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CategoryMultimedia => Audio
DescriptionDescription = KB22688E TV Sound MPX For Two Carrier System ;; Function = Audio Processor ;; Features = 1st & 2nd Sound If,double-pll FM Detection,matrix For Multi-sound Broadcasts,pilot Detector,available For Korea Standard,available in DC Control,normal Microcontroler Control or Iic Bus Control Systems ;; Package = 32SDIP ;; Production Status = Mass Production
CompanySamsung Semiconductor, Inc.
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Some Part number from the same manufacture Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
KB22902 Description = KB22902 AM/FM Tuner + MPX ;; Function = AM/FM Radio Chip ;; Features = For FCC,AM,FM_FE/IF. MPX 1 Chip Tuner,non Adjustment Mpx_vco,wide Operating Voltage Range: VCC = 2.0V - 7V ;; Package
KB2502 Video Amp Merged Osd Processor
KB2512 Deflection Processor For Multisync Monitors
KB2514 Video Amp Merged Osd Processor For Monitors
KB2516 Triple 8-bit Analog-to-digital Converter
KB8527B 1 Chip CLP Subsystem ic
KB8528 Description = KB8528 Enhanced 1-Chip CT0 RF ic ;; Function = Enhanced(1Chip CT0 RF IC) ;; Features = Operating Voltage(2 to 5.5V,Built-in Dual Conversion Receiver,pll And Compander,built-in Low Battery
KB8653A Description = KA8532 Filterless Wideband FM if Detector ;; Function = Filterless Wideband FM if Detector ;; Features = For Cordless Telecphone,filterless & Coilless FM if Detector 76KHz Intermediate Frequency,if
KB8821 Description = KB8821 Frequency Synthesizer ;; Function = - ;; Features = 1.2GHz/520MHz Integer-n Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizer ;; Package = 20TSSOP,24QFN ;; Production Status = Mass Production
KB8822 Description = KB8822 Frequency Synthesizer ;; Function = - ;; Features = 2.0GHz,520MHz Integer-n Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizer ;; Package = 20TSSOP,24QFN ;; Production Status = Mass Production
KB8823 Description = KB8823 Frequency Synthesizer ;; Features = 2.5GHz/520MHz Integer-n Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizer ;; Package = 24QFN ;; Production Status = Mass Production
KB8825 Description = KB8825 1.1GHz Dual PLL ;; Function = 1.1GHz Dual PLL ;; Features = High Performance Dual Frequency Synthesizer With Two Integrated High Frequency Pre-scalers For RF Operation up to 1.1 Ghz,two
KB9223 Description = KB9223 RF Amp & Servo Signal Processor ;; Function = 2nd Gen. CDP Rf,ssp,a/f ;; Features = RF Amp,rf Equalizer,focus Error Amplifier & Servo Control,tracking Error Amplifier & Servo Control,no
KB9224 Video-cd 2nd Generation
KBA0101A0M Description = KBA0101A0M 64M Bit (4Mx16) Four Bank Nor Flash Memory *2 / 32M Bit (2Mx16) Utram / 8M Bit (512Kx16) SRAM ;; Combination = 128M NOR(64Mx2)+32M UtRAM+8M SRAM ;; Speed = Nor(85ns),NAND(10us,
KBA0201A0M Description = KBA0201A0M 64M Bit (4Mx16) Four Bank Nor Flash Memory *2 / 32M Bit (2Mx16) Utram / 8M Bit (512Kx16) SRAM ;; Combination = 128M NOR(64Mx2)+32M UtRAM+8M SRAM ;; Speed = Nor(85ns),NAND(10us,50ns),UtRAM(85ns)
KBA0301A0M Description = KBA0301A0M 64M Bit (4Mx16) Four Bank Nor Flash Memory *2 / 32M Bit (2Mx16) Utram / 8M Bit (512Kx16) SRAM ;; Combination = 128M NOR(64Mx2)+32M UtRAM+8M SRAM ;; Speed = Nor(85ns),NAND(10us,50ns),UtRAM(85ns)
KBA0401A0M Description = KBA0401A0M 64M Bit (4Mx16) Four Bank Nor Flash Memory *2 /32M Bit (2Mx16) Utram / 8M Bit (512Kx16) SRAM ;; Combination = 128M NOR(64Mx2)+32M UtRAM+8M SRAM ;; Speed = Nor(85ns),NAND(10us,50ns),UtRAM(85ns)
KC73125MP Description = KC73125MP 1/3 Inch CCD Iimage Sensor For Eia Camera ;; Resolution = - ;; Package = 16PLASTIC ;; Production Status = Mass Production
KC73125UBA Description = KC73125UBA 1/3 Inch CCD Image Sensor For Eia Camera ;; Resolution = - ;; Package = 16CERDIP ;; Production Status = Mass Production
KC73125UCA 1/3 Inch CCD Image Sensor For NTSC Camera

