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CMOS VOLTAGE DETECTOR IC with Delay Time Circuit

ROHM's BD52XXG/FVE and BD53XXG/FVE are series of high-accuracy, low-power VOLTAGE DETECTOR ICs with a CMOS process. These series can set delay time by external capacitor. For flexible choice according to the application, BD52XXG/FVE series with N channel open drain output and BD53XXG/FVE series with CMOS output are available in 38 voltage types which detection voltage is from 6.0V in steps 0.1V in different packages, totaling 152 models.

Applications Every kind of appliances with microcontroller and logic circuit

Features 1) Detection voltage: 0.1V step line-up 2.3~6.0V (Typ.) 2) High-accuracy detection voltage: 1.5% guranteed (Ability 1%) 3) Ultra low current consumption: 0.85A typ. (Output is High.) 4) Delay time can be set by external capacitor. 5) Nch open drain output (BD52XXG/FVE series), CMOS output (BD53XXG/FVE series) 6) Small package of VSOF5(EMP5)(BD52XXFVE/BD53XXFVE), and SSOP5(SMP5C2)(BD52XXG/BD53XXG)

Selection guide For BD5XXXX series, detection voltage, output circuit types (Refer to the block diagram at P3),and package (Refer to the block diagram at P14) can be selected for your own application.Part number of devices for each specification is shown below.

1 Part No. 2 3 Specification Output circuit types Detection voltage Package 2 3 Contents 2 : Open drain output 3 : CMOS output Ex. : VDET : described in each 0.1V step for 2.3V~6.0V range (29 means SSOP5 (SMP5C2) FVE VSOF5 (EMP5)

Detection Nch Open drain output voltage BD52XXG/FVE ) VDET

Pin layout Pin layout of VSOF5(EMP5) and SSOP5(SMP5C2) is different as shown below. (Fig.1, Fig.2) When used as replacement, please consider the difference. (The detail of packages is shown at P14.)

Block diagram Two output types can be used. One is BD52XXG/FVE (Left) of open drain output type, and the other is BD53XXG/FVE (Right) of CMOS output type.

Absolute maximum rating (Ta=25C) To prevent the functional deterioration or thermal damage of semiconductor devices and ensure their service life and reliability, they must be designed and reviewed in such a way that the absolute maximum rating can not be exceeded in any cases or even at any moment.

Parameter Power supply voltage Nch Open drain output Output voltage CMOS output CT pin voltage Power dissipation *1 *3 Power dissipation *2 *3 Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol VDD GND VOUT VCT Pd Topr Tstg Limits GND 0.3 ~ VDD + 0.3 GND 0.3 ~ VDD Unit mW C

*1 Derating : 5.4mW/C for operation above Ta=25C *2 Derating : 2.1mW/C for operation above Ta=25C *3 When ROHM's standard board(70mmX70mmX1.6mm, glass epoxy board) is mounted.

Power supply voltage This voltage is the applied voltage between VDD and GND. The applied voltage should not exceed the indicated value. Output voltage VOUT pin voltage should not exceed the indicated value. For Nch open drain output type, VDD applied voltage and VOUT pin H output voltage can be used independently. Both of them should not exceed the each indicated value. Operating temperature range The circuit function is guaranteed within the temperature range. However, the operating characteristics are different from that Ta=25C. If they are any questions about the extent of guarantee of circuit functions in this operating temperature range, please ask for more technical information. Storage temperature range This IC can be stored up to this temperature range without deterioration of characteristics. However, an abrupt thermal shock of extreme temperature fluctuations may cause the deterioration of characteristics.


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