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CategoryOptoelectronics => Display
Description12.1 Inch Color Tft-lcd Module
CompanySharp Microelectronics of the Americas
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cm [12.1"] SVGA format s High brightness cd/m2) s Built-in long life CCFT backlight 000 h, easily replaceable) s Wide viewing angle s Connector is attached from the back of the module (Horizontal: 140° Vertical: 110°)


Display size Dot format x V) Dot pitch x V) Active area x V) Color Input signal Viewing direction Backlight type 800 x RGB 144 6-bit CMOS 6:00 2CCFT(E)

Brightness 300 cd/m2 Contrast ratio : 1 Power consumption 7.2 W Outline dimensions 14.0 mm Weight 775 g Operating temperature +50 °C Storage temperature +60 °C

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PC817B0 : 1 CHANNEL TRANSISTOR OUTPUT OPTOCOUPLER Specifications: Mounting Option: DIP-4 ; Forward Current: 0.0500 amps ; Output: Phototransistor ; Isolation Voltage: 5000 volts ; Collector Emitter Breakdown Voltage: 35 volts ; Operating Temperature: -30 to 100 C (-22 to 212 F)

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GP1A70R : Opic Photointerrupter With Encoder Functions. B ) digital output 2. Sensing accuracy ( GP1A70R Disk slit pitch ( GP1A71R Disk slit pitch ) 3. PWB mounting type ( Lead bending type ) 4. TTL compatible output 5. Compact, lightweight Internal connection diagram OPIC 1 Anode 2 Cathode OB 4 GND V OA *"OPIC " ( Optical is a trademark of the SHARP Corporation. An OPIC consists of a light-detecting element.

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