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CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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STK621-041 Tentative
ENN7512 Low-frequency General-purpose Amplifier Applications
LA7033 Luminance Signal Processor FOR VYR OF VHS System
LC7867 Digital Signal Processor for Compact Disc Players
SBH0203R Schottky Barrier Diode 30V, 0.2A Rectifier
LA5779MP Monolithic Linear IC Separately-excited Step-down Switching Regulator (variable Type)
ENA0876 P-channel Silicon Mosfet General-purpose Switching Device Applications
16CV22BE Surface Mount Type Miniature, Super low Profile 3.9mm Height
TN5D61A ExPD (excellent-performance Power & RF Device) Separately-excited Step-down Switching Regulator (24V Output Type)
FW217 N-channel Silicon Mosfet General-purpose Switching Device
TND017 Lowside Power Switch Lamp, Solenoid, and Motor-driving Applications
ENN8179 N-channel and P-channel Silicon Mosfets General-purpose Switching Device Applications
FW342 General-purpose Switching Device Applications
2SC3397 PNP /NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistors
50AP02SP 50ap02sp
LA5753MP Monolithic Linear IC Separately-excited Step-down Switching Regulator (12v)
TND316S ExPD (excellent Power Device) General Purpose Driver for PDP Sustain Pulse Drive, Motor Drive
ENA0429 CMOS IC 1/3, 1/4-duty General-purpose LCD Display Driver
LC6520 Single-chip 4-bit Microcomputers for Medium/large-scale Control-oriented Applications

2SA1766 : High-gain, Low-frequency General-purpose Amplifier, Package : PCP

DL-3115-167 : 75 °C at 5 MW

LB35256AT-70 :

LC863232A :

LC89210 : High-speed Fax Modem Data Pump

LE28C1001T-12 : 1MEG (131072words X 8bits) Flash Memory

SB300-05H : Shottky Barrier Diode, 50V/30A Rectifier

N-4000DRLL2X3 : Battery Pack Battery Product; BATT PACK 7.2V 4000MAH NICAD Specifications: Battery Cell Size: D ; Number of Cells: 6 ; Voltage - Rated: 7.2V ; Capacity: 4Ah @ 800mA ; Structure: Front to Back, 3 Rows x 2 Cells ; Rechargeability: Yes ; Termination Style: Solder Tab ; Battery Chemistry: Nickel Cadmium ; Weight: 2.1 lbs (952.5g) ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ;

9W1TJ48P0H61 : DC CENTRIFUGAL FAN, 133 X 91MM, 48V Specifications: External Height: - ; External Width: - ; External Depth: 91mm ; External Diameter: 133mm ; Current Type: DC ; Supply Voltage: 48VDC ; Current Rating: 550mA ; Flow Rate - Imperial: 225CFM ; Flow Rate - Metric: 6.39m/min ; Noise Rating: 61dBA ; Bearing Type: Ball ; Power Connection Ty

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