K4H280438C-TCB0 : Description = K4H280438C 128Mb DDR Sdram ;; Organization = 32Mx4 ;; Bank/ Interface = 4B/SSTL2 ;; Refresh = 4K/64ms ;; Speed = A2,B0,A0 ;; Package = 66TSOP2 ;; Power = C,l ;; Production Status = Eol ;; Comments = DDR200/266,2.5V VDD

KM616FV8000R-5 : Description = KM616FV8000 512K X16 Bit Super Low Power And Low Voltage Full CMOS Static RAM ;; Organization = 512Kx16 ;; Vcc(V) = 3.0~3.6 ;; Speed-tAA(ns) = 55,70 ;; Operating Temperature = C,i ;; Operating Current(mA) = 4 ;; Standby Current(uA) = 0.5 ;; Package = 44TSOP2 ;; Production Status = Eol

M366F1600CJ2 : Unbuffered DIMM Description = M366F1600CJ2 16Mx64 DRAM Dimm Using 16Mx4,4K&8K Refresh,3.3V,EDO Mode Without Buffer ;; Density(MB) = 128 ;; Organization = 16Mx64 ;; Mode = Edo ;; Refresh = 4K/64ms ;; Speed(ns) = 50,60 ;; #of Pin = 168 ;; Component Composition = (16Mx4)*16+EEPROM ;; Production Status = Eol ;; Comment

M366S6453AT0 : Unbuffered DIMM Description = KMM366S3323T 32Mx64 Sdram Dimm Based on 16Mx8, 4Banks, 4K Refresh, 3.3V Synchronous DRAMs With SPD ;; Density(MB) = 256 ;; Organization = 32Mx64 ;; Bank/ Interface = 4B/LVTTL ;; Refresh = 4K/64ms ;; Speed = 80,1H,1L ;; #of Pin = 168 ;; Power = C ;; Component Composition = (16Mx8)x16+EE

M372V0405CT0 : Buffered DIMM Description = M372V0405CT0 4Mx72 DRAM Dimm With Ecc Using 4Mx16&4Mx4,4KRefresh,3.3V ;; Density(MB) = 32 ;; Organization = 4Mx72 ;; Mode = Fast Page ;; Refresh = 4K/64ms ;; Speed(ns) = 50,60 ;; #of Pin = 168 ;; Component Composition = (4Mx16)x4+(4Mx4)x2 ;; Production Status = Eol ;; Comments = Buffer

M466S0924CT0-L1L : SODIMM Description = M466S0924CT0 8M X 64 Sdram Udimm Based on 8M X 16, 4Banks, 4K Refresh, 3.3V Synchronous DRAMs With SPD ;; Density(MB) = 64 ;; Organization = 8Mx64 ;; Bank/ Interface = 4B/LVTTL ;; Refresh = 4K/64ms ;; Speed = 1L ;; #of Pin = 144 ;; Power = C,l ;; Component Composition = (8Mx16)x4+EEPRO

K6X4008T1F-MF55 : 512kx8 bit Low Power and Low Voltage CMOS Static RAM

K4H511638D-UC/LB3 : 128mb DDR Sdram

M393T3253FZA-CC : DDR2 Registered Sdram Module 240pin Registered Module Based on 256mb F-die 72-bit ECC

KFW8G16Q2M-DEB80 : IC,EEPROM,NAND FLASH,512MX16,CMOS,BGA,63PIN,PLASTIC Specifications: Memory Category: PROM

KS86C6308N-XX : 8-BIT, MROM, 12 MHz, MICROCONTROLLER, PDIP64 Specifications: Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Clock Speed: 12 MHz ; ROM Type: MROM ; Supply Voltage: 4 to 5.5 volts ; I/O Ports: 30 ; Package Type: SDIP, Other, 0.750 INCH, SDIP-64 ; Operating Range: Industrial ; Pin Count: 64 ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ; Features: PWM

CL05B333KO5VPNC : CAP CER 0.033UF 16V X7R 0402

Same catergory

BA7797F : . The BA7797F is standard audio signal processor designed for use in VCRs and tape decks. The circuit is comprised of a playback preamplifier, a line amplifier, a recording amplifier, an ALC circuit and high-voltage head switch. The IC has a built-in coil equivalent circuit for recording equalization, which eliminates the need for an external component.

