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DescriptionDeflection Processor For Multisync Monitors
CompanySamsung Semiconductor, Inc.
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Features, Applications

The is a monolithic integrated circuit assembled in 32 pins shrunk dual in line plastic package. This IC controls all the functions related to the horizontal and vertical deflection in multi modes or multifrequency computer display monitors. The internal sync processor, combined with the very powerful geometry correction block make the KB2512 suitable for very high performance monitors with very few external components. The horizontal jitter level is very low. It is particularly well suited for high-end 17" and 19" monitors.

Deflection processor I2C bus control B+ regulator Vertical parabola generator Vertical dynamic focus


(HORIZONTAL) Self-adaptive Dual PLL concept 150kHz maximum frequency X-RAY protection input I2C controls: Horizontal duty-cycle, H-position, free running frequency, frequency generator for burn-in mode.

Horizontal dynamic phase (side pin balance & parallelogram) Vertical dynamic focus (Vertical focus amplitude)

(GENERAL) Sync processor 12V supply voltage Hor. & Vert. lock/unlock outputs Read/Write I2C interface Horizontal and vertical moire B+ Regulator - Internal PWM generator for B+ current mode step-up converter. - I2C adjustable B+ reference voltage - Output pulses synchronized on horizontal frequency - Internal maximum current limitation. - Soft start Compared with the KB2511B, KB2512 HAS: - Corner correction - Horizontal moire - B+ soft start - Increased max. Vertical frequency - No horizontal focus - No step down option for DC/DC converter.

(VERTICAL) Vertical ramp generator to 185Hz AGC loop Geometry tracking with V-POS & V-AMP I2C Controls: V-AMP, V-POS, S-CORR, C-CORR DC breathing compensation

(I2C GEOMETRY CORRECTIONS) Vertical parabola generator (pincushion-E/W, keystone, corner)
Forced Freq. 2 bits Free running 5 bits
X2 Spin Bal 6 bits X2 Key Bal 6 bits Horizontal Moire Cancel 5 bits + on/off



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