Details, datasheet, quote on part number: STK350-030
CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
Description2-channel, (90 to 100W/channel Supported) af Voltage Amplifier
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

The is a voltage amplifier for use in audio power output stages. It comprises a 2-channel amplifier integrated in a small package, making possible audio set miniaturization and design simplification.


Split power supply for wide bandwidth to 20kHz). Member of a family of devices with power capacities from to 150W. Compact package. High withstand voltage.

The is a member of a family of devices with differing output capacities.

Any and all SANYO products described or contained herein do not have specifications that can handle applications that require extremely high levels of reliability, such as life-support systems, aircraft's control systems, or other applications whose failure can be reasonably expected to result in serious physical and/or material damage. Consult with your SANYO representative nearest you before using any SANYO products described or contained herein in such applications. SANYO assumes no responsibility for equipment failures that result from using products at values that exceed, even momentarily, rated values (such as maximum ratings, operating condition ranges,or other parameters) listed in products specifications of any and all SANYO products described or contained herein.

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Parameter Maximum supply voltage Operating substrate temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCC max Tc Tstg Conditions Ratings to +115 Unit V C

Parameter Current drain Neutral voltage Output noise voltage Input impedance Total harmonic distortion Symbol ICC VN VNO ri THD 100 0.005 Conditions Ratings min 70 typ 20 max 30 +70 Unit k %

Note. All tests are made using a constant-voltage supply.


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STK350-050 2-channel, (120 to 150W/channel Supported) af Voltage Amplifier
STK390-120 1-channel Convergence Correction Amplifier, Bulit-in Supply Switching Circuit , Package : Sip
STK390-120 1-channel + Supply Switching Convergence Correction Circuits
STK391-020 2-channel Convergence Correction Amplifier , Package : Sip
STK391-020 2-channel Convergence Correction Circuit

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LC78605E : Compact Disc Player DSP with Built-in Microcontroller

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Same catergory

AD713 : Quad Precision, Low Cost, High Speed, BiFET op Amp. Enhanced Replacement for LF347 and TL084 AC PERFORMANCE 1 ms Settling to 0.01% for 10 V Step 20 V/ms Slew Rate 0.0003% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 4 MHz Unity Gain Bandwidth DC PERFORMANCE 0.5 mV max Offset Voltage (AD713K) 20 mV/C max Drift (AD713K) 200 V/mV min Open Loop Gain 2 mV p-p typ Noise, 10 Hz True 14-Bit Accuracy Single Version: AD711,.

AD9100 : Ultrahigh Speed Monolithic Track-and-hold. Excellent Hold Mode Distortion into @ 30 MSPS (2.3 MHz VIN) @ 30 MSPS (12.1 MHz VIN) @ 30 MSPS (19.7 MHz VIN) 16 ns Acquisition Time <1 ps Aperture Jitter 250 MHz Tracking Bandwidth 83 dB Feedthrough Rejection @ 20 MHz 3.3 nV/Hz Spectral Noise Density MlL-STD-Compliant Versions Available APPLICATIONS A/D Conversion Direct IF Sampling Imaging/FLIR.

LM2901D : ti LM2901, Quad, General Purpose Differential Comparator. These devices consist of four independent voltage comparators that are designed to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. Operation from dual supplies also is possible as long as the difference between the two supplies 36 V and VCC is at least 1.5 V more positive than the input common-mode voltage. Current drain is independent.

LT1462 : LT1462, Dual Micropower (260microwatt) JFET Input op Amp. LT1462/LT1463 Dual/Quad Micropower, 260W C-Load Picoampere Bias Current JFET Input Op Amps The LT 1462 (dual) and LT1463 (quad) are the first micropower op amps (45A max per amp) to offer picoampere input bias currents (1pA typ) and unity gain stability for capacitive loads to 10nF. The output can swing a 10k load to within 1.5V of either supply,.

LT1672 : LT1672, 2A Max, av >=5 Over-the-top Precision Rail-to-rail Input And Output op Amps.

MAX4285EUT-T : +3v/+5v, 250mhz, Sot23 ADC Buffer Amplifiers With High-speed Disable. The MAX4285/MAX4286 single and MAX4287/MAX4288/ MAX4387/MAX4388 dual ADC buffer amplifiers feature high-speed performance and single +3V supply operation. The MAX4285/MAX4286/MAX4288 and MAX4388 offer a disable feature that reduces power-supply current and places the outputs in a high-impedance state. All six devices operate from to +6.5V single supply.

