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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Switching Regulators
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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STK731B 12 V Signal Output MOS Chopper Regulator
STK732C 15V Single Output MOS Chopper Regulator
STK733C 24 V Signal Output MOS Chopper Regulator
STK733C Externally-excited (MOSFET), Package : Sip
STK73410II Voltage Regulator For TV / VTR Use

DLM10 :

LA2780 :

LA6083M :

LA71201M :

LC24070B :

LC36256AL-12 : SRAM 256K (32768words X 8bit) SRAM

LC7932 : 16-bit Led Driver , Package : Dip

ENN7354A : Low-frequency General-purpose Amplifier Applications

MCH6321 : P-channel Silicon Mosfet General-purpose Switching Device Applications

SRU-SH-106L : Solid State Relays Solid State Relays

SRU-SH-124L : Solid State Relays Solid State Relays

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AMF2812S : Hi-rel DC-DC Rad-tolerant Single Converter in a Amf Package. AMF28XXS SERIES ADVANCED ANALOG RADIATION TOLERANT DC/DC CONVERTERS The AMF28XXS series of DC/DC converter modules has been specifically designed for operation in moderate radiation environments supplementing the higher radiation performance available in the Advanced Analog ART, ARH and G-Series converters. Environments presented to space vehicles operating.

DF005MA : Miniature Glass Passivated Single-phase Bridge Rectifier. Miniature Glass Passivated Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier This series is UL listed under the Recognized Component Index, file number E54214 Plastic package used has Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-0 Glass passivated chip junction High surge overload rating of 30 Amperes peak Ideal for printed circuit boards High temperature soldering.

EL8202 : op Amp, Dual, 500MHz, Rail-to-rail With Enable The EL8202, EL8203, And EL8403 Represent Rail-to-rail Amplifiers With a -3dB Bandwidth of 500MHz And Slew Rate of 600V/µs. Running Off a Very Low Supply Current of 5.6mA Per Channel, The EL8202, EL8203, And EL8403 Also Feature Inputs That go to 0.15V Below The Vs- Rail..

LXM1623-05-41 : CCFL Inverter Module - Dual Lamp. CCFL Inverter Module - Dual Lamp, Package : Module.

MAX1584 : MAX1584, MAX1585 5-Channel Slim DSC Power Supplies. o Step-Up DC-DC Converter, 95% Efficient o Step-Down DC-DC Converter Operate from Battery for 95% Efficient Step-Down 90% Efficient Boost-Buck with Step-Up o Three Auxiliary PWM DC-DC Controllers o No Transformers to 1MHz Operating Frequency o 1mA Shutdown Mode o Internal Soft-Start Control o Overload Protection o Compact 32-Pin Thin QFN Package x 5mm).

NCP4300AD : Charge Controllers. Dual Operational Amplifiers With a 2.6V ±1% Voltage Reference, Package: Soic, Pins=8.

PST600 : System Reset. System Reset. This IC operates in a variety of CPU systems and other logic systems by detecting power supply voltage, so that the system can be reset accurately when power is turned on or when power is momentarily cut. PST572 and others perform the same function as does this series, but this is a low reset type system resetting IC which follows load current so that.

PT6304A : Plug-in Power Solutions->Non-Isolated->Single Posi. ti PT6304, 12Vout 3A Wide Input Adjustable Step-down Isr.

SMDA05-6 : Data & I/O Protection. 300 Watt Unidirectional TVS Array For Protection of Six Lines / SO-8.

SPX385_1.2 : Micropower Voltage Reference. Low Output Voltage. 1.235V Dynamic Impedance.1 max Low Temperature Coefficient.30ppm/°C (typ) Operating Current to 20mA Extended Temperature Range. to +85°C Initial Tolerance.1% and 2% Pin Compatible with LM185/285/385, 1.23V APPLICATIONS Portable Meter Reference Portable Test Instruments Battery Operated Systems Panel Meters The is a micropower.

TL594 : Others. Precision Switchmode Pulse Width Modulation Control Circuit. TL594 Precision Switchmode Pulse Width Modulation Control Circuit The is a fixed frequency, pulse width modulation control circuit designed primarily for Switchmode power supply control. Complete Pulse Width Modulation Control Circuitry On­Chip Oscillator with Master or Slave Operation On­Chip Error Amplifiers On­Chip 5.0 V Reference, 1.5% Accuracy.

TPS76501D : ti TPS76501, Ultra-low-quiescent-current 150-mA LDO Linear Regulators.

BQ24382 : Overvoltage/Overcurrent Protection IC And Li+ Charger Front-End Protection IC With LDO Mode,10.5 OVP The bq2438x family are charger front-end integrated circuits designed to provide protection to Li-ion batteries from failures of the charging circuitry. The IC continuously monitors the input voltage and the battery voltage. The device operates like.

NCP5252 : 2A Integrated Sync Buck Converter NCP5252 is a synchronous buck regulator with integrated high-side and low-side MOSFETs. The device is capable of operating from a +5V or +12V supply and can output a voltage down to 0.6V. The switching frequency is adjustable from 333 kHz up to 1.0 MHz and has the ability to provide skip mode for light load efficiency.

UB242 : LITHIUM-ION/POLYMER BATTERY PROTECTION IC UTC UB242 is a series of lithium-ion / lithium-polymer rechargeable battery protection ICs incorporating high accuracy voltage detection circuits and delay circuits. UTC UB242 is suitable for protection of single cell lithium-ion / lithium polymer battery packs from overcharge, over discharge and over current..

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