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DescriptionDevice Specification For Lamp Unit
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(1) Subject This literature (2) Introduction This backlight unit is a service part for 21cm TFT-LCD module (LQO84VlDG21) is applied for LQODDB0004

is designed to be replaceable and exactly same as originally (3) Construction and lamp holders. * Outline drawing of lamp unit : and Outline

The unit is composed of cold cathode fluorescent tubes, I/O wires (including See Fig. 1.

(4) Input / Output terminals 4-1) I/O terminal order Table 1 Pin No. 2 3 Symbol VHIGH NC VLOW i/o i No connection Power supply for lamp (Low voltage side) SM02(&0)B-BHS ( produced by Japan Solderless Terminal (5) Electrical characteristics of single lamp are shown in the following table 2. Table 2 ) Description Power supply for lamp (High voltage side)

4-2) I/O connector 1) Installed 2) Mating socket housing connector


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