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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Regulators => Positive => Low Current => LDO
Description0.15a Output, High Cost Performance Type Low Power-loss Voltage Regulator
CompanySharp Microelectronics of the Americas
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Features, Applications

0.15A Output, High Cost Performance Type Low Power-Loss Voltage Regulator (Built-in Reset Signal Generating Function)

General Description Sharp's PQ5RS1 series is 0.15A output, high cost performance type low power-loss voltage regulator with built-in reset signal generating function. It is applicable to the malfunction prevention of microcomputers when power supplies of various electronic equipment(AV, OA equipment) are turned-on or out of order.

Features (1) Built-in reset signal generating function (7 series of reset threshold voltage are available.) (2) Low power-loss (Dropout voltage: MAX. Io=0.1A) (3) Compact resin full-mold package(equivalent TO-220) (4) High precision output type (Output voltage precision: 3.0%) (5) Overcurrent protection, overheat protection function

Applications (1) Power supplies for various electronic equipment such as AV, OA equipment

Electrical Characteristics Parameter Input voltage Output voltage Output current Dropout voltage Reset threshold voltage Power dissipation(No heat sink) Operating temperature

(Ta=25C) Symbol Vo Io Vrt P Topr Ratings MAX Refer to the table. + 80 Unit C

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MM1437 : System Reset. Regulator+reset. This IC combines a low saturation 5V regulator, adapted for low power consumption, and a reset function (regulator output monitoring), for which there is significant market need, that uses the built-in 4.2V, 4.5V and 4.7V detection delay circuit. 1. Small input/output voltage difference 0.25V typ. 2. High input voltage 18V max. 3. Internal thermal shutdown.

PT6404 : Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters. Single-Device to 3V Power 85% Efficiency Small SIP Footprint Adjustable Output Voltage The is a high performance +3.3V, 3 Amp, 12-Pin SIP (Single In-line Package) Integrated Switching Regulator (ISR) designed for stand alone (not parallelable) operation. This high-performance ISR allows easy integration of low-power 3.3V logic IC's into existing 5V systems.

SC1566 : Very Low Dropout 3.0 Amp Regulator With Enable. The is a high performance positive voltage regulator designed for use in applications requiring very low dropout voltage to 3 Amps. Since it has superior dropout characteristics compared to regular LDOs, it can be used to supply 2.5V on motherboards 2.8V on peripheral cards from the 3.3V supply thus allowing heat sink size reduction or elimination.

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X80142 : Hotswap & Power Sequencers. Voltage Supervisor/sequencerquad Programmable Time Delay With Local/remote Voltage Monitors.

PT7M7344YTA : P Supervisor Circuits The PT7M7xxx family microprocessor (P) supervisory circuits are targeted to improve reliability and accuracy of power-supply circuitry in P systems. These devices reduce the complexity and number of components required to monitor power-supply and battery functions..

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