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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Voltage Regulators
DescriptionLow Power Loss Voltage Regulator With a Variable Output
CompanySharp Microelectronics of the Americas
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PQ30RV11 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With a Variable Output
PQ30VB11 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With Variable Output And a Built in Overheat Shut Down Function
PQ3DF53 3.3 Volt Output, Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With High Output Current (5 Amps)
PQ3DZ13 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With a 0.5 Amp/1.0 Amp Output in a Compact Surface Mount Package
PQ3RD083 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With a 0.8 Amp Output
PQ3RD13 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With a 1 Amp Output
PQ3RD23 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With a 2.0 Amp Output
PQ3RF23 a 3.3 Volt Output, Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With High Output Current (2 Amp, 3.5 Amp)
PQ3RF43 3.3v/4.6v Output Low Power-loss Voltage Regulator
PQ3TR5M3AZP Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With Reset Signal Generating Function in Detecting Input Voltage Drop
PQ3TZ50 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator in a Surface Mount Package
PQ5EV3 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With a Large Output Current
PQ5RS1 0.15a Output, High Cost Performance Type Low Power-loss Voltage Regulator
PQ5TS1 0.15a Output, Surface Mount Type Low Power-loss Voltage Regulators
PQ5TS1Series 0.15a Output, Surface Mount Type Low Power-loss Voltage Regulators (built-in Reset Signal Generating Function)
PQ6RD083 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With a 0.8 Amp Output
PQ7DV10 10 Amp Output Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With a Variable Output of 1.5 to 7 Volts
PQ7DV5 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With a High Output Current of 5 Amps And a Variable Output
PQ7RV4 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator With a Variable Output of 1.5 to 7 Volts And a 4.6 Amp Output

GL8D03M : Visible LEDs 6mm Red Multi-digit Numeric Led

GP2S27T3 : Subminiature Reflective Flat Photointerrupter

LH28F160S3HR-L100 : LH28F160S3HR-L100 16MBIT (2MB X 8/1MB X 16)Smart 3 Flash Memory 56 Pin Tsop

LH53259D : CMOS 256K(32K X 8) Mask-programmable ROM

LT3S65W : Sign Modules / Clusters Cylinder Type (thick Flange), Colored Transparency, Tape-packaged (Red) Led Lamps For Surface Mount.

PC123C : CTR Ranked Version of Base Model PC123

PC817Y0 : Replace The PC817Y0 to : PC123Y

LQ043T3DX02 : TFT LCD Module Spedification 24 bits digital(8bits/color)

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BQ20851 : V1P2 Sbs-compliant Gas Gauge ic For Use With The Bq29311. D Provides Accurate Measurement of Available Programmable Cell Modeling for Maximum D Battery Fuel Gauge Accuracy Drives or 5-Segment LED Display for Remaining Capacity Indication 38-Pin TSSOP (DBT) Charge in Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries Supports the Smart Battery (SBS) V1.1 Integrated Time Base Removes Need for External Crystal Works With the TI bq29311.

FBE22-06N1 : Fast Single Phase Rectifier Bridge in ISOplus 14-pac(tm). Input Rectifier Bridge Symbol VRRM IFAV ID(AV)M IFSM EAS Ptot = 90C; sine 180 (per diode) = 90C TVJ = 10 ms; sine 50 Hz IAS= A; LAS=180 H; = 25C; non repetitive = 25C (per diode) Conditions Maximum Ratings mJ W HiPerFREDTM Epitaxial Diodes - fast and soft reverse recovery low switching losses - avalanche rated - low leakage current ISOPLUS i4-PACTM.

L4940XX10 : Very Low Drop 1.5 a Regulators. PRECISE 10, 12V OUTPUTS LOW DROPOUT VOLTAGE (500mV Typ. at 1.5A) VERY LOW QUIESCENT CURRENT THERMAL SHUTDOWN SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTION The L4940 series of three terminal positive regulators is available TO-220, TO-220FP and D2PAK packages and with several fixed output voltages, making it useful in a wide range of industrial.

LT1576 : 1.5A, 200kHz Step-down Switching Regulator. Constant 200kHz Switching Frequency 1.21V Reference Voltage Fixed 5V Output Option Easily Synchronizable Uses All Surface Mount Components Inductor Size Reduced to 15H Saturating Switch Design: 0.2 Effective Supply Current: 1.16mA Shutdown Current: 20A Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting Fused Lead SO-8 Package The a 200kHz monolithic buck mode switching.

MAX1771 : 12V or Adjustable, High-Efficiency, Low-IQ, Step-up DC-DC Controller. o 90% Efficiency for to 2A Load Currents to 24W Output Power o 110A (max) Supply Current o 5A (max) Shutdown Current to 16.5V Input Range o Preset 12V or Adjustable Output Voltage o Current-Limited PFM Control Scheme to 300kHz Switching Frequency o Evaluation Kit Available The MAX1771 step-up switching controller provides 90% efficiency over to 2A load.

