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Description5 Watt Dip24 & SMD, Single & Dual Output
CompanyRecom International Power
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2:1 Wide Input Voltage Range 5 Watts Regulated Output Power 1.6kVDC Isolation Suffix "H "3kVDC Isolation Low Profile, 10.2 mm Height Over Current Protection Five-Sided Shield No Derating to 71C Non-Conductive Black Plastic Ideal for Telecom/Networking Standard DIP24 and SMD-Pinning Efficiency to 81%


The F-Series of DC/DC Converters are fully certified 60950: 2000. This makes them ideal for all Telecom and safety applications where approved isolation is required.

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Specifications (typical at nominal input and 25C unless otherwise noted)

Input Voltage Range 12V nominal input 24V nominal input 48V nominal input 36-75VDC Pi Type 12V Input 24V Input 48V Input 150mAp-p 30ms typ. 5W max. FL 0.2% Single Dual 3.3V, 5V others Temperature Coefficient Transient Response (25% load step change) Over Load Protection of full load at nominal Vin) Short Circuit Protection 1%/p-p of Vout max. 0.02%/C, max. 500S 180% typ Continuous, automatic recovery continued on next page April-2005 199

Input Filter Input Surge Voltage (100 ms max.)

Input Reflected Ripple (nominal Vin and full load) Start Up Time (nominal Vin and constant resistor load) Output Power Output Voltage Accuracy (full Load and nominal Vin) Minimum Load (see Note 1) Line Regulation (LL-HL at full load) Load Regulation to 100% FL) Cross Regulation (asymmetrical load 25%/100% FL) Ripple and Noise (20MHz bandwith)

Efficiency Isolation Voltage Isolation Resistance Isolation Capacitance Operating Frequency Approved to Safety Standards Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Thermal Shock Vibration Relative Humidity Case Material Base Material Potting Material Conducted Emissions Radiated Emissions ESD Radiated Immunity Fast Transient Surge Conducted Immunity Weight Dimensions MTBF (see note EN61000-4-5 EN61000-4-6 DIP SMD DIP SMD In to out Standard Suffix /H

see ,,Selection Guide" table 1.600VDC min. 3.000VDC min. 109 min. 300pF max. 100kHz min. 2G, 30 Min. along X, Y and 95% RH Non-conductive black plastic Non-conductive black plastic Epoxy (UL94-V0) Level A Level A Perf. Criteria 2 Perf. Criteria 2 Perf. Criteria 2 Perf. Criteria 2 Perf. Criteria x 106 Hours

1. The RP05 series requires a minimum of 10% loading on the output to maintain specified regulation. Operation under no-load condition will not damage these devices, however they may not meet all listed specification. 2. BELLCORE TR-NWT-000332. Case l: 50% Stress, Temperature at 40C (Ground fixed and controlled environment). H" for 3.000VDC Isolation 3. Suffix "H 4. Maximum value at nominal input voltage and full load of standard type. 5. Typical value at nominal input voltage and full load. 6. Test by minimum Vin and constant resistor load. 7. See application notes for EMI-filtering.


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