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CategoryInterface and Interconnect
Description4-phase Stepping Motor Driver
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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STK681-050 Motor Driver, Package : Sip
STK681-050 Bidirectional DC Brush-type Motor Driver
STK681-110 Motor Driver
STK6855 Motor Driver, Package : Sip
STK6855 Reversible Brush-type DC Motor Driver (output Current 5A)
STK6875 H-bridge Driver, 3-terminal Control, PWM Operation, Package : Sip
STK6875 Bidirectional DC Brush-type Motor Driver
STK6877 H-bridge Driver, 3-terminal Control, PWM Operation, Package : Sip
STK6877 Reversible Brush-type DC Motor Driver (output Current 8A)

2SC5501 : VHF to UHF Wideband Low-noise Amplifier, Package : MCP4

DTA8 :

LA9211M :

LC35W1016CT :

LC75341 :

LC78865M : 16-bit A/D Converter , Package : Sop

LB8682PL : Monolithic Digital IC For Camera Cell Phone Motor Driver Two Saturated Drive Channels and One Constant-current Drive Channel

2SA2112 : High Current Switching Applications

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70121 : Multi-Ports. 2K X 9 Dual-port RAM. HIGH-SPEED x 9 DUAL-PORT STATIC RAM WITH BUSY & INTERRUPT High-speed access Commercial: 25/35/45/55ns (max.) Low-power operation IDT70121/70125S Active: 675mW (typ.) Standby: 5mW (typ.) IDT70121/70125L Active: 675mW (typ.) Standby: 1mW (typ.) Fully asychronous operation from either port MASTER IDT70121 easily expands data bus width to 18 bits or more.

CT1469-2 : Ct1469-2 Mil-std-1397 Type e 10mhz Transceiver. Low Level 0.65V output Optional transformer isolation Internally set threshold Operates with 5 volt supply Matched to 50 ohms system impedance power on or off Bipolar construction for radiation resistance Power management Interfaces directly to the CT1496-2 (Manchester Encoder) and CT1508-2 (Manchester Decoder) MIL-PRF-38534 compliant devices available.

CY28401 : 100-MHz Differential Buffer For Pci Express And SATA CK409 or CK410 Companion Buffer Eight Differential 0.7v Clock Pairs Individual oe Controls Low CTC Jitter (< 50 Ps) Programmable Bandwidth SRC_STOP# Power Management Control SMBus Block/byte/word Read And Write Support 3.3V Operation PLL Bypass-configurable Divide BY 2 Programmable 48-pin Ssop.

MAX1489E : 15kV ESD-Protected, Quad, Low-power RS-232 Line Receiver. The MAX1489E quad, low-power line receiver is designed for EIA/TIA-232, EIA/TIA-562, and CCITT V.28 communications in harsh environments. Each receiver input is protected against 15kV electrostatic discharge (ESD) shocks. These inputs have a 25V range and feature hysteresis and time-domain filtering. The outputs are TTL and CMOS compatible. The MAX1489E.

SG3731 : DC Motor Pulse Width Modulator. The is a pulse width modulator circuit designed specifically for DC motor control. It provides a bi-directional pulse train output in response to the magnitude and polarity of an analog error signal input. The device is useful as the control element in motor-driven servo systems for precision positioning and speed control, as well as in audio modulators.

SN65LVDS051D : ti SN65LVDS051, Dual LVDS Transmitter/receiver. Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of ANSI TIA/EIA-644-1995 Standard Signaling Rates to 400 Mbps Bus-Terminal ESD Exceeds 12 kV Operates From a Single 3.3-V Supply Low-Voltage Differential Signaling With Typical Output Voltages 350 mV and a 100- Load Propagation Delay Times Driver: 1.7 ns Typ Receiver: 3.7 ns Typ Power Dissipation at 200 MHz Driver:.

SN74ABTH16460DGG : 4-to-1 Multiplexed/demultiplexed Transceivers With 3-state Outputs. Members of the Texas Instruments WidebusTM Family State-of-the-Art EPIC-B TM BiCMOS Design Significantly Reduces Power Dissipation Latch-Up Performance Exceeds 500 mA Per JEDEC Standard JESD-17 Typical VOLP (Output Ground Bounce) V at VCC = 25C High-Impedance State During Power Up and Power Down Distributed VCC and GND Pin Configuration Minimizes High-Speed.

SN75189A : Rs232 Quad Line Receiver (mc1489an): 4 Receivers. Input Resistance. 7 k Input Signal Range. 30 V Operate From Single 5-V Supply Built-In Input Hysteresis (Double Thresholds) Response Control that Provides: Input Threshold Shifting Input Noise Filtering Meet or Exceed the Requirements of TIA / EIA-232-F and ITU Recommendation V.28 Fully Interchangeable With MotorolaTM MC1489 and MC1489A The NS package.

THC63LVD103 : 90MHz 30bit Color LVDS Chip Set. The THC63LVD103 transmitter is designed to support pixel data transmission between Host and Flat Panel Display from NTSC up to SXGA+ resolutions. The THC63LVD103 converts 35bits of CMOS/TTL data into LVDS(Low Voltage Differential Signaling) data stream. The transmitter can be programmed for rising edge or falling edge clocks through a dedicated pin.

TSB12LV41 : Ieee 1394-1995 Link-layer Controller For Consumer Applications. IMPORTANT NOTICE Texas Instruments and its subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make changes to their products or to discontinue any product or service without notice, and advise customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify, before placing orders, that information being relied on is current and complete. All products are sold.

TSB41AB1GQE : Physical Layer Controllers. ti TSB41AB1, Ieee 1394a One-port Cable Transceiver/arbiter.

TUSB2043VF : USB Hub Controllers. ti TUSB2043, 4-Port Usb Hub W/optional Serial EePROM Interface (Input Clock: 48 MHZ Oscillator/clock Source).

UDN2543B : Protected Quad Power Driver. Providing interface between low-level logic and power loads 100 W, the UDx2543B and UDx2543EB quad power drivers combine AND logic gates and high-current bipolar outputs. Each of the four independent outputs can sink mA in the ON state. The outputs have a minimum breakdown voltage (load dump) 60 V and a sustaining voltage 35 V. The inputs are compatible.

W83977TF : W83877TF Plus Kbc, GP I/O, Wake-up. Pages 1 2 n.a. Dates 05/20/97 Versi 0.50 0.51 Version on Web First published. Typo correction and data calibrated Main Contents Explanation of OnNow/ functions; Repagenating Register correction Please note that all data and s are subject to change without notice. All the trade marks of products and companies mentioned in this data sheet belong to their.

PI7C9X1011 : The PI7C9X1011 is a single-lane PCI Express electrical PHYsical (PHY) layer chip, which operates at a high speed of 2.5 Gbps for serial link transmissions and operates at 250MHz or 125MHz for parallel interfaces. This low-power consuming single PHY device integrates all the circuitry required to implement the physical portion of a PCI Express link,.

ISL59911 : 250MHz Triple Differential Receiver/ Equalizer With I2C Interface The ISL59911 is a triple channel differential receiver and equalizer optimized for RGB and YPbPr video signals. It contains three high speed differential receivers with programmable frequency compensation. The ISL59911 manual or automatic offset calibration and 4dB of gain adjustment.

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