MAX63XXSUPEVKIT : MAX63XXSUPEVKIT Evaluation Kit For The MAX63XX Supervisory Circuits. Maxim's line of supervisory circuits offers multiple wafer trimmable options, leading to thousands of variations. The large number of variations makes it difficult to offer samples for each unique version. The Supervisory Circuit Evaluation Kit (SUPEVKIT) has been developed to emulate all the different variations of the MAX63XX line. It reproduces the logic.

MAX675CPA : +5v Precision Voltage Reference.

MC33263 : Ultra Low Noise Low Dropout Voltage Regulator With On/off Switch. MC33263 Ultra Low Noise 150 mA Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with ON/OFF Control Housed a SOT23L package, the MC33263 delivers 150 mA where it exhibits a typical 180 mV dropout. With an incredible noise level of 25 mVRMS (over to 100 kHz, with 10 nF bypass capacitor), the MC33263 represents the ideal choice for sensitive circuits, especially in portable.

MC78L00ABDR2 : Three-terminal Low Current Positive Voltage Regulators. MC78L00A Series Three-Terminal Low Current Positive Voltage Regulators The MC78L00A Series of positive voltage regulators are inexpensive, easytouse devices suitable for a multitude of applications that require a regulated supply to 100 mA. Like their higher powered MC7800 and MC78M00 Series cousins, these regulators feature internal current limiting.

NJU7332 : DC Motor Controller. Single-phase DC Brushless Motor Driver ic. s PACKAGE OUTLINE s GENERAL The is a single-phase DC brushless motor driver IC for very small fan-motor application. It MOS-FET driver circuit for better saturation characteristics. Slew late of amplifiers and feedback resistors are optimized to achieve low-noise motor operation. NJU7332 adopt a very small FFP package, therefore it is suitable for micro.

SI-8033JD : Surface-mount Switching Regulator. Surface-mount package (TO263-5) Output current: 1.5 A High efficiency: to 86% Requires only 4 external components Phase correction and output voltage adjustment performed internally Choke coil size can be reduced through the employment of high frequency (125 kHz) design Built-in foldback overcurrent protection, thermal protection circuit Output ON/OFF.

TPS75715 : . TPS75725, TPS75733 WITH POWER GOOD AND TPS75701 FAST-TRANSIENT RESPONSE 3-A LOW-DROPOUT VOLTAGE REGULATORS Fixed-Output and Adjustable Versions Open Drain Power-Good (PG) Status Output (Fixed Options Only) Dropout Voltage Typically A (TPS75733) Low 125 A Typical Quiescent Current Fast Transient Response 3% Tolerance Over Specified Conditions for Fixed-Output.

UCC2581D : Voltage Mode. ti UCC2581, Micropower Voltage Mode PWM. Low 85A Startup Current Low 300A Operating Current Automatically Disabled Startup Preregulator Programmable Minimum Duty Cycle with Cycle Skipping Programmable Maximum Duty Cycle Output Current 1A Peak Source and Sink Programmable Soft Start Programmable Oscillator Frequency External Oscillator Synchronization Capability The UCC3581 voltage mode pulse.

UCC381-3 : Low Dropout 1 Ampere Linear Regulator Family. Precision Positive Linear Voltage Regulation 0.5V Dropout at 1A Guaranteed Reverse Input/ Output Voltage Isolation with Low Leakage Low Quiescent Current Irrespective of Load Adjustable Output Voltage Version Fixed Versions for 3.3V and 5V Outputs Logic Shutdown Capability Short Circuit Power Limit of 3% VIN Current Limit Remote Load Voltage for Accurate.

UTCUC3842B/43B : = PWM Controllers With Low Start-up Current ;; Package = DIP-8, SOP-8 ;;.

X40010 : Dual Voltage Monitoring Cpu Supervisor With Power-on-reset, Low Voltage Reset, Watchdog Timer, Fault Detection Register, Wdo Output, Active High Reset.

LTC6412 : 800MHz, 31dB Range Analog-Controlled VGA The LTC6412 is a fully differential variable gain amplifier with linear-in-dB analog gain control. It is designed for AC-coupled operation in IF receiver chains from 1MHz to 500MHz. The part has a constant OIP3 across a wide output amplitude range and across the 31dB gain control range. The output noise (NF + Gain).

LMZ12003EXT : 3A SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Module With 20V Maximum Input Voltage For Military And Rugged Applications The LMZ12003EXT SIMPLE SWITCHER power module is an easy-to-use step-down DC-DC solution capable of driving up to 3A load with exceptional power conversion efficiency, line and load regulation, and output accuracy. The LMZ12003EXT is available in an innovative.

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