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DescriptionLOW Voltage Detector
CompanyRicoh Corporation
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The R3111 Series are voltage detector ICs with high detector threshold accuracy and ultra-low supply current by CMOS process, which can be operated at an extremely low voltage and is used for system reset as an example. Each of these ICs consists of a voltage reference unit, a comparator, resistors for detector threshold setting, an output driver and a hysteresis circuit. The detector threshold is fixed with high accuracy internally and does not require any adjustment. Two output types, Nch open drain type and CMOS type are available. The R3111 Series are operable at a lower voltage than that for the RX5VL Series, and can be driven by a single battery. Four types of packages, SOT-89, SOT-23-5 and SC-82AB are available.

Ultra-low Supply Current............................................................... TYP. 0.8A (VDD=1.5V) Wide Range of Operating Voltage.................................................. to 10.0V(Topt=25C) Detector Threshold......................................................................... Stepwise setting with a step 0.1V in the range 6.0V is possible. High Accuracy Detector Threshold................................................ 2.0% Low Temperature-Drift Coefficient of Detector Threshold............ TYP. 100ppm/C Two Output Types.......................................................................... Nch Open Drain and CMOS Four Types of Packages.................................................................. TO-92, SOT-89(Mini-power Mold), SOT-23-5 (Minimold), SC-82AB

CPU and Logic Circuit Reset Battery Checker Window Comparator Wave Shaping Circuit Battery Back-up Circuit Power Failure Detector

Release Voltage +VDET Supply Voltage Detector Threshold -VDET (VDD) Minimum Operating Voltage VSS

Output Delay Time tPLH is defined as follows: 1. In the case of Nch Open Drain Output: Under the condition of the output pin (OUT) is pulled up through a resistor to 5V, the time interval between the rising edge of VDD pulse from 0.7V to (+VDET)+ 2.0V and becoming of the output voltage 2. In the case of CMOS Output: The time interval between the rising edge of VDD pulse from 0.7V to (+VDET)+ 2.0V and becoming of the output voltage (VDD/2) V.

+VDET + 2.0V Input Voltage (VDD) 0.7V GND 5.0V Output Voltage 2.5V
+VDET + 2.0V Input Voltage (VDD) 0.7V GND +VDET+2.0V Output Voltage +VDET+2.0V 2 GND

The package type, the detector threshold, the output type and the taping type of R3111 Series can be designated at the users' request by specifying the part number as follows; R31111- Part Number Code b c Contents Designation of Package Type; N: SOT-23-5 Setting Detector Threshold (-VDET); Stepwise setting with a step 0.1V in the range 6.0V is possible. Designation of Output Type; A: Nch Open Drain C: CMOS Designation of Packing or Taping Type ; Ex.TO-92: TZ, SC-82AB: TR are prescribed as standard directions. (Refer to Taping Specifications.) Antistatic bag for samples: C


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