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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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STK4042XI af Power Amplifier (80W)
STK4044II af Power (100W) Amplifier
STK4044V -
STK4044XI af Power Amplifier (split Power Supply)
STK4046V af Power Amplifier (120W)
STK4048II af Power (150W) Amplifier
STK4048V 150W af Power Amplifier
STK4048XI af Power Amplifier (150W)

2SB817P :

2SC4397 :

LA2785 :

LC322260T-60 :

LC680100A :

LC864519A :

LC99502-TB5-X1 :

TN6R05 : Switching Regulator IC for RCC Method Power Supplies Applications

109P0405H901 : AXIAL FAN, 40MM, 5VDC, 160mA Specifications: External Height: 40mm ; External Width: 40mm ; External Depth: 10mm ; External Diameter: - ; Current Type: DC ; Supply Voltage: 5VDC ; Current Rating: 160mA ; Flow Rate - Imperial: 5.3CFM ; Flow Rate - Metric: 0.15m/min ; Noise Rating: 25dBA ; Bearing Type: Ball ; Power Connection T

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5962-9550401Q2A : ti TLV2262, Dual Rail-to-rail Low-voltage Low-power Operational Amplifier.

ADP3335 : Power. High Accuracy Ultralow Quiescent Current, 500mA, Any CAP® Low Dropout Regulator.

AMSOP-77FS : Ultra Low Offset Voltage Operational Amplifier. APPLICATIONS High-Gain Instrumentation Precision Data Acquisition Precision Integrators Precision Threshold Detectors Biomedical Amplifiers Outstanding Linearity Low VOS overTemperature. 55 V Max Excellent VOS Drift. 0.6 V/ C Max Ultra High Gain.5000V/mV Min High PSRR3 V/V Max Low Power Consumption.60mW Max The is a precision operational amplifier.

CLC452AJ : Single Supply, Low-power, High Output, Current Feedback Amplifier. CLC452 Single Supply, Low-Power, High Output, Current Feedback Amp CLC452 Single Supply, Low-Power, High Output, Current Feedback Amplifier The CLC452 has a new output stage that delivers high output drive current (100mA), but consumes minimal quiescent supply current (3.0mA) from a single 5V supply. Its current feedback architecture, fabricated in an advanced.

DG406 : Multiplexers. Single 16-Channel/Differential 8-Channel, CMOS Analog Multiplexers.

HT9202L : 1-memory/2-memory Tone/pulse Dialer.

ISL8394 : Low-Voltage, Single And Dual Supply, Quad Spdt, Analog Switches. Low-Voltage, Single and Dual Supply, Quad SPDT, Analog Switches The Intersil ISL8394 device is a precision, quad SPDT analog switches designed to operate from a single to +12V supply or from to 6V supply. Targeted applications include battery powered equipment that benefit from the devices' low power consumption (5W), low leakage currents (2.5nA max),.

MRFIC2406 : 2.4 GHZ Integrated Upmixer GAAS Monolithic Integrated Circuit. Designed primarily for use in Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM) frequency band applications, the is an active GaAs upmixer in a lowcost SOIC 16lead, surface mount package. The integrated circuit has internal active Baluns and requires minimal off-chip matching. In STANDBY mode, the device draws less than 0.6 mA for low battery drain. Usable Frequency.

MSK182 : High Current Operational Amplifier. DUAL HIGH VOLTAGE/ HIGH CURRENT OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER Space Efficient Dual Amplifier High Voltage Operation: Single Supply: to +60V Dual Supply: 4V to30V High Output Current: 3 Amp Continuous per amplifier High Speed: 10V/S Low Quiescent Current: 20 mA per amplifier Typ. Adjustable Current Limits Thermal Shutdown Monolithic Technology Enable/Status.

NJM2120 : Operational Amplifier With Switch.

OP-470A : Dual/quad Low Noise, Precision Operational Amplifiers.

TLC080AID : ti TLC080A, Single Wide Bandwidth High Output Drive Single Supply op Amp With Shutdown.

TLE2022 : . TLE202xB, TLE202xY EXCALIBUR HIGH-SPEED LOW-POWER PRECISION OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS Supply Current. 300 A Max High Unity-Gain Bandwidth. 2 MHz Typ High Slew Rate. 0.45 V/s Min Supply-Current Change Over Military Temp Range. 10 A Typ at VCC V Specified for Both 5-V Single-Supply and 15-V Operation Phase-Reversal Protection High Open-Loop Gain. 6.5 V/V.

AD8212 : High Voltage Current Shunt Monitor The AD8212 is a high common-mode voltage, current shunt monitor. It accurately amplifies a small differential input voltage in the presence of large common-mode voltages up to 65 V (>500 V with an external PNP transistor). The AD8212 is ideal for current monitoring across a shunt resistor in applications controlling.

AD5174 : Single-Channel, 1024-Position, Digital Rheostat With SPI Interface And 50-TP Memory The AD5174 is a single-channel, 1024-position digital rheostat that combines industry leading variable resistor performance with nonvolatile memory (NVM) in a compact package. This device supports both dual-supply operation at 2.5 V to 2.75 V and single-supply operation.

OPA4188 : 0.03V/C, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output, 36V Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier The OPA4188 operational amplifier uses TI proprietary auto-zeroing techniques to provide low offset voltage (25 V, max), and near zero-drift over time and temperature. These miniature, high-precision, low quiescent current amplifiers offer high input impedance and rail-to-rail.

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