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DescriptionLow Voltage 300ma LDO Regulator
CompanyRicoh Corporation
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Features, Applications

The R1131x Series are CMOS-based low voltage regulator ICs with output voltage range from to 3.3V. The minimum operating voltage is 1.4V. Each of these voltage regulator ICs consists of a voltage reference unit, an error amplifier, resistors for setting output voltage, a current limit circuit, and a chip enable circuit. To prevent the destruction by over current, current limit circuit is included. Standby mode realizes ultra small consumption current. The output voltage of these ICs is internally fixed with high accuracy. Since the packages for these ICs are SOT-23-5, SON-6, and HSON-6, high density mounting of the ICs on boards is possible.


Supply Current..................................................Typ. 80A (VOUT < 1.8V) Typ. 60A (VOUT = 1.8V) Standby Mode...................................................Typ. 0.1A Low Dropout Voltage.........................................Typ. 0.48V(IOUT=300mA Output Voltage=1.0V Type) Typ. 0.31V(IOUT=300mA Output Voltage=1.5V Type) Typ. 0.23V(IOUT=300mA Output Voltage=3.0V Type) Ripple Rejection................................................Typ. 65dB(f=1kHz) Low Temperature-Drift Coefficient of Output Voltage Typ. 100ppm/C Excellent Line Regulation.................................Typ. 0.01%/V Output Voltage Accuracy................................... SON-6, HSON-6 Output Voltage to 3.3V Input Voltage to 3.3V Built-in fold-back protection circuit....................Typ. 50mA (Current at short mode) External Capacitors...........................................CIN=COUT=Tantalum 1.0F (VOUT < 1.0V) CIN=COUT=Ceramic 1.0F (VOUT = 1.0V)


Precision Voltage References. Power source for electrical appliances such as cameras, VCRs and hand-held communication equipment. Power source for battery-powered equipment.

The output voltage, the chip enable polarity, package type, and the taping type for the ICs can be selected at the user's request. The selection can be available by designating the part number as shown below;

Contents Designation of Package Type R1131Nxx1x: SOT-23-5 (Mini-mold) R1131Dxx2x: HSON-6 Setting Output Voltage (VOUT): Stepwise setting with a step 0.1V in the range 3.3V is possible. If the output=1.85V, then the code R1131x18xx5. If the output=2.85V, then the code is R1131x28xx5. Designation of Chip Enable Option : A:"L" active type. B:"H" active type. D:"H" active and with auto discharge function Designation of Taping Type : TR Refer to Taping Specifications Designation of composition of plating: -F : Lead free plating (SOT-23-5,SON-6,HSON-6)

Description Input Pin Ground Pin Chip Enable Pin No Connection Output pin
Description Input Pin No Connection Output pin No Connection Ground Pin Chip Enable Pin

Tab or Tab suspension Ieads in the parts have GND level. (They are connected to the reverse side of this IC.) Do not connect to other wires or land patterns.

Symbol VIN VCE VOUT IOUT PD Topt Tstg Input Voltage Input Voltage( CE /CE Pin) Output Voltage Output Current Power Dissipation (SOT23-5)* Power Dissipation (SON-6)*

*1) For Power Dissipation please refer to PACKAGE INFORMATION to be described.


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