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The S-8261 series are lithium-ion/lithium polymer rechargeable battery protection ICs incorporating high-accuracy voltage detection circuit and delay circuit. The S-8261 series are suitable for protection of single-cell lithium ion/lithium polymer battery packs from overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent.


(1) Internal high accuracy voltage detection circuit Overcharge detection voltage Overcharge hysteresis voltage to 4.4V (applicable in 5mV step) Accuracy 25mV (+25C) and 0.4V (*1) Accuracy : 25mV

The overcharge hysteresis voltage can be selected from the range in 50mV step. *1: Overcharge release voltage = Overcharge detection voltage - Overcharge hysteresis voltage (where overcharge release voltage<3.8V is prohibited.)

Overdischarge detection voltage Overdischarge hysteresis voltage

The overdischarge hysteresis voltage can be selected from the range in 100mV step. *2: Overdischarge release voltage = Overdischarge detection voltage + Overdischarge hysteresis voltage (where overdischarge release voltage>3.4V is prohibited.)

Overcurrent 1 detection voltage 0.3V (10mV step) Overcurrent 2 detection voltage 0. 5V (fixed) (2) High voltage device is used for charger connection pins VM and CO pins: absolute maximum rating = 28V

Delay times (overcharge: tCU, overdischarge: tDL, overcurrent 1: tlOV1, overcurrent 2: tlOV2) are generated by an internal circuit. No external capacitor is necessary. Accuracy : 20% Three-step overcurrent detection circuit is included. (overcurrent 1, overcurrent 2, and load shortcircuiting) Either charge function or charge inhibition function for 0V battery can be selected. Charger detection function and abnormal charge current detection function The overdischarge hysteresis is released by detecting negative voltage at the VM pin (-0.7V typ.). (Charger detection function) When the output voltage of the DO pin is high and the voltage at the VM pin is equal to or lower than the charger detection voltage (-0.7V typ.), the output voltage of the CO pin goes low. (Abnormal charge current detection function) Low current consumption Operation 3.5 A typ. Power-down 0.1 A max. Wide operating temperature range: Small package 7.0 A max. to +85C

Lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs 6-Pin SNB(B) (PKG drawing code : BD006-A)
Oscillator control circuit VDD Divider control logic 0V battery charge/charge inhibition circuit

Charger detection circuit + - Overcurrent 1 detection comparator RVMD + - Overcurrent 2 detection comparator RVMS VM

Model number: S-8261Axxyy - abbreviation code (3 letters) -zz Symbol Meaning Description yy zz Serial code Package form Tape direction Assigned from ZZ in alphabetical order. MD:SOT-23-6 T2:SOT-23-6 BD:SNB TF:SNB

It is possible to change the detection voltages of the product other than above. The delay times can also be changed within the range listed bellow. For details, please contact our sales office.

Delay time Overcharge detection delay time Overdischarge detection delay time Overcurrent 1 detection delay time

Remarks Choose from the left. Choose from the left. Choose from the left.
* Values surrounded by bold lines are used in standard products.


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