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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
Descriptionaf Power Amplifier (60W + 60W)
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

STK4201V AF Power Amplifier (Split Power Supply) + 60W min, THD = 0.08%)

The STK4201II series (THD=0.4%), STK4201V series (THD=0.08%) and STK4141X series (THD=0.02%) are pin-compatible. Once the PCB pattern is designed, you can easily satisfy the requirements for new sets simply by changing the IC. Built-in muting circuit to cut off various kinds of pop noise. Current mirror circuit application reduces distortion to 0.08%.


Parameter Maximum supply voltage Thermal resistance Junction temperature Operating substrate temperature Storage temperature Available time for load short-circuit Symbol VCC max Conditions Ratings to +125 VCC 60W 1 Unit V °C/W °C s

Parameter Recommended supply voltage Load resistance Symbol VCC RL Conditions Ratings ±39 8 Unit V
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Parameter Quiescent current Output power Total harmonic distortion Frequency response Input impedance Output noise voltage Neutral voltage Muting voltage Symbol ICCO PO THD fL, fH ri VNO VN VM Conditions VCC = ±47V THD to 50k min 60 0.08 typ 40 max 100 Unit Hz k mVrms mV V

Notes. For power supply at the time of test, use a constant-voltage power supply unless otherwise specified. For measurement of the available time for load short-circuit and output noise voltage, use the specified transformer power supply shown right. The output noise voltage is represented by the peak value on rms scale (VTVM) of average value indicating type. For AC power supply, use an AC stabilized power supply (50Hz) to eliminate the effect of flicker noise in AC primary line.

No products described or contained herein are intended for use in surgical implants, life-support systems, aerospace equipment, nuclear power control systems, vehicles, disaster/crime-prevention equipment and the like, the failure of which may directly or indirectly cause injury, death or property loss. Anyone purchasing any products described or contained herein for an above-mentioned use shall: Accept full responsibility and indemnify and defend SANYO ELECTRIC CO., LTD., its affiliates, subsidiaries and distributors and all their officers and employees, jointly and severally, against any and all claims and litigation and all damages, cost and expenses associated with such use: Not impose any responsibility for any fault or negligence which may be cited in any such claim or litigation on SANYO ELECTRIC CO., LTD., its affiliates, subsidiaries and distributors or any of their officers and employees, jointly or severally.

Information (including circuit diagrams and circuit parameters) herein is for example only; it is not guaranteed for volume production. SANYO believes information herein is accurate and reliable, but no guarantees are made or implied regarding its use or any infringements of intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties.

This catalog provides information as of June, 1997. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice.


Some Part number from the same manufacture Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation
STK4201X 2ch./1packge, +- Power Supply Built-in Muting Circuit 25w/ch. ~ 70w/ch. Thd=0.02%
STK4210MK2 2ch./1packge, +- Power Supply 6w/ch. ~ 100w/ch. Thd=0.4%
STK4210MK5 2ch./1packge, +- Power Supply 6w/ch. ~ 100w/ch. Thd=0.08%
STK4211II -
STK4211V 2-channel 70W af Power Amplifier
STK4211X 2ch./1packge, +- Power Supply Built-in Muting Circuit 25w/ch. ~ 70w/ch. Thd=0.02%
STK4220MK2 2ch./1packge, +- Power Supply 6w/ch. ~ 100w/ch. Thd=0.4%
STK4220MK5 2ch./1packge, +- Power Supply 6w/ch. ~ 100w/ch. Thd=0.08%
STK4221II af Power Amplifier (80W + 80W)

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