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CategoryDiscrete => Thyristors
DescriptionAnti-parallel Thyristor Module
CompanySanRex Corporation
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UL;E76102 M Power ThyristorModule AK55GB series are designed for various rectifier circuits and power controls. For your circuit application. following internal connections and wide voltage ratings to 1,600V are available, and electrically isolated mounting base make your mechanical design easy. Isolated mounting base 55A, IT RMS 122A, ITSM 1100A di/dt A/ s dv/dt 500V/ s Applications AC/DC motor drives Heater controls Light dimmers Static switches Internal Configurations

Tj 25 Item Ratings AK55GB40 400 Conditions Single phase, half wave, 180 conduction, Tc 89

Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage Item Average On-State Current R.M.S. On-State Current Surge On-State Current It

Peak Gate Power Dissipation Average Gate Power Dissipation Peak Gate Current Peak Gate Voltage Forward Peak Gate Voltage Reverse Critical Rate of Rise of On-State Current Isolation Breakdown Voltage R.M.S. Operating Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Mounting Torque Mass Mounting M6 Terminal M5 Recommended Value 2.5-3.9 25-40 Recommended Value 1.5-2.5 15-25 Typical Value Tj 25 A.C. 1 minute VD


Symbol IDRM VTM IGT/VGT VGD tgt dv/dt IH IL Rth j-c Item Repetitive Peak Off-State Current, max. Peak On-State Voltage, max. Gate Trigger Current/Voltage, max. Non-trigger Gate, Voltage, min Turn On Time, max. Critical Rate of Rise of Off-State Voltage, min. Holding Current, typ Lutching Current, typ Thermal Impedance, max.

Conditions at VDRM, Single phase, half wave, Tj 125 On-State Current Tj 125 Inst. measurement Tj 25 Junction to case, per 1 2 Module Junction to case, per 1 Module 6V VD

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