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CategoryInterface and Interconnect
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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LC89972M : Pal CCD Delay Line

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2SK3720 : FM Tuner, Vhf-band Amplifier Applications

KR-900AAECF2X5 : Battery Pack Battery Product; BATT PACK 12.0V 900MAH NICAD Specifications: Battery Cell Size: AA ; Number of Cells: 10 ; Voltage - Rated: 12V ; Capacity: 900mAh @ 180mA ; Structure: Side to Side, 5 Rows x 2 Cells ; Rechargeability: Yes ; Termination Style: Solder Tab ; Battery Chemistry: Nickel Cadmium ; Weight: 0.506 lb (229.52g) ; Lead Free Status: Lead F

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A2918 : . The A2918SWH and A2918SWV motor drivers are designed to drive both windings of a bipolar stepper motor or bidirectionally control two dc motors. All bridges are capable of sustaining 45 V and include internal pulse-width modulation (PWM) control of the output current 1.5 A. For PWM current control, the maximum output current is determined by the user's.

CT2565 : Ct2565 Bus Controller, Remote Terminal And Bus Monitor For Mil-std-1553b.

CY7C65013 : Usb Hub With Microcontroller. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 . 5 2.0 FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW. 6 3.0 PIN CONFIGURATIONS. 8 4.0 PRODUCT SUMMARY TABLES. 9 4.1 Pin Assignments 9 4.2 I/O Register Summary. 9 4.3 Instruction Set Summary 11 5.0 PROGRAMMING MODEL. 5.1 14-Bit Program Counter (PC) 12 5.2 8-Bit Accumulator (A) 5.3 8-Bit Temporary Register (X) 5.4 8-Bit Program Stack Pointer (PSP). 14 5.5 8-Bit.

DS2117M : Ultra2 Lvd/se Scsi Terminator. Fully compliant with Ultra2, Ultra3, and Ultra 160/m SCSI Provides Multimode Low Voltage Differential/Single-Ended (LVD/SE) termination for 9 signal line pairs Auto-selection of LVD or SE termination 5% tolerance on SE and LVD termination resistance Low power down capacitance 3 pF Onboard thermal shutdown circuitry SCSI bus hot plug compatible Fully.

FDC37N769 : 3.3v Super I/o Controller With Infrared Support For Portable Applications.

HS-82C55ARH : CMOS Programmable Peripheral Interface. The Intersil is a high performance CMOS version of the industry standard 8255A and is manufactured using a self-aligned silicon gate CMOS process (Scaled SAJI IV). is a general purpose programmable I/O device which may be used with many different microprocessors. There are 24 I/O pins which may be individually programmed in 2 groups of 12 and used in 3 major.

iC-VX : 3-Channel Differential Line Driver With Complementary 24V Outputs.

IR2137 : 3-phase Bridge Driver. Floating channel or +1200V "soft" over-current shutdown turns off all six outputs Integrated high side desaturation circuit Controlled "soft" turn on for EMI reduction Integrated brake IGBT driver Three independent low side COM pins Separate pull-up/pull-down output drive pins Matched delay outputs 3.3V logic compatible Under voltage lockout with hysteresis.

MAX243C : +5v-powered, Multichannel Rs-232 Drivers/receivers. The MAX220­MAX249 family of line drivers/receivers is intended for all EIA/TIA-232E and V.28/V.24 communications interfaces, particularly applications where ±12V is not available. These parts are especially useful in battery-powered systems, since their low-power shutdown mode reduces power dissipation to less than 5µW. The MAX233, MAX235, and MAX245/MAX246/MAX247.

SN65LBC179D : ti SN65LBC179, Low-power Differential Line Driver And Receiver Pair. SN65LBC179, SN65LBC179Q LOW-POWER DIFFERENTIAL LINE DRIVER AND RECEIVER PAIRS Designed for High-Speed Multipoint Data Transmission Over Long Cables Operates With Pulse Widths as Low 30 ns Low Supply Current. 5 mA Max Meets or Exceeds the Standard Requirements of ANSI RS-485 and ISO 8482:1987(E) Common-Mode Voltage Range 12 V Positive- and Negative-Output.

SN75LP1185 : Low-power Multiple Rs-232 Drivers And Receivers. Single-Chip TIA/EIA-232-F Interface for IBM PC/AT Serial Port Designed to Transmit and Receive 4-µs Pulses (Equivalent to 256 kbit/s) Less Than 21-mW Power Consumption Wide Supply-Voltage Range. 15 V Driver Output Slew Rates Are Internally Controlled to 30 V/µs Max Receiver Input Hysteresis. 1000 mV Typical TIA/EIA-232-F Bus-Pin ESD Protection Exceeds:.

UR5HC703-700 : KeyCoders. SerialCoder® 700 - Very Low-power Serial-interface Keyboard Encoder For Hand-held Devices.

CY7C68023 : EZ-USB NX2LP(TM) USB 2.0 NAND Flash Controller The EZ-USB NX2LP(TM) (NX2LP) implements a USB 2.0 NAND Flash controller. This controller adheres to the Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport . The USB port of the NX2LP is connected to a host computer directly or via the downstream port of a USB hub. Host software issues commands and data to the NX2LP.

SN65LVDS301 : Programmable 27-Bit Display Serial Interface Transmitter * FlatLink™3G serial interface technology * Compatible with FlatLink3G receivers such as SN65LVDS302 (product under preview) * Input supports 24-bit RGB video mode interface * 24-Bit RGB Data, 3 Control Bits, 1 Parity Bit and 2 Reserved Bits Transmitted over 1, 2 or 3 Differential Lines * SubLVDS.

ISO7221A : Dual Channel, 1/1, 1Mbps Digital Isolator The ISO7220 and ISO7221 are dual-channel digital isolators. To facilitate PCB layout, the channels are oriented in the same direction in the ISO7220 and in opposite directions in the ISO7221. These devices have a logic input and output buffer separated by TI’s silicon-dioxide (SiO2) isolation barrier, providing.

SN65EL11 : PECL/ECL 1:2 Fanout Buffer The SN65EL11 is a differential 1:2 PECL/ECL fanout buffer. The device includes circuitry to maintain a known logic level when inputs are in an open condition. The SN65EL11 is housed in an industry-standard SOIC-8 package and is also available in a TSSOP-8 package..

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