Details, datasheet, quote on part number: STK393-120
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
Some Part number from the same manufacture Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation
STK394-210 Convergence Correction
STK396-010 Video Projection Drivers , Package :
STK396-010 Electromagnetic Focus Output 1-channel Amplifier
STK397-010 Video Projection Drivers , Package :
STK397-010 Electromagnetic Focus Output 2-channel Amplifier
STK400-010 3-channel (10W+10W+10W) af Power Amplifier
STK400-020 3-channel af Power Amplifier (15W+15W+15W)
STK400-030 af Power Amplifier (20W+20W+20W)
STK400-040 af Power Amplifier (25W + 25W +25W)
STK400-050 af Power Amplifier (30W + 30W +30W)
STK400-060 af Power Amplifier (35W+35W+35W)
STK400-070 af Power Amplifier (40W+40W+40W)
STK400-090 af Power Amplifier (50W+50W+50W)
STK400-490 3-channel, (25W+50W+25W) af Power Amplifier (split Power Supply)
STK401-020 af Power Amplifier (15W+15W)
STK401-030 2-channel af Power Amplifier (20W+20W)
STK401-040 af Power Amplifier (25W+25W)
STK401-050 af Power Amplifier (30W + 30W)

2SC4650 : High-resolution CRT Display, Video Output Driver, Package : NMP

L780S15 : Voltage Regulator With Strobe Pin, With Output Voltage 15 V.

LA1831 : Support For am Stereo And Electronic Tuning Single Chip Music Center ic (AM/FM if + MPX) For Use in Compact Radio/casette Products

LA4461N : af Power Amplifiers, Package : Sip

LA4476 : Btl-ocl 20W Power Amplifier For Car Stereo Use

LC322260AJ-60 :

LC338128M-70 : 1 Meg (131072 Words X 8 Bit) Pseudo-sram

LC866008A : 8-bit Single Chip Micrcomputer With On-chip 8K ROM

SL-1189-22 :

CP-3600CRF8 : Battery Pack Battery Product; BATT PACK 9.6V 3600MAH NICAD Specifications: Battery Cell Size: C ; Number of Cells: 8 ; Voltage - Rated: 9.6V ; Capacity: 3.6Ah @ 720mA ; Structure: Side to Side, 1 Row x 8 Cells ; Rechargeability: Yes ; Termination Style: Solder Tab ; Battery Chemistry: Nickel Cadmium ; Weight: 1.6 lbs (725.7g) ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ;

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