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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
Descriptionaf Power Amplifier (70W)
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

AF Power Amplifier (Split Power Supply) (70 W min, THD = 0.008%)

Compact packaging supports slimmer set designs Series designed from 150 W and pincompatibility Simpler heat sink design facilitates thermal design of slim stereo sets Current mirror circuit, cascade circuit and purecomplimentary circuit application reduce distortion to 0.008 Supports addition of electronic circuits for thermal shutdown and load-short protection circuit as well as pop noise muting which occurs when the power supply switch is turned on and off.


Parameter Maximum supply voltage Thermal resistance Junction temperature Operating substrate temperature Storage temperature Available time for load shorted Symbol VCC max j-c Tj Tc Tstg ts *1 VCC RL 50 Hz, 70 W Condition Rating +125 1 Unit V °C/W °C s

Parameter Recommended supply voltage Load resistance Symbol VCC RL Condition Rating 43.5 8 Unit V
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Rating Parameter Quiescent current Output power Total harmonic distortion Frequency response Input resistance Output noise voltage Neutral voltage Symbol ICCO PO THD fL, VNO*2 VN Condition VCC 52.5 V THD to 20 kHz = 1 kHz = 1 kHz VCC 10 k VCC to 50k min 70 0.008 typ max 120 Unit Hz k mVrms mV

Note: Use rated power supply for test unless otherwise specified. *1 When measuring permissible load short time and output noise voltage use transformer power supply indicated below. *2 Output noise voltage represents the peak value on the rms scale (VTVM). The noise voltage waveform does not include the pulse noise.

Application Circuit: 70W min Single Channel AF Power Amplifier
Sample Printed Circuit Pattern for Application Circuit (Copper-foiled side)


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