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CompanySeiko Instruments USA, Inc.
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Features, Applications

The is an ultra compact 3-pin positive voltage regulator developed using CMOS technology. Due to housing into an even more miniaturized SC-82AB package x 2.1 mm, the S-817 offers key advantages for small, portable applications. The S-817 allows many type of output capacitors including a ceramic type and ensures highly-stable operations at low load of 1A.

" Low current consumption During operation: Typ. 1.2 A, Max. A " Output voltage: 0.1 V steps between 1.1 and V " High accuracy output voltage: 2.0% " Output current; 50 mA capable (3.0 V output product, 75 mA capable (5.0 V output product, V) " Dropout voltage Typ. 160 mV (VOUT 5.0 V, IOUT = 10 mA) " Low ESR capacitor (e.g., a ceramic capacitor F or more) can be used as the output capacitor. " Built-in short current limit circuit: Series A only " Excellent Line Regulation: Stable operation at low load 1A " Ultra compact package: SC-82AB, SOT-23-5

" Power source for battery-powered devices " Power source for personal communication devices " Power source for home electric/electronic appliances

Check power dissipation of the package when you use large output current.
Note 2 Reference voltage Short current limit circuit
S-817x xx Axx - xxx T2 IC orientation for taped specifications Product symbol Package code
Output voltage x 10 Short current limit function: Yes = B

Output Voltage 2.0% Note: Contact our sales personnel for products with an output voltage other than those specified above.


Electrically open. So, there is no problem even when connecting pin NC to VIN or VSS. Table 3 Pin Assignment

GND pin Input voltage pin Output voltage pin No connection No connection
Electrically open. So, there is no problem even when connecting pin NC to VIN or VSS.

Table 4 Absolute Maximum Ratings Item Input voltage Output voltage Power dissipation Operating temperature range Storage temperature range Symbol VIN VOUT PD Topr Tstg (Ta=25C unless otherwise specified) Absolute Maximum Rating to +125 Units mW C

Note: This IC has a protection circuit against static electricity. DO NOT apply high static electricity or high voltage that exceeds the performance of the protection circuit to the IC.


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