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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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STK4231V af Power Amplifier (100W + 100W)
STK4241II -
STK4241V af Power Amplifier (120W + 120W)
STK4273 2 Channel af Power Amp
STK4274 Current Amp
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AD627 : Micro Power Single And Dual Supply Rail-to-rail Instrumentation Amplifier.

AD9822 : Complete 14-Bit Ccd/cis Signal Processor. 14-Bit 15 MSPS A/D Converter No Missing Codes Guaranteed 3-Channel Operation to 15 MSPS 1-Channel Operation to 12.5 MSPS Correlated Double Sampling 16x Programmable Gain 350 mV Programmable Offset Input Clamp Circuitry Internal Voltage Reference Multiplexed Byte-Wide Output (8+6 Format) 3-Wire Serial Digital Interface V/5 V Digital I/O Compatibility.

CA0324M : Quad, 1mhz, Operational Amplifiers For Commercial, Industrial, And Military Applications.

GTF701-HS3 : 2-Line Emi-filter With Esd -ProtectionSpace Saving LLP Package Emi/rfi Filtering With Integratedesd Protection For Two Data Lines Esd Protection to Iec 61000 - 4 - 2 Level 4 Esd Protection to Iec 61000 - 4 - 5 (4 a ) Low Insertion Loss up to 10 MHz Good Attenuation of High Frequency Signals Low Operating Voltage (5 V) Low Clamping Voltage Low Leakage.

HA1-5104883 : Low Noise, High Performance, Quad Operational Amplifier. Low Noise, High Performance, Quad Operational Amplifier Low noise and high performance are key words describing the unity gain stable HA-5104/883. This general purpose quad amplifier offers an array of dynamic s including 1V/s slew rate (min), and 8MHz bandwidth (typ). Complementing these outstanding parameters are very low noise s at 1kHz (typ) or 6nV/Hz.

HTS-0025M : Ultra High Speed Hybird Track-and Hold Amplifiers.

LA4140 : 0.5W af Power Amplifier. Output power 0.5W typ RL=8, THD=10%). Low quiescent current. Wide operating voltage range 12V. 9-pin SIP permitting sets to be small-sized and eliminating the need to use a heat sink. s Parameter Maximum Supply Voltage Maximum Output Current Allowable Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol Quiescent mode VCC max IO Pd max*.

LA6324 : High Performance Quad Operational Amplifier.

OPA2244 : . q MicroSIZE PACKAGES OPA244 (Single): SOT-23-5 OPA2244 (Dual): MSOP-8 OPA4244 (Quad): TSSOP-14 q MicroPOWER: 50A/channel q SINGLE SUPPLY OPERATION q WIDE BANDWIDTH: 430kHz q WIDE SUPPLY RANGE: Single Supply: to 36V Dual Supply: to 18V The OPA244 (single), OPA2244 (dual), and OPA4244 (quad) op amps are designed for very low quiescent current (50A/channel),.

TLC25M4A : . A-Suffix Versions Offer 5-mV VIO B-Suffix Versions Offer 2-mV VIO Wide Range of Supply Voltages 16 V True Single-Supply Operation Common-Mode Input Voltage Includes the Negative Rail Low Noise. 25 nV/Hz Typ = 1 kHz (High-Bias Version) symbol (each amplifier) The IN + and TL25M4B are low-cost, low-power quad OUT operational amplifiers designed to operate.

UC2854 : Power. High Power Factor Preregulator. Control Boost PWM to 0.99 Power Factor Limit Line Current Distortion To <5% World-Wide Operation Without Switches Feed-Forward Line Regulation Average Current-Mode Control Low Noise Sensitivity Low Start-Up Supply Current Fixed-Frequency PWM Drive Low-Offset Analog Multiplier/Divider 1A Totem-Pole Gate Driver Precision Voltage Reference The UC1854.

VFC100AG : ti VFC100, Synchronized Voltage-to-frequency Converter. q FULL-SCALE FREQUENCY SET BY SYSTEM CLOCK; NO CRITICAL EXTERNAL COMPONENTS REQUIRED q PRECISION 10V FULL-SCALE INPUT, 0.5% max GAIN ERROR q ACCURATE 5V REFERENCE VOLTAGE q EXCELLENT LINEARITY: 0.02% max FS 0.1% max FS q VERY LOW GAIN DRIFT: 50ppm/C The VFC100 voltage-to-frequency converter is an important advance in VFCs. The well-proven charge balance.

OPA2376 : Precision, Low Noise, Low Quiescent Current Operational Amplifier The OPA376 family represent a new generation of low-noise operational amplifiers. Rail-to-rail input, low offset (5V typ), low noise (7.5nV/Hz), quiescent current less than 1mA max, and a 5.5MHz bandwidth make this part very attractive for a variety of precision and portable applications.

MAX338 : 8-Channel/Dual 4-Channel, Low-Leakage, CMOS Analog Multiplexers The MAX338/MAX339 are monolithic, CMOS analog multiplexers (muxes). The 8-channel MAX338 is designed to connect one of eight inputs to a common output by control of a 3-bit binary address. The dual, 4-channel MAX339 is designed to connect one of four inputs to a common output by control.

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