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CategoryMultimedia => Audio
DescriptionDescription = KB22902 AM/FM Tuner + MPX ;; Function = AM/FM Radio Chip ;; Features = For FCC,AM,FM_FE/IF. MPX 1 Chip Tuner,non Adjustment Mpx_vco,wide Operating Voltage Range: VCC = 2.0V - 7V ;; Package = 24SDIP,24TSSOP ;; Production Status = Mass Production
CompanySamsung Semiconductor, Inc.
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KB8527B 1 Chip CLP Subsystem ic
KB8528 Description = KB8528 Enhanced 1-Chip CT0 RF ic ;; Function = Enhanced(1Chip CT0 RF IC) ;; Features = Operating Voltage(2 to 5.5V,Built-in Dual Conversion Receiver,pll And Compander,built-in Low Battery
KB8653A Description = KA8532 Filterless Wideband FM if Detector ;; Function = Filterless Wideband FM if Detector ;; Features = For Cordless Telecphone,filterless & Coilless FM if Detector 76KHz Intermediate Frequency,if
KB8821 Description = KB8821 Frequency Synthesizer ;; Function = - ;; Features = 1.2GHz/520MHz Integer-n Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizer ;; Package = 20TSSOP,24QFN ;; Production Status = Mass Production
KB8822 Description = KB8822 Frequency Synthesizer ;; Function = - ;; Features = 2.0GHz,520MHz Integer-n Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizer ;; Package = 20TSSOP,24QFN ;; Production Status = Mass Production
KB8823 Description = KB8823 Frequency Synthesizer ;; Features = 2.5GHz/520MHz Integer-n Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizer ;; Package = 24QFN ;; Production Status = Mass Production
KB8825 Description = KB8825 1.1GHz Dual PLL ;; Function = 1.1GHz Dual PLL ;; Features = High Performance Dual Frequency Synthesizer With Two Integrated High Frequency Pre-scalers For RF Operation up to 1.1 Ghz,two
KB9223 Description = KB9223 RF Amp & Servo Signal Processor ;; Function = 2nd Gen. CDP Rf,ssp,a/f ;; Features = RF Amp,rf Equalizer,focus Error Amplifier & Servo Control,tracking Error Amplifier & Servo Control,no
KB9224 Video-cd 2nd Generation
KBA0101A0M Description = KBA0101A0M 64M Bit (4Mx16) Four Bank Nor Flash Memory *2 / 32M Bit (2Mx16) Utram / 8M Bit (512Kx16) SRAM ;; Combination = 128M NOR(64Mx2)+32M UtRAM+8M SRAM ;; Speed = Nor(85ns),NAND(10us,
KBA0201A0M Description = KBA0201A0M 64M Bit (4Mx16) Four Bank Nor Flash Memory *2 / 32M Bit (2Mx16) Utram / 8M Bit (512Kx16) SRAM ;; Combination = 128M NOR(64Mx2)+32M UtRAM+8M SRAM ;; Speed = Nor(85ns),NAND(10us,50ns),UtRAM(85ns)
KBA0301A0M Description = KBA0301A0M 64M Bit (4Mx16) Four Bank Nor Flash Memory *2 / 32M Bit (2Mx16) Utram / 8M Bit (512Kx16) SRAM ;; Combination = 128M NOR(64Mx2)+32M UtRAM+8M SRAM ;; Speed = Nor(85ns),NAND(10us,50ns),UtRAM(85ns)
KBA0401A0M Description = KBA0401A0M 64M Bit (4Mx16) Four Bank Nor Flash Memory *2 /32M Bit (2Mx16) Utram / 8M Bit (512Kx16) SRAM ;; Combination = 128M NOR(64Mx2)+32M UtRAM+8M SRAM ;; Speed = Nor(85ns),NAND(10us,50ns),UtRAM(85ns)
KC73125MP Description = KC73125MP 1/3 Inch CCD Iimage Sensor For Eia Camera ;; Resolution = - ;; Package = 16PLASTIC ;; Production Status = Mass Production
KC73125UBA Description = KC73125UBA 1/3 Inch CCD Image Sensor For Eia Camera ;; Resolution = - ;; Package = 16CERDIP ;; Production Status = Mass Production
KC73125UCA 1/3 Inch CCD Image Sensor For NTSC Camera
KC73129MP Description = KC73129MP 1/3 Inch CCD Image Sensor For CcIR Camera ;; Resolution = - ;; Package = 16PLASTIC ;; Production Status = Mass Production

