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CategoryPower Management
DescriptionDevice Specification For Backlight Unit
CompanySharp Microelectronics of the Americas
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SPEC No. - 8706 FILE No. ISSUE : August 28. 1995 DISPLAY GROUP PAGE : 6 pages APPLICABLE GROUP Liquid Crystal Display Group


PRESENTED BY H.FUKUOKA Department General Manager Engineering Department 2 TFT Development Center TENRI LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY GROUP SHARP CORPORATION

(1) Subject LQOB 152 : Literature on backlight unit for 35cm( 13.8") TFI'-LCD

> These specification sheets are the proprietary product of SHARP CORPORATION (SHARP) and include materials protected under copyright of SHARP. Do not reproduce or cause any third party to reproduce them in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the express written permission of SHARP. > The device listed in these specification in OA equipment. sheets was designed and manufactured for use

> In case of using the device for applications such as control and safety equipment for transportation (aircraft, trains, automobiles, etc. rescue and security equipment and various safety related equipment which require higher reliability and safety, take into consideration that appropriate measures such as fail-safe functions and redundant system design should be taken. > Do not use the device for equipment that requires an extreme level of reliability, such as aerospace applications, telecommunication equipment(trunk lines), nuclear power control equipment and medical or other equipment for life support. > SHARP assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the device which does not comply with the instructions and the precautions specified in these specification sheets. Contact and consult with a SHARP sales representative for any questions about this device. (2) Introduction This backlight unit is a service part for 35cm TFT-LCD whose backlight is designed to be replaceable.

(3) Construction and Outline The unit is composed of cold cathode fluorescent tubes, rubber cushions, I/O wires (including connectors), and lamp holders. * Outline drawing of backlight unit : See Fig. 1.

(4) Input / Output terminals 4-l) I/O terminal order Pm No. Symbol i/o i 1 VHIGH i 3 VLOW 4-2) I/O connector 1) Installed socket housing BHR-03VS-1 2) Applicable connector housing: SM02(8.O)B-BHS-1 ( produced by Japan Solderless Terminal ) (5) Electrical characteristics Table 2 Table 1 Description Power supply for lamp (High voltage side) No connection Power supply for lamp (Low voltage side)

[Note 1) Available current range considering light-adjustment. [Note 2) Calculated value for reference (IL X VL) [Note 31 Lamp life terminates when the luminance under the rated power reached 50% of the initial value after the continuous operation under rated power and the room temperature. (6) Optical characteristics Ta=25"C Table 3 Remarks Symbol MIN. TYP. MAX. Unit Parameter Luminance 26,000 cd/m2 (just for reference) [Note 31 Chromaticity 0.271 0.301 [Note 31 The measurement shall be executed 15-20 minutes after lighting attracted power. The value measured at the center of the cold cathode fluorescent tube at a viewing cone ' by TOPCON luminance meter BM-7.


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