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Description1 Chip CLP Subsystem ic
CompanySamsung Semiconductor, Inc.
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Features, Applications
is a monolithic circuit which can be used in high performance 60MHz MCA type CLP System.

The is a subsystem IC for FM / FSK receiving systems and a complete one chip FM / FSK receiver IC for 60MHz system. It`s feature includes receiving functions for FM / FSK systems, a compandor to remove external noise, and PLL ( Phase Lock Loop ) of channel selection which blocks surrounding frequency interference. The KB8527B can be used with a wide range FM / FSK VHF bandwidth systems, including cordless phone, and the narrow band voice and data sending / receiving systems. To make applications easily and simply, pheripheral parts are minimized.


Operating voltage range ~ 5.5V Typical supply current at 3.6V Built - in low battery detection function ( selectable 2.1V ) Built - in speaker amplifier

Built - in splatter filter Built - in dual conversion receiver, compandor and universal PLL

FM Receiver - Complete dual coversion circuit - Excellent input sensitivity at 20dB SINAD) Compandor - Easy gain control to use external component - Included ALC (Automatic Level Control) circuit - Included Mute logic Universal PLL - RX (TX) divided counter range Reference frequency divided counter range Lock detector signal output - Serial interface with MICOM for controlling each block

Programmable Counter RX ) Gain Cell Programmable Counter TX ) Programmable Counter ( REF )


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