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CategoryInterface and Interconnect
DescriptionDC 3-phase Brushlees Motor Driver (output Current 5A)
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

The is a hybrid IC incorporating a 3-phase brushless motor controller and driver into a single package, on the Sanyo IMST (Insulated Metal Substrate Technology) substrate. Revolution speed is controlled through the DC voltage level (Vref1) external input and PWM control of motor phase winding current. The driver is MOSFET to minimize circuit loss and handle high-output current (rush current) demands.


The output driver transistor is MOSFET for low power loss (half that of a bipolar transistor) and reliable handling of high-output current (rush current). Variation in Vref1 level causes the driver transistor to switch to PWM drive for high-efficiency motor speed variation. Normal and reverse revolution select function. Start/stop and brake functions. Current limiter function.


Parameter Maximum supply voltage 1 Maximum supply voltage 2 Maximum output current Operating substrate temperature Junction temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCC1 max VCC2 max Io max Tc max Tj max Tstg No input signal No input signal Position detect input signal cycle = 30 ms, PWM duty = 50%, operation time 1s Conditions Ratings to +125 Unit A C

Parameter Supply voltage 1 Output current Supply voltage 2 Brake current Symbol VCC1 Io ave VCC2 IOB With input signal DC phases present With input signal 80 Hz full sine waves (all phases). Operating time 0.1 s, duty = 5% (see Note 1). Conditions Ratings 6.00 11 Unit

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Parameter Supply current 1 (pin 13) Supply current 2 (pin 13) Output saturation voltage 1 Output saturation voltage 2 Internal MOSFET diode forward voltage PWM oscillation frequency Current limiter reference voltage Position detect input sensitivity Position detect common mode range Input "L" current 1 (pins 2,3) Input "L" voltage 1 (pins 2,3) Input "L" current 2 (pin 4) Input "L" voltage 2 (pin 4) Vref1 "H" voltage Vref1 "L" voltage Zener voltage FG output current FG output "L" voltage FG output pulse width Symbol Vref2 VH CMRH Vref1L VZ IFGH VFGL tFG VFG = 1.6V IFG 0.9 1.0 GND side transistor not in PWM GND side transistor off VIL2 = GND VIL1 = GND CW revolution Braking VCC1 sideTR, = 5A GND sideTR, = 5A Conditions Ratings min typ max mA V kHz V ms Unit

Pin No. Symbol Vref1 START/STOP CW/CCW BRAKE FG OUT TFG HC HC+ Hb Hb+ Ha Ha+ Vref2 VS VRS VCC1 VZ Function GND-side driver transistor PWM control pin; range to 3.2V "H" = start, "L" = stop (all transistors off) "H" = CW, "L" = CCW "H" = rotate, "L" = Only GND-side transistor on Position detect signal: output 6 pulses per cycle For setting FG OUT "L" level pulse width. RF and CF pins. Motor position detect signal input pin (to Hall device) Motor position detect signal input pin (to Hall device) Motor position detect signal input pin (to Hall device) Motor position detect signal input pin (to Hall device) Motor position detect signal input pin (to Hall device) Motor position detect signal input pin (to Hall device) Motor controller supply voltage pin Motor controller IC GND pin; signal gnd (SG) External RS GND-side connection pin; power gnd (PG) Current limiter set pin; 0.167VCC2 when open. External RS current limiter detect pin External RS connect pin Output pin (to motor winding) Output pin (to motor winding) Output pin (to motor winding) Supply voltage pin (to motor) Zener voltage (6.2V typ) for VCC1 driver transistor date source supply

Note 1: IOB indicates the operating current waveform peak as shown below.


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