MAX4430thruMAX4433 : Dual-supply, 180mhz, 16-bit Accurate, Ultra-low Distortion op Amps. The MAX4430/MAX4431 single and MAX4432/MAX4433 dual operational amplifiers feature wide bandwidth, 16bit settling times in 37ns, and low-noise/low-distortion operation. The MAX4430/MAX4432 are compensated for unity gain stability and have a small signal -3dB bandwidth of 180MHz. The MAX4431/MAX4433 are compensated for closed-loop gains +2 or greater.

NJM2407 : Single-supply Dual Comparator.

SAA5647 : Enhanced TV Microcontrollers With On-screen Display Osd. SAA56xx Enhanced TV microcontrollers with On-Screen Display (OSD) Product Supersedes data of 2001 Feb 13 File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 2001 Dec 13 Enhanced TV microcontrollers with On-Screen Display (OSD) CONTENTS GENERAL QUICK REFERENCE DATA ORDERING INFORMATION BLOCK DIAGRAM PINNING INFORMATION MICROCONTROLLER MEMORY ORGANISATION POWER-ON RESET.

TL712CD : ti TL712, Differential Comparator With Push-pull Outputs. D Operates From a Single 5-V Supply to 5.5-V Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Self-Biased Inputs Complementary 3-State Outputs Enable Capability Hysteresis. 5 mV Typ Response Times. 25 ns Typ The is a high-speed comparator fabricated with bipolar Schottky process technology. The circuit has differential analog inputs and complementary 3-state TTL-compatible.

TLV272CD : ti TLV272, 550-uA/Ch 3-MHz Rail-to-rail Output Operational Amplifier. Rail-To-Rail Output Wide Bandwidth. 3 MHz High Slew Rate. 2.4 V/s Supply Voltage Range. 16 V Supply Current. 550 A/Channel Input Noise Voltage. 39 nV/Hz Input Bias Current. 1 pA Specified Temperature Range to 70C. Commercial Grade to 125C. Industrial Grade Ultrasmall Packaging 5 Pin 8 Pin MSOP (TLV272) Ideal Upgrade for TLC27x Family The TLV27x.

UCC2817 : Power. Bicmos Power Factor Preregulator. Power Factor Limits Line Distortion World Wide Line Operation Over-Voltage Protection Accurate Power Limiting Average Current Mode Control Improved Noise Immunity Improved Feed-Forward Line Regulation Leading Edge Modulation 150-A Typical Start-Up Current Low-Power BiCMOS Operation to 17-V Operation D, DW, N, and PW PACKAGES (TOP VIEW) GND PKLMT CAOUT.

NCS2501 : 200 MHz Current Feedback Op Amp w/ Enable NCS2501 is a 1.1 mA 200 MHz current feedback monolithic operational amplifier featuring high slew rate and low differential gain and phase error. The current feedback architecture allows for a superior bandwidth and low power consumption. This device an enable pin. 3.0 dB Small Signal BW (AV = +2.0, VO = 0.5 Vpp).

ISL28107 : Precision Single Low Noise Operational Amplifier The ISL28107 and ISL28207 are single and dual amplifiers featuring low noise, low input bias current, and low offset and temperature drift. This makes them the ideal choice for applications requiring both high DC accuracy and AC performance. The combination of precision, low noise, and small footprint.

NX3L4357 : Dual Low-ohmic Single-pole Single-throw Analog Switch The NX3L2T384 is a dual low-ohmic single-pole single-throw analog switch. Each switch has a digital enable input (nE) and two input/output terminals (nY and nZ). When pin nE is HIGH, the analog switch is turned off. Schmitt-trigger action at the digital inputs makes the circuit tolerant to slower.

LMV762 : Low Voltage, Precision Comparator With Push-Pull Output The LMV761/LMV762/LMV762Q are precision comparators intended for applications requiring low noise and low input offset voltage. The LMV761 single has a shutdown pin that can be used to disable the device and reduce the supply current. The LMV761 is available in a space saving 6-Pin SOT-23 or 8-Pin.

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