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CategoryInterface and Interconnect
DescriptionBidirectional DC Brush-type Motor Driver
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
DatasheetDownload STK6875 datasheet
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STK6877 H-bridge Driver, 3-terminal Control, PWM Operation, Package : Sip
STK6877 Reversible Brush-type DC Motor Driver (output Current 8A)

FW203 :

LA1061M : Antenna Switching Diversity Circuit For FM Tuners, Package : Sop

LA1369 :

LA5646T :

LB1687NM : 3-phase Brushless Motor Driver

ENA1293 : Monolithic Linear IC For Optical Pickups Front Monitor Oe-ic

LB1846 : Low-voltage/low Saturation Voltage Type Bidirectional Motor Driver

2SC4459M-YB : 10 A, 500 V, NPN, Si, POWER TRANSISTOR Specifications: Polarity: NPN

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21554 : Pci-to-pci Bridge For Embedded Applications. Full compliance with the PCI Local Bus , Revision 3.3 V operation with 5 V-tolerant I/O Selectable asynchronous or synchronous primary and secondary interface clocks Concurrent primary and secondary bus operation Queuing of multiple transactions in either direction 256 bytes of posted write (data and address) buffering in each direction 256 bytes of read.

70V06 : Multi-Ports. 16K X 8 3.3V Dual-port RAM. True Dual-Ported memory cells which allow simultaneous reads of the same memory location High-speed access Commercial: 15/20/25/35/55ns (max.) Industrial: 20/25/35/55ns (max.) Low-power operation IDT70V06S Active: 400mW (typ.) Standby: 3.3mW (typ.) IDT70V06L Active: 380mW (typ.) Standby: 660mW (typ.) IDT70V06 easily expands data bus width to 16 bits.

74HCT1284 : Printer interfaces. 74HCT1284; Parallel Printer Interface Transceiver/buffer;; Package: SOT163 (SO20), SOT339-1 (SSOP20), SOT360-1 (TSSOP20).

AM26LV32CD : ti AM26LV32, Low-voltage High-speed Quadruple Differential Line Receiver.

AV162821DGG : 2.5v/3.3v 20-bit Bus-interface D-type Flip-Flop; Positive-edge Trigger With 30ohm Termination Resistors 3-state.

DS3885V : BTL Arbitration Transceiver. The DS3885 is one in a series of transceivers designed specifically for the implementation of high performance Futurebus a and proprietary bus interfaces The DS3885 Arbitration Transceiver is designed to conform to IEEE 1194 1 (Backplane Transceiver Logic BTL) as specified in the IEEE 896 2 Futurebus a The Arbitration Transceiver incorporates the competition.

LB1839M : Low-voltage/low-saturation Bidirectional Constant-voltage Regulated Motor Driver.

LB1871 : 3-phase Brushless Motor Driver. The LB1871 and LB1871M are three-phase brushless motor driver ICs that are optimal for LBP and LBF polygon mirror motor drive. The LB1871 and LB1871M are versions of the LB1870 and LB1870M in which the value of the divisor has been changed. Single-chip implementation of all circuits required for LBP polygon mirror motor drive (speed control and driver.

LC7991 : Constant-speed DC Motor Controller.

NSBMC290 : Burst Mode Memory Controller. The NSBMC290 is functionally equivalent to the V29BMCTM The NSBMC290 Burst Mode Memory Controller is a single chip device designed to simplify the implementation of burst mode access in high performance systems using the Am29000TM Streamlined Instruction Processor The extremely high instruction rate achieved by this processor places extraordinary demands.

SSD1882 : MLA Chipset. = 240 Outputs Mla Row Driver ;; Status = Mass Production.

ST232A : Very High Speed, Ultra Low Power Consumption 5v Powered Rs-232 Drivers And Receivers.

STK672-020 : Unipolar Fixed-current Chopper-type 4-phase Stepping Motor Driver With 4-phase Distribution Controller (3A Output).

TL2218-285PW : SCSI Bus Termination. ti TL2218-285, Current-mode Scsi Terminator. Fully Integrated 9-Channel SCSI Termination No External Components Required Maximum Allowed Current Applied at First High-Level Step 6-pF Typical Power-Down Output Capacitance Wide Vterm (Termination Voltage) Operating Range, 5.5 V TTL-Compatible Disable Feature Compatible With Active Negation Thermal Regulation The is a current-mode 9-channel monolithic.

VT82C598AT : . Introduction Apollo MVP3-Desktop Overview Apollo MVP3-Desktop s Apollo MVP3-Mobile Overview Apollo MVP3-Mobile s Apollo VP3 Overview Apollo VP3 s Apollo VP2 Overview Apollo VP2 s Apollo VPX Overview Apollo VPX s Comparison Table Positioning VIA Technologies, Inc., has emerged as a leader in the highly competitive core logic chipset market. Across the board,.

HI-3717 : ARINC 717 The HI-3717 is targeted at digital flight data recorder applications and may be used in the recorder itself, the data acquisition unit or the quick access recorder. The device communicates with an external microcontroller via a 4-wire Serial Peripheral host Interface (SPI) and provides Harvard Bi-Phase (HBP) and Bi-Polar Return-to-Zero (BPRZ).

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