Details, datasheet, quote on part number: STK4311
Description2-channel 6W MIN TO 50W MIN AF Power AMP (dual-supply)
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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STK4311V 2-channel 6W MIN TO 50W MIN AF Power AMP (dual-supply)
CPH6341 P-channel Silicon Mosfet General-purpose Switching Device Applications
2SC6146 NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor Switching Regulator Applications
CPH3322 Ultrahigh-speed Switching Applications
LB11948T Monolithic Digital IC PWM Constant Current Control 1-2 Phase Excitation Stepping Motor Driver
ENA0783 Monolithic Linear IC FM Modulator and Demodulator IC
FTD1028 P-channel Silicon Mosfet General-purpose Switching Device
LA4743 45 W Four-channel (bridge Circuit) Power Amplifier
LB1981 Three-phase Brushless Motor Driver
ENN7545 On-screen Display Controller
VEC2305 Vec2305
2SC5979 NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor High-current Switching Applications
2SC6118LS NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor Color TV Horizontal Deflection Output Applications
LA6220PM Monolithic Linear IC For Automotive Applications Rail-to-rail Dual Operational Amplifier
LA6565VR Monolithic Linear IC Five-channel CD Actuator Driver (btl: 4 Channels, H Bridge: 1 Channel)
ENA0734 Low VF Schottky Barrier Diode 15V, 2.0A Rectifier
LC4120 LCD Power Supply Switching IC
6HN04CH General-purpose Switching Device Applications
LV8092GQ Bi-cmos LSI Piezo Actuator Driver IC
ECH8664R N-channel Silicon Mosfet General-purpose Switching Device Applications
SVC389 Hyper-abrupt Junction Type Silicon Composite Varactor AM Low Voltage Electronic Tuning Applications

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LA5002 : 2 V Low-saturation Voltage Regulator, Package : Sip

LA7035 :

LA7120 :

LB1817M : 5 V Thin Form FDD Spindle Motor Driver, Package : Sop

LC867240A :

LC895926-SB3 : System Components Cd-r Encoder/decoder ic With Built-in Scsi Interface

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N74F157N : Ic-74f Series Fast TTL. Product Supersedes data of 1996 Mar 12 IC15 Data Handbook 2000 Jun 30 The is a high speed Quad 2-Input Multiplexer which selects 4 bits of data from one of two sources under the control of a common Select input (S). The Enable input (E) is active when Low. When E is High, all of the outputs (Yn) are forced Low regardless of all other input conditions.

S1211 : Ionization Smoke Alarm.

TLV1578 : 2.7 V to 5.5 v, 1-/8-channel, 10-bit, Parallel Analog-to-digital Converters.

SY88943VKG : 5v/3.3v 2.5gbps Limiting POST Amplifier WITH Signal Detect. 5V/3.3V 2.5Gbps LIMITING POST AMPLIFIER WITH SIGNAL DETECT 3.3V and 5V power supply options to 2.5Gbps operation Low noise Chatter-fee signal detect (SD) generation Open collector TTL signal detect (SD) output TTL EN input Differential PECL inputs for data Single power supply Designed for use with Micrel-Synergy laser diode driver and controller s Available.

S2D1426 : Power Dividers 0¨¬ : 2-way. FREQUENCY RANGE (MHz) ISOLATION (dB) LB TYP/MIN MB TYP/MIN UB TYP/MIN INSERTION LOSS (dB) LB TYP/MAX MB TYP/MAX UB TYP/MAX FREQUENCY RANGE (MHz) ISOLATION (dB) LB MB TYP/MIN INSERTION LOSS (dB) MB TYP/MAX LB UB TYP/MIN TYP/MAX Notes: Power Rating(All Models) = 1 watt, max (UB) - Denotes full bandwidth For pin location and package outline drawings, see back.

43NF1K0E : Ohmicone¢ç Silicone-ceramic Conformal Axial Term. Wirewound, 1% and 5% Tol. Std..

U210B1 : Phase Control Circuit Load Current Feedback Applications. Phase Control Circuit­Load Current Feedback Applications The interated circuit, U210B1, is designed as a phasecontrol circuit for load-current feedback application in bipolar technology. To realize motor control systems, it has integrated load current detection, voltage monitoring and soft-start functions. The voltage obtained due to load current proportionality,.

109159003101116 : Lighting Connectors 3 WAY PLUG. AVX offers the new 9159 Series Solid State LED Lighting Connectors which are board-to-board and wire-to-board interconnects with 2 to 6 way plug s and socket s or a card edge style for daisy chaining multiple LED board s together in a series. The simple and cost effective one-piece card edge connector s on a 2.0mm pitch.

APSCPB2 : Nickel Panel Mount, Flange Circular Connectors, Interconnect Receptacle, Male Pins; CONN RCPT 10MM 3POS IP67 W/PINS. s: Connector Type: Receptacle, Male Pins ; Shell Size - Insert: C ; Mounting Type: Panel Mount, Flange ; Fastening Type: Push-Pull ; : - ; Packaging: Bulk ; Number of Positions: 3 ; Termination: Solder ; Shell Material, Finish: Nickel.

TNPW1210280KBEEA : 280K Ohm 0.333W, 1/3W Chip Resistor - Surface Mount; RES 280K OHM 1/3W 0.1% 1210. s: Resistance (Ohms): 280K ; Power (Watts): 0.333W, 1/3W ; Tolerance: ±0.1% ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Composition: Thin Film ; Temperature Coefficient: ±25ppm/°C ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

RH27CJ8 : OP-AMP, 300 uV OFFSET-MAX, CDIP8. s: Supply Voltage (VS): 15 volts ; IBIAS: 0.1500 µA ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F) ; Package Type: DIP, CERAMIC, DIP-8 ; Number of Pins: 8 ; Number of Devices: 1.

S438-46 : BRASS, TIN (157) FINISH, PCB TERMINAL. s: Terminal Type: PCB TERMINAL ; Material: BRASS ; : RoHS.

3250A1 : 200 MHz - 18000 MHz RF/MICROWAVE VARIABLE ATTENUATOR, 5 dB INSERTION LOSS-MAX. s: Attenuator Type: Variable ; Frequency: 0.2000 to 18 GHz ; Insertion Loss: 5 dB ; VSWR: 2 1.

74LVC04ABQ-Q100 : LVC/LCX/Z SERIES, HEX 1-INPUT INVERT GATE, PQCC14. s: Gate Type: NOT ; Supply Voltage: 3.3V ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Inputs: 1 ; Propagation Delay: 10.2 ns ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 C (-40 to 257 F) ; Pin Count: 14 ; IC Package Type: Other, 2.50 X 3 MM, 0.85 MM HEIGHT, PLASTIC, MO-241, SOT762-1, DHVQFN-14.

TBD62064APG : Gate Drivers DMOS Transistor Array 4-CH 50V/1.5A. Toshiba TBD62064A Transistor Arrays are equipped with four channels of 50V/1.5A output. They incorporate a Double-Diffused MOSFET (DMOS FET) type sink-output driver. This ensures the high efficiency and reduces power loss. DMOS FET does not require a base current, and can accept high current density.

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