K7J643682M : DDR II(CIO/SIO) Description = K7J643682M 2Mx36-bit, 4Mx18-bit, 8Mx8-bit DDR ii Sio b2 SRAM ;; Organization = 2Mx36 ;; VDD(V) = 1.8 ;; Access Time-tCD(ns) = - ;; Cycle Time(MHz) = 300,250,200,167 ;; I/o Voltage(V) = - ;; Package = 165FBGA ;; Production Status = Engineering Sample(2Q,'04) ;; Comments = -

K7M321825M-HC85 : NtRAM(FT & PP) Description = K7M321825M 2Mx18-Bit Flow Through NtRAM™ ;; Organization = 2Mx18 ;; Operating Mode = FT ;; VDD(V) = 3.3 ;; Access Time-tCD(ns) = 6.5,7.5,8.5 ;; Speed-tcyc (MHz) = 133,118,100 ;; I/o Voltage(V) = 3.3,2.5 ;; Package = 100TQFP,119BGA,165FBGA ;; Production Status = Mass Production ;;

KM416L8031BT-F0 : Description = KM416L8031BT 128Mb DDR Sdram ;; Organization = 8Mx16 ;; Bank/ Interface = 4B/SSTL2 ;; Refresh = 4K/64ms ;; Speed = A2,B0,A0 ;; Package = 66TSOP2 ;; Power = C,l ;; Production Status = Eol ;; Comments = DDR200/266,2.5V VDD

KS57C21832 : The Ks57c21832 Single-chip CMOS Microcontroller Has Been Designed For High Performance Using Samsungs Newest 4-bit Cpu Core, Sam47 ( Samsung Arrangeabl

M366S1654ETS : Unbuffered DIMM Description = M366S1654ETS 168Pin Unbuffered Dimm Based on 256Mb E-die (x8, X16) ;; Density(MB) = 128 ;; Organization = 16Mx64 ;; Bank/ Interface = 4B/LVTTL ;; Refresh = 4K/64ms ;; Speed = 7A ;; #of Pin = 168 ;; Power = C ;; Component Composition = (16Mx16)x4 ;; Production Status = Mass Production ;

S1T0567X01 : Description = S1T0567 Tone Decoder ;; Function = Tone Decoder ;; Features = Wide Frequency Range(0.01Hz to 500KHz),High Rejection of Out-of-band Signals And Noise ;; Package = 8DIP,8SOP ;; Production Status = Mass Production

K6R1008C1C-T10 : 64kx16 Bit High-speed CMOS Static Ram(3.3v Operating) Operated at Commercial and Industrial Temperature Ranges.

K8S6815ETD-HC7C0 : 4M X 16 FLASH 1.8V PROM, 70 ns, PBGA44 Specifications: Memory Category: Flash, PROM ; Density: 67109 kbits ; Number of Words: 4000 k ; Bits per Word: 16 bits ; Package Type: 7.50 X 5 MM, 1 MM HEIGHT, 0.50 MM PITCH, LEAD FREE, FBGA-44 ; Pins: 44 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Supply Voltage: 1.8V ; Access Time: 70 ns ; Operating Temperature: 0 to

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AD53041 : ATE. Load DEVICE: a Complete, High Speed, Current Switching Load Designed For Use in Linear, Digital or Mixed Signal Test Systems..

ADC12L063CIVYX : 12-bit, 62 Msps, 354 MW A/D Converter With Internal Sample-and-hold. The is a monolithic CMOS analog-to-digital converter capable of converting analog input signals into 12-bit digital words at 62 Megasamples per second (MSPS), minimum. This converter uses a differential, pipelined architecture with digital error correction and an on-chip sample-andhold circuit to minimize die size and power consumption while providing.

BA7242F : NTSC. Color TV Signal Encoder. The an IC which converts analog RGB signals to NTSC and PAL color TV signals. In addition to composite output, luminance output, chrominance output, and analog RGB output are available. Each type of output is equipped with an internal 75 driver. 1) Supports both NTSC and PAL systems. 2) Internal flip-flop circuit for PAL common mode switching 3) Equipped.

HI1-774J-5 : Complete, 12-bit A/D Converters With Microprocessor Interface. The is a complete 12-bit, Analog-to-Digital Converter, including a +10V reference clock, three-state outputs and a digital interface for microprocessor control. Successive approximation conversion is performed by two monolithic dice housed a 28 lead package. The bipolar analog die the Intersil Dielectric Isolation process, which provides enhanced AC performance.

