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CategoryInterface and Interconnect
DescriptionUnipolar Fixed-current Chopper-type 4-phase Stepping Motor Driver
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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Cross ref.Similar parts: TB67S141FTG
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Features, Applications

Unipolar Fixed-Current Chopper-Type 4-Phase Stepping Motor Driver

The is a unipolar fixed-current choppertype 4-phase stepping motor driver hybrid IC (HIC) which uses a MOSFET power device. The excitation sequence signal is active low.


Serial printer, line printer, and laser beam printer (LBP) paper feed and carriage motor drivers PPC scanner and LBP paper feed drivers XY plotter pen drivers Industrial robot applications, etc.


This IC has the features of the STK6712BMK3, plus a simultaneous input prevention circuit that protects the IC from any malfunction of the excitation signal. Self-excitation design means chopping frequency is determined by motor L and R. Supports chopping at 20 kHz or higher. Very low number of external components required. Wide operating supply voltage range to 42V) Excitation sequence signal is active low, and is TTL level for direct interfacing to the microcomputer and gate array. The unipolar design enables use as a driver for hybrid, PW, or VR type stepping motors. Supports W1-2 phase operation, with a dual Vref pin.

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Parameter Maximum supply voltage 1 Maximum supply voltage 2 Maximum phase current Substrate temperature Junction temperature Storage temperature Repeated avalanche resistance Symbol VCC1 max VCC2 max IOH max Tc max Tj max Tstg Ear max No input signal No input signal per phase, R/L mH, s 1 pulse, VCC input Conditions Ratings +125 38 Unit °C mJ

Parameter Supply voltage 1 Supply voltage 2 Phase driver voltage resistance Phase current Symbol VCC1 VCC2 VDSS IOH max Duty 50% With input signal With input signal Conditions Ratings to 5.25 (min) 120 (max) 1.7 Unit

Parameter Power FET Symbol j-c Conditions Ratings 13.5 Unit °C/W

Parameter Output saturation voltage Output current (average) Pin current dissipation (average) FET diode voltage TTL input ON voltage TTL input OFF voltage Switching time Symbol VST Io ave ICC2 Vdf VIH VIL tON tOFF Conditions 23 , VIN 0.8 V R/L 3.5 /3.8 mH, VIN 0.8 V per phase Load, = 3.8 mH, VIN 0.8 V per phase Idf 1.0 A Input voltage when 4 ON Input voltage when 3, 4 OFF 24 , VIN 24 , VIN 0.8 V min typ max Unit ns µs

Note: With constant voltage power supply.
Output current waveform when phases are held (locked)
Measure output current values in this state.

3% To reduce noise during motor hold, it is possible to mount 0.01 µF and = 100-200 pF. Normally these are not required. STK6712BMK4 Circuit Operation


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