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DescriptionEnergy Efficient, Cv/cc Switcher For Very Low Cost Chargers And Adapters
CompanyPower Integrations, Inc.
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Energy Efficient, CV/CC Switcher for Very Low Cost Chargers and Adapters

Cost Effective Linear/RCC Replacement Lowest cost and component count, constant voltage, constant current (CV/CC) solution Extremely simple circuit configuration to 75% lighter power supply reduces shipping cost Primary based CV/CC solution eliminates to 20 secondary components for low system cost Combined primary clamp, feedback, IC supply, and loop compensation functions­minimizes external components Fully integrated auto-restart for short circuit and open loop fault protection­saves external component costs 42 kHz operation simplifies EMI filter design 3 W output with EE13 core for low cost and small size Much Higher Performance Over Linear/RCC Universal input range allows worldwide operation to 70% reduction in power dissipation­reduces enclosure size significantly CV/CC output characteristic without secondary feedback System level thermal and current limit protection Meets all single point failure requirements with only one additional clamp capacitor Controlled current in CC region provides inherent soft-start Optional opto feedback improves output voltage accuracy

*Estimated tolerance achievable in high volume production including transformer and other component tolerances. **See Optional Secondary Feedback section.

Figure 1. Typical Application ­ not a Simplified Circuit (a) and Output Characteristic Tolerance Envelopes (b).

EcoSmart - Extremely Energy Efficient Consumes at 265 VAC input with no load Meets Blue Angel, Energy Star, and EC requirements No current sense resistors­maximizes efficiency

Applications Linear transformer replacement in all 3 W applications Chargers for cell phones, cordless phones, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3/portable audio devices, shavers, etc. Home appliances, white goods and consumer electronics TV standby and other auxiliary supplies

Table 1. Notes: 1. Typical output power for designs in an enclosed adapter measured 50 °C ambient. 2. Uses higher reflected voltage transformer designs for increased power capability ­ See Key Application Considerations section. 3. See Part Ordering Information.


LinkSwitch is specifically designed to replace all linear transformer/ RCC chargers and adapters in the 3 W universal range at equal or lower system cost with much higher performance and energy efficiency. LinkSwitch introduces a revolutionary topology for the design of low power switching power supplies that rivals the simplicity and low cost of linear adapters, and enables a much

smaller, lighter, and attractive package when compared with the traditional "brick". With efficiency 3 W output and 300 mW no-load consumption, a LinkSwitch solution can save the end user enough energy over a linear design to completely pay for the power supply cost in less than one year. LinkSwitch integrates 700 V power MOSFET, PWM control, high voltage start-up, current limit, and thermal shutdown circuitry, onto a monolithic IC.


DRAIN (D) Pin: Power MOSFET drain connection. Provides internal operating current for start-up. Internal current limit sense point for drain current. CONTROL (C) Pin: Error amplifier and feedback current input pin for duty cycle and current limit control. Internal shunt regulator connection to provide internal bias current during normal operation. It is also used as the connection point for the supply bypass and autorestart/compensation capacitor. SOURCE (S) Pin: Output MOSFET source connection for high voltage power return. Primary side control circuit common and reference point.

The duty cycle, current limit and operating frequency relationships with CONTROL pin current are shown in Figure 4. Figure 5 shows a typical power supply outline schematic which is used below to describe the LinkSwitch operation. Power Up During power up, as VIN is first applied (Figure 5), the CONTROL pin capacitor C1 is charged through a switched high voltage current source connected internally between the DRAIN and CONTROL pins (see Figure 2). When the CONTROL pin voltage reaches approximately 5.6 V relative to the SOURCE pin, the high voltage current source is turned off, the internal control circuitry is activated and the high voltage internal MOSFET starts to switch. At this point, the charge stored C1 is used to supply the internal consumption of the chip. Constant Current (CC) Operation As the output voltage, and therefore the reflected voltage across the primary transformer winding ramp up, the feedback CONTROL current IC increases. As shown in Figure 4, the internal current limit increases with IC and reaches ILIM when IC is equal to IDCT. The internal current limit vs. IC characteristic is designed to provide an approximately constant power supply output current as the power supply output voltage rises. Constant Voltage (CV) Operation When IC exceeds IDCS, typically 2 mA (Figure 4), the maximum duty cycle is reduced. At a value of IC that depends on power supply input voltage, the duty cycle control limits LinkSwitch peak current below the internal current limit value. At this point the power supply transitions from to CV operation. With minimum input voltage in a typical universal input design, this transition occurs at approximately 30% duty cycle. R1 (Figure 5) is therefore initially selected to conduct a value of IC approximately equal to IDCT when VOUT is at the desired value at the minimum power supply input voltage. The final choice R1 is made when the rest of the circuit design is complete. When the duty cycle drops below approximately 4%, the frequency is reduced, which reduces energy consumption under light load conditions. Auto-Restart Operation When a fault condition, such as an output short circuit or open loop, prevents flow of an external current into the CONTROL pin, the capacitor C1 discharges towards 4.7 V, autorestart is activated, which turns the MOSFET off and puts the control circuitry in a low current standby mode. In auto-restart, LinkSwitch periodically restarts the power supply so that normal power supply operation can be restored when the fault is removed.


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