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TitleSingle-Phase Switching Regulators
DescriptionAsynchronous Voltage-mode PWM Controller
CompanySemtech Corporation
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Features, Applications

The is a versatile, low-cost, voltage-mode PWM controller designed for low output voltage DC/DC power supply applications. A simple, fixed-voltage buck regulator can be implemented using the SC1101 with a minimum of external components. Internal level shift and drive circuitry eliminates the need for an expensive p-channel, high-side switch. The small device footprint allows for compact circuit design. SC1101 features include a temperature compensated voltage reference, triangle wave oscillator, current limit comparator, frequency shift over-current protection, and an internally compensated error amplifier. Pulse by pulse current limiting is implemented by sensing the differential voltage across an external resistor, or an appropriately sized PC board trace. The SC1101 operates at a fixed frequency of 200kHz, providing an optimum compromise between efficiency, external component size, and cost.

Low cost / small size Switch mode efficiency 95% 1% reference voltage accuracy Over current protection 500mA output drive SO-8 package


Pentium P55 Core Supply Low Cost Microprocessor Supplies Peripheral Card Supplies Industrial Power Supplies High Density DC/DC Conversion

Parameter Input Voltage Ground Differential Boost Input Voltage Operating Ambient Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Maximum Junction Temperature Lead Temperature (Soldering) 10 Sec. Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Thermal Resistance Junction to Case Symbol VCC to GND PGND to GND BST to GND TAMB TSTG TJ TLEAD Maximum -45 to Units V C C/W

Unless specified: VCC to 5.25, GND = PGND = 25C, BST = 12V. Per test circuit, unless otherwise specified.

Over to 125C Temp. range Feedback Bias Current Quiescent Current Load Regulation Line Regulation Current Limit Threshold Oscillator Frequency Oscillator Frequency Shift Max Duty Cycle DH Sink/Source Current UVLO Threshold IO VUVLO VBST - VDH 4.5V / VDH -VPGND = 2V VFB < VREF/2 IFB IQ Current into VCC pin = 10A CS(+) to CS(-)

Note: (1) This device is ESD sensitive. Use of standard ESD handling precautions is required.
Note: (1) Only available in tape and reel packaging. A reel contains 2500 devices.

Pin Number Pin Name VC C CS(-) CS(+) PGND DH BST FB GND Pin Function Device input voltage. Current sense input (Negative). Current sense input (Positive). Device power ground. High side driver output. High side driver VCC (Boost). Error amplifier input Signal ground.


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