HTC751 : Programmable Melody Generator. HIGH TECH CHIPS, INC. Melody Generator 1.0 General . HTC751 is designed to play melodies stored in serial EEPROM. HTC751 can play any note in three octave range which include octave three, four and five. User can write a melody and compile it with Melody compiler, available for download in our web site. Melody compiler will generate binary file that.

M62435FP : for Car Audio->Car Audio.

MAX467 : Two-channel, Triple/quad RGB Video Switches And Buffers. 100MHz Unity-Gain Bandwidth 90MHz Bandwidth with 2V/V Gain 0.01%/0.03░ Differential Gain/Phase Error Drives 50 and 75 Back-Terminated Cable Directly Wide Output Swing: ▒2V into 75 ▒2.5V into 150 300V/Ás Slew Rate (2V/V gain) 20ns Channel Switching Time Logic Disable Mode: High-Z Outputs Reduced Power Consumption Outputs May Be Paralleled for Larger.

S1D2514X01 : Display & Video. = S1D2514X01 Video Amp Merged Osd Processor For Monitors ;; Function = Video Pre-amp+osd 1 Chip ;; = 150MHz,256 Fonts,iic Bus Control ;; Package = 32DIP ;; Production Status = Mass Production.

TDA1083 : One Chip AM/FM Radio With Audio Power Amplifier. One Chip AM/FM Radio with Audio Power Amplifier The integrated circuit TDA1083 includes, with exception of the FM front end, a complete AM-/FM-radio-circuit with audio power amplifier. An internal Z-diode stabilizes the supply voltage 13 V, which allows with the aid of a resistor and a rectifier, the circuit to be driven by a higher external supply.

TDA4882 : Chroma. TDA4882; Advanced Monitor Video Controller For Osd. Product Supersedes data of December 1994 File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 1997 Sep 04 CONTENTS GENERAL QUICK REFERENCE DATA ORDERING INFORMATION BLOCK DIAGRAM PINNING FUNCTIONAL General Brightness control Contrast control Output stages Input clamping Vertical blanking Horizontal blanking Cut-off and black-level stabilization On Screen Display Test.

TEA0679T : Noise Reduction. TEA0679T; I²C-bus Controlled Dual Dolby* B-type Noise Reduction Circuit For Playback Applications.

U2730B-N : L-band Down-converter Incl. PLL For Dab Receivers. The is a monolithically integrated L-band down-converter circuit fabricated in Atmel Wireless & Microcontrollers' advanced UHF5S technology. This is an improved version of the U2730B-B and covers all functions of an L-band downconverter in a DAB receiver. The device includes a gain controlled amplifier, a gain controlled mixer, an output buffer, a gain.

UT53108 : Recorder/playback ic.

ISL59885 : Auto-Adjusting Sync Separator for HD and SD Video The ISL59885 video sync separator is manufactured using high performance analog CMOS process. This device extracts ISL59885 sync timing information from both standard and non-standard video input in the presence of Macrovision pulses. It provides composite sync, vertical sync, SD and HDTV detection,.

CXD5091GG : The CXD5091GG is an audio decoder LSI that achieves super-low power consumption and supports many codecs. Useful interface such as NAND/NOR flash memory and Memory Stick is supported, and it comprises analog circuits such as audio D/A converter and SAR A/D converter. The CXD5091GG is suitable for portable audio players and cellular phone audio backend..

LM49151 : Mono Class D Audio Subsystem With Earpiece Driver, Ground Referenced Headphone Amplifiers, Speaker Protection And No Clip With Clip Control The LM49151 is a fully integrated audio subsystem designed for portable handheld applications such as cellular phones. The LM49151 combines a 1.25W mono E 2S class D amplifier, 125mW Class AB earpiece driver, 42mW/channel.

AFE0064 : 64 Channel Analog Front End For Digital X-Ray Detector The AFE0064 is a 64 channel analog front end designed to suit the requirements of flat panel detector based digital X-ray systems. The device includes 64 integrators, a PGA for full scale charge level selection, correlated double sampler, 64 as to 2 multiplexer, and two differential output drivers.

MAX98306 : Stereo 3.7W Class D Amplifier The MAX98306 stereo 3.7W Class D amplifier provides Class AB audio performance with Class D efficiency. This device offers five selectable gain settings (6dB, 9dB, 12dB, 15dB, and 18dB) set by a single gain-select input (GAIN). Active emissions limiting, edge-rate, and overshoot control circuitry combined with a filterless.

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