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Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 24IMR25-12-2
CategoryPower Management => DC-DC Converters
Description25...40 Watt DC-DC Converters
DatasheetDownload 24IMR25-12-2 datasheet


Features, Applications

Input voltage range or 3 outputs V DC I/O electric strength test voltage Low cost Short circuit protection Efficiency to 82%

Input voltage continuous range, 12 V continuous range, 24 V continuous range, 48 V shunt diode

Output voltage setting accuracy Minimum load Line regulation Load regulation Output voltage switching noise

Ui nom , lo nom recommended Ui min...Ui max, lo nom Ui nom, 0...100% Io nom, single output models dual and triple output models (tracking) Ui nom, 20...100 Io nom , peak-peak, total

Electric strength test voltage Electromagnetic interference I/O conducted with external filter V DC class B

Operating ambient temperature Storage temperature Relative humidity MTBF

Pin Single output Dual output Vi+ Vi­ Vo+ Vo­ COM Vo­ COM n.c. Vo­ Triple output Vi+ Vi­ Vo1+ COM Vo2+ COM Vo3­


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2502V0S48LN Input Voltage = 36-75 ;; Output Voltage = 2.0 ;; Output Current = 6A
2503S12HN Input Voltage = .9-18 ;; Output Voltage = .3.3 ;; Output Current = 4000mA
2503S72RW Input Voltage = 45-160 ;; Output Voltage = .3.3 ;; Output Current = 7.5A ;; Ovp VDC = .5.1
2503V3S48LN Input Voltage = 36-75 ;; Output Voltage = 2.0 ;; Output Current = 6A
2505/12T12HN Input Voltage = .9-18 ;; Output Voltage = .3.3 ;; Output Current = 4000mA
0-C     D-L     M-R     S-Z