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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Voltage Regulators
DescriptionChopper Regulator in a TO-220 Package
CompanySharp Microelectronics of the Americas
DatasheetDownload PQ1CG2032FZ datasheet
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PQ1CG2032RZ Chopper Regulator in a TO-220 Package
PQ1CZ1 Chopper Regulator in a Surface Mount Package
PQ1K213M2ZP Low Output Current, Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator in a Compact Surface Mount Package
PQ1PD1 Primary Regulator For Switching Power Supply ( 100w Class )
PQ1PF1 Primary Regulator For Switching Power Supply ( 50w Class )
PQ1PF2 Primary Regulator For Switching Power Supply ( 30w Class )
PQ1PF3 Primary Regulator For Switching Power Supply

GA102T1M2MZ :

LH28F008SCB-V12 : 8M-bit(1MB X 8)smart 5 Flash Memory

LH28F320BFHG-PTTLZM : 32M Top Boot Block Flash

LH53259 : CMOS 256k ( 32k X 8 ) Mrom

PC355M : DC Input, Darlington Phototransistor Output

LH28F160S3B-L13 : Flash Memory 16M (2MB 8/1mb 16)

GM5ZS01200A : LEDs -; LED SUNSET ORANGE CLEAR 6050 SMD Specifications: Color: Orange ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Flat Top, 3.2mm ; Millicandela Rating: 700mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 2.2V ; Wavelength - Dominant: 605nm ; Wavelength - Peak: 609nm ; Current - Test: 60mA ; Viewing Angle: - ; Lens Type: Clear ; Luminous Flux @ Current - Test: - ; Pa

GP1UX517QS : Optical - Photo Detectors - Remote Receiver RCVR REM CTRL 5V SIDE 56.8KHZ -; RCVR REM CTRL 5V SIDE 56.8KHZ Specifications: B.P.F. Center Frequency: 56.8kHz ; Voltage - Supply: 4.5 V ~ 5.5 V ; Orientation: Side View ; Sensing Distance: 8.5m ; Current - Supply: 600A ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant

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5812-F : Bimos ii 20-bit Serial-input, Latched Source Drivers With Active-dmos Pull-downs.

AD4016M188RBA-5 : Low Voltage Operation is More Suitable to be Used on Battery Backup, Portable Electronic.

BD6665FM : Spindle Motor Driver ic For Cd-rom/rw. The BD6665FM has achieved high-efficiency and low power consumption due to the adoption of MOSFET output and direct PWM drive. Power save circuit, current limit circuit, FG threephase synthesis output, hall bias, reverse protection circuit, short brake SW, and rotation direction detection terminal are incorporated. The result is a multi-function and high-performance.

EXQ125-48S05 : Input Voltage = 33-75 ;; Output Voltage = 5.0 ;; Output Current = 20A.

ICE_1PD265G : Integrated Power ICs. Ic's For Sinusoidal Line Current Consumption. Operating in Discontinous Mode to Control Boost Converter as an Active Harmonic Filter..

IR3088 : Xphase ic With Fault And Overtemp Detect. DATA SHEET XPHASETM PHASE IC WITH FAULT AND OVERTEMP DETECT The IR3088 Phase IC combined with an IR XPhaseTM Control IC provides a full featured and flexible way to implement power solutions for the latest high performance CPUs and ASICs. The "Control" IC provides overall system control and interfaces with any number of "Phase" ICs which each drive.

LTC1706-81 : VID Voltage Programmers. LTC1706-81, Intel Pentium Desktop Vid Voltage Programmer.

MAX6314 : General Purpose. 68HC11 Bidirectional Compatible P Reset Circuit. The MAX6314 low-power CMOS microprocessor (P) supervisory circuit is designed to monitor power supplies in P and digital systems. The MAX6314's RESET output is bidirectional, allowing to be directly connected to Ps with bidirectional reset inputs, such as the 68HC11. It provides excellent circuit reliability and low cost by eliminating external components.

PT6442A : Plug-in Power Solutions->Non-Isolated->Single Posi. ti PT6442, 2.5Vout 6A 3.3V/5V-Input Adjustable Step-down Isr.

PT7711A : Plug-in Power Solutions->Non-Isolated->Single Posi. ti PT7711, 20 Amp 5V-Input Next Generation 'Big Hammer' Programmable Isr.

REG113-285 : . q CAP-FREE DMOS TOPOLOGY: Ultra Low Dropout Voltage: 250mV typ at 400mA Output Capacitor not Required for Stability TO 500mA PEAK, TYPICAL q FAST TRANSIENT RESPONSE q VERY LOW NOISE: 28Vrms q HIGH ACCURACY: 1.5% max q HIGH EFFICIENCY: IGND 850A at IOUT = 400mA Not Enabled: IGND 3.0V, 3.3V, AND 5.0V OUTPUT VERSIONS q OTHER OUTPUT VOLTAGES AVAILABLE.

TPS70245 : Dual-output Low-dropout Voltage Regulators With Integrated SVS For Split Voltage Systems.

TPS76825 : . 1 A Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Available 3.3-V, 5.0-V Fixed Output and Adjustable Versions Dropout Voltage Down A (TPS76850) Ultralow 85 A Typical Quiescent Current Fast Transient Response 2% Tolerance Over Specified Conditions for Fixed-Output Versions Open Drain Power Good (See TPS767xx for Power-On Reset With 200-ms Delay Option) 8-Pin SOIC and 20-Pin.

UC3620SP : Motion/Motor Control. ti UC3620, Switchmode Driver For 3-Phase Brushless DC Motors.

BQ24080 : The bq24080 and bq24081 are highly integrated and flexible Li-Ion linear charge devices targeted at space-limited charger applications. They offer an integrated power FET and current sensor, high-accuracy current and voltage regulation, charge status, and charge termination, in a single monolithic device. An external resistor sets the magnitude of the charge.

space FAN3228C : Dual 2A High-Speed, Low-Side Gate Driver The FAN3226-29 family of dual 2A gate drivers is designed to drive N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFETs in low-side switching applications by providing high peak current pulses during the short switching intervals. The driver is available with either TTL or CMOS input thresholds. Internal circuitry provides an under-voltage.

ISL54209 : MP3/USB 2.0 High Speed Switch With Negative Signal Handling And Low Power Shutdown The Intersil ISL54209 dual SPDT (Single Pole/Double Throw) switch combines low distortion audio and accurate USB 2.0 high speed data (480Mbps) signal switching in the same low voltage device. When operated with a 2.5V to 5.0V single supply, this analog switch allows audio.

ISL89410 : High Speed, Dual Channel Power MOSFET Drivers The ISL89410, ISL89411, ISL89412 ICs are similar to the EL7202, EL7212, EL7222 series but with greater VDD ratings. These are very high speed matched dual drivers capable of delivering peak currents of 2.0A into highly capacitive loads. The high speed performance is achieved by means of a proprietary Turbo-Driver.

NJM2344 : PWM DC/DC Converter IC With Standby Function The NJM2344 is a general purpose PWM DC/DC converter IC configurable for step-up, step-down and inverting applications.An internal 1.5A power transistor, a pulse-by pulse current limit and 1% precision reference make the NJM2344 suitable for a wide range of voltage converter needs. The NJM2344 a standby function.

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