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DescriptionVoltage Regulator Driver With Watchdog Timer, Package : Dip
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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Voltage Regulator Driver with Watchdog Timer

The is a single-chip voltage regulator for unit: mm microcomputer system monitor use that performs the 3001B-DIP8 functions of 5V output voltage control, watchdog timer, and voltage detector. Since the LA5692 can hold the reset output, it is especially suited for use in peripheral control and monitor output applications (example : valves used in refrigeration equipment, hot water supply system).

Microcomputer system for car equipment, refrigeration/ heating equipment, office automation equipment.


Output voltage 5V control. Watchdog timer. Reset generation at power-ON mode. Reset hold output [RES (2)] (Cleared with CK reinput).


An external PNP transistor can be used to provide a lowsaturation voltage regulator. CK input with edge detector. Variable detection voltage. The watchdog time can be made longer.

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Parameter Control pin voltage Control pin voltage Control pin current CK input voltage Reset pin voltage Allowable power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCONTmax ICONTmax VCKmax VRES(2)max Pd max Topr Tstg *VCC6V 1s Conditions Ratings Unit mA V

: A PNP transistor is connected to the LA5692D, 5692S externally to provide a low-saturation voltage regulator. Therefore, ICONT100mA will flow, as starting current, in the VCC range where the output cannot be regulated.

Parameter Control pin voltage Control pin current Reset output current Reset detection voltage Symbol VCONT ICONTmax IRES(2)max VS min 4 V External R pull-up Conditions Ratings 10 8 Unit V mA

Parameter Output voltage Line regulation1 Line regulation2 Load regulation Current dissipation Output noise voltage Temperature coefficient of output voltage Reference voltage `H'-level CK input voltage `L'-level CK input voltage `H'-level CK input current `L'-level CK input current `H'-level reset output voltage VREF VIH VIL IIH IIL VORH(1)/ VORH(2) `L'-level reset output VORL(1)1/ VORL(2)1 `L'-level reset output VORL(2)2 CK input pulse width Reset output delay time Watchdog time Watchdog reset time Reset hysteresis voltage tCKW td tWD tWR Vhys : 10k pull-up : 10k pull-up VOLN1 VOLN2 VOLD ICC VNO VO /Ta IO=5mA, ­40°CTa+85°C Symbol Conditions Ratings min 4.8 typ max Unit mA µV mV/°C


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