CDB4220 : 24-bit Stereo Audio Codec With 3v Interface.

LM4861 : Boomer Audio Power Amplifiers. LM4861 - 1.1W Audio Power Amplifier With Shutdown Mode, Package: Soic Narrow, Pin Nb=8.

LM4869 : Boomer Audio Power Amplifiers. LM4869 - 1.9W Differential Input, BTL Output Stereo Audio Amplifier With Selectable Gain And Shutdown, Package: Tssop Exp Pad, Pin Nb=20.

M52770ASP : NTSC. Ntsc/pal TV Signal Processor. The is a single chip CTV processor which has VIF/SIF, luminance, chrominance, mono sound, OSD display, RGB interface, and deflection. And it is possible to control each parameters by bus. A baseband 1H delay line is built-in, and conjunction with SECAM decoder M52325AP simplifies multi system CTV chassis. I2C VIF GND AFT OUT SIF LIMITER IN RF AGC OUT QIF OUT VIF VIDEO.

M62481FP : Pickup Servo System With Automatic Adjustment. PICKUP SERVO SYSTEM WITH AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT The is an optical pick-up servo system IC for a CD player.It has amplifiers,swiches,comparators and logic controller for servo control of an optical pick-up. Furthermore,it has automatic adjustment system controlled by micro -controller. Many built-in functions and the 56pin shrink quard package realize.

M62496FP : Sound Enhancements (Speaton/BBE).

MM1454 : Q Sround Processors. This is an analog IC virtual surround processor that faithfully reproduces the sound algorithm developed by Q SOUND Labs, Inc. In particular, when a stereo signal (L/Rch) encoded by Dolby Pro Logic is input to this IC, a virtual rear speaker is created spatially, and this allows reproduction of realistic, 3-dimensional sound from two speakers, without.

STV9555 : CRT & LCD Monitors. 9.5 NS Triple Channel High Voltage Video Amplifier.


YSS912C : Dolby Digital (ac-3)/pro Logic/dts Decoder + Sub DSP. The YSS912C is one chip LSI consisting two built-in DSP's ; Dolby Digital (AC-3) / Pro Logic / DTS decoder (Main DSP) and a sound processing DSP (Sub DSP). Sub DSP is capable of realizing various sound fields, such as virtual surround, by down-loading the program and coefficient. Sub DSP is compatible with YSS902, the Sub DSP programs developed for YSS902.

AT83SND2CMP3 : Single-Chip MP3 Decoder with Full Audio Interface The AT83SND2CMP3 has been developped as a versatile remote controlled MP3 player for very fast MP3 feature implementation into most existing system. It perfectly fits needed in mobile phones and toys, but can also be used in any portable equipment and in industrial applications. Audio files and any other.

MAX4911 : Ultra Low On-Resistance Audio Switches in a TQFN Package The MAX4910/MAX4911/MAX4912 quad, singlepole/double-throw (SPDT), clickless audio switches feature negative signal capability that allows signals as low as VCC-5.5V to pass through without distortion. These analog switches have a low on-resistance, low supply current, and operate from a single.

ADM1068 : The ADM1068 is a configurable supervisory/sequencing device that offers a single-chip solution for supply monitoring and sequencing in multiple supply systems. The device also provides up to eight programmable inputs for monitoring under, over, or out-of-window faults up to eight supplies. In addition, eight programmable outputs can be used as logic.

ADV7392 : The ADV7390/ADV7391/ADV7392/ADV7393 are a family of high speed, digital-to-analog video encoders on single monolithic chips. Three 2.7 V/3.3 V 10-bit video DACs provide support for composite (CVBS), S-Video (YC), or component (YPrPb/RGB) analog outputs in either standard-definition (SD) or high-definition (HD) video formats. Optimized for low power.

TLV320AIC3254 : Very Low Power Stereo Audio CODEC With MiniDSP The TLV320AIC3254 (sometimes referred to as the AIC3254) is a flexible, low-power, low-voltage stereo audio codec with programmable inputs and outputs. PowerTune capabilities, fully programmable miniDSP, fixed predefined and parameterizable signal processing blocks, integrated PLL integrated LDOs and flexible.

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