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Descriptionaf Power Amplifier , Package : Sip
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

The STK402-000 series products are audio power amplifier hybrid ICs that consist of optimally-designed discrete component power amplifier circuits that have been miniaturized using SANYO's unique insulated metal substrate technology (IMST). SANYO has adopted a new low thermal resistance substrate in these products to reduce the package size by about 60% as compared to the earlier SANYO STK407-000 series.


Series of pin compatible power amplifiers ranging from 2 channels 2 channels (10%/1 kHz) devices. The same printed circuit board can be used depending on the output power grade. The pin arrangement is compatible with that of the 3channel STK402-200 series. This means that 3-channel printed circuit boards can also be used for 2-channel products. Miniature packages 15 W/ch to 40 W/ch (THD to 20 kHz); * 50 W/ch to 80 W/ch (THD to 20 kHz); mm * Not including the pins. Output load impedance: 6 Allowable load shorted time: 0.3 seconds Supports the use of standby, muting, and load shorting protection circuits.

Any and all SANYO products described or contained herein do not have specifications that can handle applications that require extremely high levels of reliability, such as life-support systems, aircraft's control systems, or other applications whose failure can be reasonably expected to result in serious physical and/or material damage. Consult with your SANYO representative nearest you before using any SANYO products described or contained herein in such applications. SANYO assumes no responsibility for equipment failures that result from using products at values that exceed, even momentarily, rated values (such as maximum ratings, operating condition ranges, or other parameters) listed in products specifications of any and all SANYO products described or contained herein.

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STK402-090 Series Organization These products are organized as a series based on their output capacity.

Output to 20 kHz) 15 W Maximum supply voltage (No signal) Maximum supply voltage (6 ) Recommended supply voltage (6 ) Package 19 V


Parameter Maximum supply voltage (No signal) Maximum supply voltage Thermal resistance Junction temperature Operating IC substrate temperature Storage temperature Allowable load shorted time *2 Symbol VCC max(0) VCC = 6 j-c Tj max Tc max Tstg ts VCC RL 50 Hz, 50 W Per power transistor Both the Tj max and the Tc max conditions must be met. Conditions Ratings +125 0.3 Unit V C/W C s

Total harmonic distortion Frequency characteristics Input impedance Output noise voltage *3 Quiescent current Neutral voltage

Notes: 1. Unless otherwise noted, use a constant-voltage supply for the power supply used during inspection. 2. Use the transformer power supply circuit stipulated in the figure below for allowable load shorted time measurement and output noise voltage measurement. 10000 F +VCC 500

3. The output noise voltage values shown are peak values read with a VTVM. However, an AC stabilized (50 Hz) power supply should be used to minimize the influence of AC primary side flicker noise on the reading.


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