
DescriptionLow-side Drive And High-side Control With Simultaneous Conduction Lockout
CompanyPower Integrations, Inc.
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Features, Applications
Low-side Drive and High-side Control with Simultaneous Conduction Lockout

5 V CMOS Compatible Control Inputs Combines logic inputs for low and high-side drives Schmidt-triggered inputs for noise immunity Built-in High-voltage Level Shifters Integrated level shifters simplify high-side interface Can withstand 800 V for direct interface to the INT201 high-side driver Pulsed high-voltage level shifters reduce power consumption Gate Drive Output for an External MOSFET Provides sink/150 mA source current Can drive MOSFET gate 15 V External MOSFET allows flexibility in design for various motor sizes Built-in Protection Features Simultaneous conduction lockout protection UV lockout


The INT200 Low-side driver IC provides gate drive for an external low-side MOSFET switch and high-side level shifting. When used in conjunction with the INT201 high-side driver, the INT200 provides a simple, cost-effective interface between low-voltage control logic and high-voltage loads. The INT200 is designed to be used with rectified 220 V supplies. Both high-side and low-side switches can be controlled independently from ground-referenced 5 V logic inputs on the low side driver. Built-in protection logic prevents both switches from turning on at the same time and shorting the high voltage supply. Pulsed level shifting saves power and provides enhanced noise immunity. The circuit is powered from a nominal 15 V supply to provide adequate gate drive for external N-channel MOSFETs. Applications include motor drives, electronic ballasts, and uninterruptible power supplies. The INT200 can also be used to implement full- bridge and multi-phase configurations. The INT200 is available in 8-pin plastic DIP and SOIC packages.


Pin 1: Active-low logic-level input HS IN controls the pulse circuit which signals the INT201 high-side driver. Pin 2: Active-high logic level input LS IN controls the low side driver output. Pin 3: LS OUT is the driver output which controls the low-side MOSFET. Pin 4: COM connection; analog reference point for the circuit. Pin 5: Level shift output HSD 2 signals the high-side driver to turn off. One short, precise pulse is sent on each positive transition of HS IN. Pin 6: Level shift output HSD 1 signals the high-side driver to turn on. Two short, precise pulses are sent on each negative transition of HS IN. Pin 7: N/C for creepage distance. Pin 8: VDD supplies power to the logic, highside interface, and low-side driver.

5 V Regulator The 5 V linear regulator circuit provides the supply voltage for the control logic and high-voltage level shift circuit. This allows the logic section to be directly compatible with 5 V CMOS logic without the need of an external 5 V supply. Undervoltage Lockout The undervoltage lockout circuit disables the LS OUT pin and both HSD pins whenever the VDD power supply falls below typically 9.0 V, and maintains this condition until the VDD power supply rises above typically 9.35 V. This guarantees that both MOSFETs will remain off during power-up or fault conditions. HSD1/HSD2 The HSD1 and HSD2 outputs are connected to integrated high-voltage Nchannel MOSFET transistors which perform the level-shifting function for communication to the high-side driver. Controlled current capability allows the drain voltage to float with the high-side driver. Two individual channels produce a true differential communication channel for accurately controlling the high-side driver in the presence of fast moving high-voltage waveforms. Pulse Circuit The pulse circuit provides the two highvoltage level shifters with precise timing signals. Two pulses are sent over HSD1 to signal the high-side driver to turn on. One pulse is sent over HSD2 to signal the high-side driver to turn off. The combination of differential communication with the precise timing provides maximum immunity to noise. Conduction Latch An RS latch prevents the low-side driver and high-side driver from being on at the same time, regardless of the input signals. Delay Circuit The delay circuit matches the low-side propagation delay with the combination of the pulse circuit, high voltage level shift, and high-side driver propagation delays. This ensures that the low-side driver and high-side driver will never on at the same time during switching transitions in either direction. Driver The CMOS drive circuit provides drive power to the gate of the MOSFET used on the low side of the half bridge circuit. The driver consists of a CMOS buffer capable of driving an external transistor gate 15 V.


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