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DescriptionMotor Driver, Package : Sip
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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Stepping Motor Driver (Sine Wave Drive) Output Current: 2.8 A (No Heat Sink*)

Unipolar constant-current chopper (external excitation PWM) circuit with built-in microstepping controller

The is a stepping motor driver hybrid IC that uses power MOSFETs in the output stage. It includes a built-in microstepping controller and is based on a unipolar constant-current PWM system. The STK672-080 supports application simplification and standardization by providing a built-in 4 phase distribution stepping motor controller. It supports five excitation methods: 2 phase, 1-2 phase, W1-2 phase, 2W1-2 phase, and 4W1-2 phase excitations, and can provide control of the basic stepping angle of the stepping motor divided into 1/16 step units. It also allows the motor speed to be controlled with only a clock signal. The use of this hybrid IC allows designers to implement systems that provide high motor torques, low vibration levels, low noise, fast response, and high-efficiency drive. Compared to the earlier SANYO STK672-050, the STK672-080 features a significantly smaller package for easier mounting in end products.

<Control Block Features> One of five drive types can be selected with the drive mode settings (M1, M2, and M3) --2 phase excitation drive --1-2 phase excitation drive --W1-2 phase excitation drive --2W1-2 phase excitation drive --4W1-2 phase excitation drive Phase retention even if excitation is switched. The MOI phase origin monitor pin is provided. The CLK input counter block can be selected to be one of the following by the high/low setting of the M3 input pin. --Rising edge only --Both rising and falling edges Note*: Conditions: 24 V, IOH A, 2W1-2 drive used.


Facsimile stepping motor drive (send and receive) Paper feed and optical system stepping motor drive in copiers Laser printer drum drive Printer carriage stepping motor drive X-Y plotter pen drive Industrial robots and other stepping motor applications


Can implement stepping motor drive systems simply by providing a DC power supply and a clock pulse generator.

Any and all SANYO products described or contained herein do not have specifications that can handle applications that require extremely high levels of reliability, such as life-support systems, aircraft's control systems, or other applications whose failure can be reasonably expected to result in serious physical and/or material damage. Consult with your SANYO representative nearest you before using any SANYO products described or contained herein in such applications. SANYO assumes no responsibility for equipment failures that result from using products at values that exceed, even momentarily, rated values (such as maximum ratings, operating condition ranges, or other parameters) listed in products specifications of any and all SANYO products described or contained herein.

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The CLK input pin include built-in malfunction prevention circuits for external pulse noise. ENABLE and RESET pins provided. These are Schmitt trigger inputs with built-in 20 k (typical) pull-up resistors. No noise generation due to the difference between the A and B phase time constants during motor hold since external excitation is used. Microstepping operation supported even for small motor currents, since the reference voltage Vref can be set to any value between 0 V and 1/2 VCC2.

<Driver Block> External excitation PWM drive allows a wide operating supply voltage range to be used. Current detection resistor (0.15 ) built into the hybrid IC. Power MOSFETs for minimal driver loss Motor output drive currents IOH 2.8 A (When = 105C).


Parameter Maximum supply voltage1 Maximum supply voltage2 Input voltage Phase output current Repeatable avalanche current Power loss Operating substrate temperature Junction temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCC1 max VCC2 max VIN max IOH max Ear max Pd max Tc max Tj max Tstg c-a 0 No signal No signal Logic input pins 0.5 seconds, single pulse, with VCC1 applied. Conditions Ratings to +125 Unit W C

Parameter Supply voltage1 Supply voltage2 Input voltage Phase driver voltage handling Phase current 1 Phase current 2 Symbol VCC1 VCC2 VIH VDSS IOH 1 IOH 2, 3, and 4 (the A, B, and B outputs) = 105C, CLK = 80C, CLK 200 Hz Conditions With input signals present With input signals present Ratings VCC2 100 (min) 2.8 3 Unit

Parameter Control supply current Output saturation voltage Average output current FET diode Forward voltage [Control Inputs] Input voltage VIH VIL IIH IIL VI II VOH VOL Except for the Vref pin Except for the Vref pin Except for the Vref pin Except for the Vref pin V A Symbol ICC Vsat Io ave Vdf Conditions Pin 6 input, with ENABLE pin held low. = 12 Load: = 3.5 W/L 3.8 mH per phase A 0.445 Ratings min typ max Unit A V

Input current [Vref Input Pin] Input voltage Input current [Control Outputs] Output voltage

Note: A constant-voltage power supply must be used. The design target value is shown for the current distribution ratio.


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