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CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Zener Diodes
DescriptionSilicon Planar Zener Diode
CompanySemtech Corporation
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18HCA Silicon Planar Zener Diode
1N3645 Standard Recovery Axial Rectifier, 2000 V-3000 V, Io=0.60 a
1N4954SX6.8 5 Watt Voltage Regulator

3PM2 : Standard Recovery Axial Rectifier, 200 V-1000 V, Io=3.5 a

5.1HSC : Silicon Planar Zener Diode

BXZ85/C3V0 : Silicon Planar Power Zener Diodes

SC1485 : Dual Synchronous Buck Pseudo Fixed Frequency Power Supply Controller The SC1485 is a dual output constant on synchronousbuck PWM controller intended for use in notebook computers and other battery operated portable devices. Features include high efficiency and a fast dynamic response with no mi

SC190 : Synchronous Buck Converter with Programmable Output The SC190 is a synchronous step-down converter with integrated power devices and an integrated front-end LDO to minimize input supply ripple. Output voltage is programmable using two control bits, eliminating the need for feedback resistors tied

2V7BSA : Silicon Planar Zener Diodes

SC4205IS-X.XTR : Very Low Dropout 1 Amp Regulator With Enable

SC615AEVB : Charge Pump Flash LED Driver

5550DX103M1 : HIGH Voltage Capacitors Monolithic Ceramic TYPE

ST2SA1174 : PNP Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor

BZX55T3V6 : Silicon Epitaxial Planar Zener Diodes

JANTX1N6162US : 1500 W, UNIDIRECTIONAL, SILICON, TVS DIODE Specifications: Configuration: Single ; Direction: Unidirectional ; Package: HERMETIC SEALED PACKAGE-2 ; Pin Count: 2 ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; VBR: 6.12 volts

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1N5406 : 3 Amp Rectifier 50 - 1000v. Low Current Leakage Metalurgically Bonded Construction Low Forward Voltage High Current Capability Operating Temperature: to +175C Storage Temperature: to +175C Maximum Thermal Resistance; 30C/W Junction To Lead Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage 800V 1000V Maximum DC Blocking Voltage 800V 1000V Average Forward Current Peak Forward Surge Current.

2N5320 : Screening Options Available = ;; Polarity = NPN ;; Package = TO39 (TO205AD) ;; Vceo = 75V ;; IC(cont) = 2A ;; HFE(min) = 30 ;; HFE(max) = 120 ;; @ Vce/ic = 4V / 500mA ;; FT = 50MHz ;; PD = 10W.

BUP48 : Screening Options Available = ;; Polarity = NPN ;; Package = TO3 (TO204AE) ;; Vceo = 60V ;; IC(cont) = 100A ;; HFE(min) = 10 ;; HFE(max) = - ;; @ Vce/ic = 4V / 100A ;; FT = - ;; PD = 250W.

ERC13-06 : . High surge current Compact size, light weight High reliability Color code : Blue Abridged type name Voltage class Lot No. Applications Item Repetitive peak reverse voltage Average forward current Surge current Operating junction temperature Storage temperature Symbol VRRM IF(AV) IFSM Tj Tstg Resistive load Ta=50C Sine wave 10ms Conditions Rating -08 800 Unit.

FTS2002 : . s Parameter Drain-to-Source Voltage Gate-to-Source Voltage Drain Current (DC) Drain Current (pulse) Allowable Power Dissipation Channel Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol VDSS VGSS ID IDP PD Tch Tstg PW10s, duty cycle1% Conditions Parameter Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Zero-Gate Votlage Drain Current Gate-to-Source Leakage Current Gate-to-Source.

GCF10A60 : Device = FRD ;; Ripetitive Peak Reverse Voltage(V) = 600 ;; Average Rectified Current(A) = 10 ;; Condition(cace or Ambient Temperature) = Tc=99 ;; Surge Forward Current(A) = 80 ;; Maximam Operating Junction Temperature( C ) = 150 ;; Storage Temperature( C ) = -40 to 150 ;; Peak Forward Voltage(V) = 1.7 ;; Peak Forward Current(A) = 5 ;; Peak Reverse.

