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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Power
CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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STK760-220 PFC Active Converter ic Developed

2SC3923 : NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor, Switching Application

LC36256ALL-85W :

LC75345M : Single-chip Electronic Volume Control, Package : Sop

LC86108C : Liquid Crystal Display Controller, Driver, On-chip 8 K Bytes ROM And On-chip 168 Byte RAM, 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer

SBA250-09R : Large Signal(twin Type) , Package : TO-3PML

SLP-4131C-81 : Substrate Contact Type Led Lamps , Package : φ5

LB11669M : Monolithic Linear IC For Fan Motor Two-phase Half-wave Driver

SB0509V-TL-E : Diodes, Rectifier - Array Discrete Semiconductor Product 500mA 90V Schottky; DIODE SCHOTTKY 90V 0.5A VEC8 Specifications: Diode Type: Schottky ; Diode Configuration: 2 Independent ; Voltage - DC Reverse (Vr) (Max): 90V ; Current - Average Rectified (Io) (per Diode): 500mA ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If: 650mV @ 500mA ; Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr: 30µA @ 45V ; Reverse Recovery Time (trr): 20ns ;

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2SD2480 : NPN Epitaxial Type ( Micro Motor Drive, Hammer Drive, Switching, Power Amplifier Applications ).

3581J : Power Operational Amplifiers. ti 3581, High Voltage Operational Amplifiers.

AD606-EB : 50 Mhz, 80 DB Demodulating Logarithmic Amplifier With Limiter Output. 50 MHz, 80 dB Demodulating Logarithmic Amplifier with Limiter Output AD606 a loadable output voltage +4 V dc. The logarithmic scaling is such that the output +0.5 V for a sinusoidal input of ­75 dBm and at an input of +5 dBm; over this range the logarithmic linearity is typically within ± 0.4 dB. All scaling parameters are proportional to the supply.

AD7013 : CMOS Tia IS-54 Baseband Receive Port. Single +5 V Supply Receive Channel Differential or Single-Ended Analog Inputs Auxiliary Set of Analog & Q Inputs Two Sigma-Delta A/D Converters Choice of Two Digital FIR Filters Root-Raised-Cosine Rx Filters, = 0.35 Brick Wall FIR Rx Filters On-Chip or User Rx Offset Calibration ADC Sampling Vernier Three Auxiliary DACs On-Chip Voltage Reference Low Active.

DS1845 : Dual NV Potentiometer And Memory. Two linear taper potentiometers - DS1845-010 one 10k, 100 position & one 10k, 256 position - DS1845-050 one 10k, 100 position & one 50k, 256 postition - DS1845-100 one 10k, 100 position & one 100k, 256 position 256 bytes of EEPROM memory Access to data and potentiometer control via a 2-wire interface External Write Enable pin to protect data and potentiometer.

OPA2607 : . For most current data sheet and other product information, visit Dual, High Output, Current-Feedback OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER q WIDEBAND ±12V OPERATION: +8) q UNITY GAIN STABLE: = +1) HIGH OUTPUT CURRENT: 250mA OUTPUT VOLTAGE SWING: ±10.5V (VS = ±12V) HIGH SLEW RATE: 600V/µs LOW SUPPLY CURRENT: 8mA/channel FLEXIBLE POWER CONTROL TO ±16V.

SA5204A : SA5204A; Wide-band High-frequency Amplifier. Product Replaces data of Feb 1992 IC17 Data Handbook 1997 Nov 07 The SA5204A family of wideband amplifiers replaces the SA5204 family. The `A' parts are fabricated on a rugged 2µm bipolar process featuring excellent statistical process control. Electrical performance is nomically identical to the original parts. The is a high-frequency amplifier with.

TC7652 : The TC7652 is a Lower Noise Version of The TC7650, Sacrificing Some Input s (bias Current And Bandwidth)to Achieve a 10x Reduction in Noise.

TLV2465CD : ti TLV2465, Quad Low Power, Rail-to-rail Input/output Operational Amplifier W/shutdown.

NLAS5223 : Ultra−Low 0.5 Ohm Dual SPDT Analog Switch The NLAS5223 is an advanced CMOS analog switch fabricated in Sub−micron silicon gate CMOS technology. The device is a dual Independent Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switch featuring Ultra−Low RON of 0.5 Ohm, at VCC = 3.0 +/- 0.3 V. The part also guaranteed Break Before Make (BBM)switching,.

ADN8102 : X-stream™ 3.75 Gbps Quad Bidirectional CX4 Equalizer The ADN8102 is a quad bidirectional CX4 cable/backplane equalizer with eight differential PECL-/CML-compatible inputs with programmable equalization and eight differential CML outputs with programmable output levels and pre-emphasis or de-emphasis. The operation of this device is optimized for NRZ data.

THS770006 : High-Speed Fully Differential ADC Driver Amplifier With +6dB Fixed Gain The THS770006 is a fixed-gain of +6dB, wideband, fully-differential amplifier designed and optimized specifically for driving 16-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) at input frequencies up to 130MHz, and 14-bit ADCs at input frequencies up to 200MHz. This device provides high.

OPA209 : 36V, Low Power, RRO, General Purpose Operational Amplifier In MicroPackages The OPA209 series of precision operational amplifiers achieve very low voltage noise density (2.2nV/?Hz) with a supply current of only 2.5mA (max). This series also offers rail-to-rail output swing, which helps to maximize dynamic range..

ADA4895-2 : 1 NV/?Hz, Low Power,G?10 Stable Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifier The ADA4895-2 is a gain?10 stable, low noise, rail-to- rail output, high speed voltage feedback amplifier that has quiescent current of 3 mA. With the 1/f noise of 2.4 nV/?Hz at 10 Hz and a spurious-free dynamic range of ?63 dBc at 2 MHz, the ADA4895-2 is an ideal solution in a variety of applications,.

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