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Details, datasheet, quote on part number: SI-3052V
Part numberSI-3052V
CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Regulators
DescriptionLinear Regulator ic 3-Terminal
CompanySanken Electric Co.
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Specifications, Features, Applications

· TO-3P package 3-terminal regulator Output current: 2.0A Low dropout voltage: VDIF1V (at IO=2.0A) Built-in foldback overcurrent protection circuit

· For stabilization of the secondary stage of switching power supplies· Electronic equipment

Parameter DC Input Voltage DC Output Current Power Dissipation Junction Temperature Ambient Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Thermal Resistance (junction to case) Symbol SI-3052V VIN PD2 Tj Top Tstg Rth(j-c) 50(TC=25°C) 1.6(Without heatsink, stand-alone operation) +125 2.0 Ratings 30 °C °C/W Unit

Ratings Parameter Input Voltage Output Voltage Symbol min. VIN VO Conditions VDIF Dropout Voltage Conditions 1.0 Conditions Line Regulation Load Regulation Temperature Coefficient of Output Voltage Ripple Rejection Overcurrent Protection Starting Current VOLINE Conditions VOLOAD Conditions VO/Ta RREJ Conditions IS1 Conditions 1.0 SI-3052V typ. max. 15 5.1 min. 0.5 SI-3122V typ. max. 25 12.2 min. 0.5 SI-3152V typ. max. 25 15.2

The following are also available: SI-3202V(20V). A foldback type overcurrent protection circuit is built into the IC regulator. Therefore, avoid using it for the following applications as it may cause starting errors: (1) Constant current load (2) Plus/minus power (3) Series power (4) VO adjustment by raising ground voltage

a. Part Number b. Lot Number Pin Arrangement q GND w VO (backside of case) e VIN Plastic Mold Package Type (TO-3P) Flammability: UL94V-0 Weight: Approx. 6g

C1: Oscillation prevention capacitor (approx. 0.33µF) Connection to terminal No.3 must be made as short as possible. C2: Output capacitor to 100µF) Connection to terminal No.2 must be made as short as possible. D1: Protection diode (RM1Z) Required for protection against reverse biasing of input and output. Note 1: Prevention of oscillation at low temperatures At low temperatures, oscillation may occur unless an output capacitor with good tan is used. Be sure to connect a tantalum capacitor (approx. 10µF) in parallel with output capacitor C2. Note 2: An isolation type diode is provided from input to ground and also from output to ground. These may be destroyed if the device is reverse biased. In this case, use a diode with low VF to protect them. Note 3: The output voltage may not be adjusted by raising the ground voltage (using a diode or resistor).

Without Mica With Silicon Grease Heatsink: Aluminum Unit: mm

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