MC74F86D : Quad 2-input Exclusive-OR GATE Fast Schottky TTL. Symbol VCC TA Supply Voltage Operating Ambient Temperature Range Parameter IOH IOL Output Current High Output Current Low Min 55 0 Typ 5.0 25 Max mA Unit V C DC CHARACTERISTICS OVER OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE (unless otherwise specified) Limits Symbol VIH VIL VIK VOH Parameter Input HIGH Voltage Input LOW Voltage Input Clamp Diode Voltage Output.

MPS6518 : Amplifier. PNP General Purpose Amplifier. This device is designed for use as general purpose amplifiers and switches requiring collector currents to 100 mA. Sourced from Process 66. See 2N3906 for characteristics. VCEO VEBO IC TJ, Tstg Collector-Emitter Voltage Emitter-Base Voltage Collector Current - Continuous *These ratings are limiting values above which the serviceability of any semiconductor.

STB5NC90Z : High Voltage. N-channel 900V 2.1 Ohm 4.6A TO-220 TO-220FP I2PAK D2PAK Zener-protected Powermesh Iii MOSFET.

TIP47 : NPN Silicon Transistor. High Sustaining Voltage : VCEO(sus) 400V 1A Rated Collector Current Absolute Maximum Ratings TC=25C unless otherwise noted Symbol VCBO Parameter Collector-Base Voltage : TIP50 Collector-Emitter Voltage : TIP50 Emitter-Base Voltage Collector Current (DC) Collector Current (Pulse) Base Current Collector Dissipation (TC=25C) Collector Dissipation (Ta=25C).

UMF8N : . ! 1) Power switching circuit in a single package. 2) Mounting cost and area can be cut in half. Type UMF8N Package UMT6 Marking F8 Code TR Basic ordering unit (pieces) 3000 Limits Symbol 15 VCBO VCEO 12 VEBO IC 500 Collector current ICP PC 150(TOTAL) Power dissipation Tj 150 Junction temperature Tstg -55~+150 Range of storage temperature Parameter Collector-base.

MURD330 : 3A 300V Ultrafast DPak Low Forward Voltage Drop Low Leakage Ultra−Fast Recovery Time Pb−Free Package is Available Mechanical Characteristics Case: Epoxy, Molded Weight: 0.4 Gram (Approximately) Finish: All External Surfaces Corrosion Resistant and Terminal Leads are Readily Solderable Lead and Mounting Surface Temperature.

GI914/1 : 3 A, 400 V, SILICON, RECTIFIER DIODE, DO-201AD. s: Package: PLASTIC PACKAGE-2 ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; VRRM: 400 volts ; IF: 3000 mA ; trr: 0.7500 ns.

P0300EBALP1 : 30 A, SILICON SURGE PROTECTOR, TO-92. s: Thyristor Type: Thyristor Surge Suppressor, SILICON SURGE PROTECTOR ; Package Type: TO-92, 2 PIN ; Pin Count: 2 ; Standards and Certifications: RoHS.

RN2972CT : 50 mA, 20 V, 2 CHANNEL, PNP, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR. s: Polarity: PNP ; Package Type: 2-1K1A, CST6, 6 PIN.

1N5822U01B : 3 A, 40 V, SILICON, RECTIFIER DIODE. s: Configuration: Single ; Package: ROHS COMPLIANT, HERMETIC SEALED, LCC-2 ; Pin Count: 2 ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; IF: 3000 mA ; VRRM: 40 volts.

23126822 : RESISTOR, THIN FILM, 0.4 W, 0.25 %, 10 ppm, 10 ohm - 1000000 ohm, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Technology / Construction: Thin Film (Chip) ; Mounting / Packaging: ThroughHole, Axial Leads, AXIAL LEADED ; Operating DC Voltage: 350 volts ; Operating Temperature: 85 C (185 F).

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