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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Power
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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STK760-220 PFC Active Converter ic Developed

2SA1764 : PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor, High-speed Switching Application

2SB904 : PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor, 30V/20A High-speed Switching Application

2SC4837 : High-current Switch, Package : FLP

LA1831A : Support For am Stereo And Electronic Tuning Single Chip Music Center ic (AM/FM if + MPX) For Use in Compact Radio/casette Products

LA6544M :

LC27300CSQ : Ability to Add Megacells Such as Cpu Core, RAM, ROM, And A/D And D/A Converters. 0.25 MM Process *: The I/o Pins Support Both 2.5 And 3.3 V Interface Levels. Shrink Type Package Support.

LC33864P-70 :

LC7702 :

LC8951-422S :

LE28F8001T : 4.5 to 5.5 V Supply Voltage, 150 NS Access Time , Package : TSOP1

2SK2624ALS : N-channel Silicon Mosfet General-purpose Switching Device Applications

MCH6622 : N-channel Silicon Mosfet General-purpose Switching Device Applications

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2SC4448 : NPN Epitaxial Type ( Chroma, Video Output Applications For Hdtv,high Resolution Display ).

5962-9689701HZ : Operational Amplifier, Ultra High Voltage Amp With Offset Null. Monolithic MOS Technology External Compensation Capability High Voltage Operation : 350V Low Quiescent Current : 2mA Max. High Output Current : 60mA Min. No Secondary Breakdown High Speed : 40V/µS Typ. Low Cost The MSK is an ultra high voltage monolithic MOSFET operational amplifier ideally suited for electrostatic transducer and electrostatic deflection.

AD8512 : Precision Low Noise Dual JFET Operational Amplifier. Fast Settling Time: to 0.1% Low Offset Voltage: 400 V Max Low TcVos: V/ C Typ Low Input Bias Current: 25 pA Typ Dual-Supply Operation: 15 V Low Noise: 8 nV/Hz Low Distortion: 0.0005% No Phase Reversal Unity Gain Stable APPLICATIONS Instrumentation Multi-Pole Filters Precision Current Measurement Photodiode Amplifiers Sensors Audio Precision, Very Low Noise,.

ALD1502 : Single High Speed Micropower Timer. SINGLE/DUAL PRECISION HIGH SPEED MICROPOWER TIMER GENERAL The ALD1502/ALD2502 timers are high performance single/dual monolithic timing circuits built with advanced silicon gate CMOS technology. They offer the benefits of high input impedance, thereby allowing smaller timing capacitors and a longer timing cycle; high speed, with typical cycle time of 400ns;.

BQ2007 : Power. Fast-charge ic. Fast charging and conditioning of NiCd and NiMH batteries Audible alarm for charge completion and fault conditions The is a highly integrated monolithic CMOS IC designed to provide intelligent battery charging and charge status monitoring for standalone charge systems. The bq2007 provides a wide variety of charge status display formats. The bq2007 internal.

CLC5654 : Very High Speed, Low Cost, Quad Operational Amplifier. CLC5654 Very High Speed, Low Cost, Quad Operational Amplifier The is a quad, current feedback operational amplifier that is perfect for many cost sensitive applications that require high performance. This device also offers excellent economy in board space and power, consuming only 5mA per amplifier while providing 70mA of output current capability.

CMV1036YR : Micropower Pro Operational Amplifier With Shutdown.

EL2166C : 110 MHZ Current Mode Feedback Amplifier With Disable. 110 MHz 3 dB bandwidth (AV 2) 115 MHz 3 dB bandwidth (AV 0 01% differential gain 0 01 differential phase e 500X Low supply current 5 mA Fast disable 75 ns Low cost V ms slew rate The is a current feedback operational amplifier with 3 dB bandwidth of 110 MHz at a gain a 2 Built using the Elantec proprietary monolithic complementary bipolar process this.

HS1-5104ARH : Radiation Hardened Low Noise Quad Operational Amplifier. Radiation Hardened Low Noise Quad Operational Amplifier Intersil`s Satellite Applications FlowTM (SAF) devices are fully tested and guaranteed to 100kRAD total dose. These QML Class T devices are processed to a standard flow intended to meet the cost and shorter lead-time needs of large volume satellite manufacturers, while maintaining a high level.

LH0091 : RMS-to-DC-Converter. True RMS to DC Converter (obsolete). The LH0091 rms to dc converter generates a dc output equal to the rms value of any input per the transfer function EOUT(DC) e The device provides rms conversion to an accuracy 1% of reading using the external trim procedure It is possible to trim for maximum accuracy 0 05% typ) for decade ranges x 7V etc Low cost True rms conversion 5% of reading accuracy.

MAX295C/D : 8th-order, Lowpass, Switched-capacitor Filters.

MAX4571 : Serially Controlled, Clickless Audio/video Switches. The MAX4571­MAX4574 serial-interface controlled switches are ideal for multimedia applications. Each device 35 max on-resistance, -90dB audio off-isolation 20kHz, -60dB video off-isolation at 1.0MHz, and "clickless" mode operation for audio applications. The MAX4571/MAX4573 contain eleven SPST switches, while the MAX4572/MAX4574 contain two SPST switches.

MAX998EUT-T : Single/dual/quad, Sot23, Single-supply, High-speed, Low-power Comparators.

MIC2025 : Power. MIC2025/2075 Single-channel Power Distribution Switch. Single-Channel Power Distribution Switch Final Information The MIC2025 and MIC2075 are high-side MOSFET switches optimized for general-purpose power distribution requiring circuit protection. The MIC2025/75 are internally current limited and have thermal shutdown that protects the device and load. The MIC2075 offers "smart" thermal shutdown that reduces.

MSK173/173-1 : . 4707 Dey Road Liverpool, N.Y. 13088 Extremely Compact Surface Mount Package Low Cost Dual High Power Amplifier Wide Supply Voltage Range: to 40V High Output Current: 2A High Efficiency: at 2A Internal Current Limit Wide Common Mode Range (Includes Negative Supply Voltage) Low Distortion The MSK is a high power dual operational amplifier. Each amplifier.

OPA632N/250 : ti OPA632, SpeedPlus(TM) Low Power, Single Supply Operational Amplifiers.

TA2066F : RF Amplifier For Digital Servo CD Ststem.

TCM320AC56 : Voice-band Audio Processor Vbap(tm). Single 5-V Operation Low Power Consumption: ­ Operating Mode. 40 mW Typ ­ Standby Mode. 5 mW Typ ­ Power-Down Mode. 3 mW Typ Combined A/D, D/A, and Filters Extended Variable-Frequency Operation ­ Sample Rates to 16 kHz ­ Passband to 7.2 kHz Electret Microphone Bias Reference Voltage Available Drive a Piezo Speaker Directly Compatible With All Digital.

LMH6515 : 600 MHz, Digital Controlled, Variable Gain Amplifier from the PowerWise® Family The LMH6515 is a high performance, digitally controlled variable gain amplifier (DVGA). It combines precision gain control with a low noise, ultra-linear, differential amplifier. Typically, the LMH6515 drives a high performance ADC in a broad range of mixed signal and digital.

MAX9030 : Low-Cost, Ultra-Small, Single/Dual/Quad Single-Supply Comparators The MAX9030/MAX9031/MAX9032/MAX9034 single/dual/quad comparators are optimized for single-supply applications from +2.5V to +5.5V but can also be operated from dual supplies. These comparators have a 188ns propagation delay and consume 35µA of supply current per comparator over the -40°C.

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