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DescriptionMicroprocessor Supervisory Circuit
CompanyRicoh Corporation
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The R5106N Series are CMOS-based con supervisory circuit, or high accuracy and ultra low supply current voltage detector with built-in delay and watchdog timer. When the supply voltage is down across the threshold, or the watchdog timer does not detect the system clock from the con, the reset output is generated. The voltage detector circuit is used for the system reset, etc. The detector threshold is fixed internally, and the tolerance is 1.0%. The released delay time (Power-on Reset Delay) circuit is built-in, and output delay time is adjustable with an external capacitor. When the supply voltage becomes the released voltage, the reset state will be maintained during the delay time. The time out period of the watchdog timer can be also set with an external capacitor. The output type of the reset is selectable, Nch open-drain, or CMOS. There is a function to stop supervising clock by the watchdog timer (INH function). The package is small SOT-23-6.


Built-in a watchdog timer's time out period accuracy 30% Timeout period for watchdog and generating a reset signal can be set by an external capacitor Detector Threshold Voltage 0.1V stepwise setting in the range from to 5.5V Supply current Typ. 11A Operating Voltage to 6.0V High Accuracy Output Voltage of Detector Threshold 1.0% Power-on Reset Delay Time accuracy 20% Power-on reset delay time of the voltage detector can be set with an external capacitor. Small Package SOT-23-6

Supervisory circuit for equipment with using microprocessors.

The selection can be made with designating the part number as shown below: R5106Nxx1x-TR part Number a bcd Code Descriptions Designation of Package Type; SOT-23-6 (2.8mmx2.9mm) Designation of Detector Threshold Voltage (-VDET) 0.1V stepwise setting is possible in the range from to 5.5V Designation of the output type of RESETB A: Nch open-drain output C: CMOS output Designation of Taping Type

Pin No Symbol SCK INH VDD RESETB GND CT Pin Description Clock Input Pin from Microprocessor Inhibit Pin ("L": Inhibit the watchdog timer) Power supply Pin Output Pin for Reset signal of Watchdog timer and Voltage Detector. (Output "L" at detecting Detector Threshold and Watchdog Timer Reset.) Ground Pin External Capacitor Pin for Setting Reset and Watchdog Timeout Periods and delay time of Voltage Detector


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