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TitleLithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Protection
DescriptionFunction = For 2-cell ;; Overcharge Detection Voltage (Accuracy) = 3.9-4.4 V (±25 MV) ;; Overdischarge Detection Voltage (Accuracy) = 2.0-3.0 V (±80 MV) ;; Overcurrent Detection Voltage 1 (Accuracy) = 0.05-0.3 V (±25 MV) ;; Overcharge Detection Delay Time = 1.15s ;; Package (Power Dissipation) = 8-pin Tssop (300 MW)
CompanySeiko Instruments
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Features, Applications

The S-8253A/B Series are protection ICs for or 3-serial cell lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and include high-accuracy voltage detectors and delay circuits. These ICs are suitable for protecting lithium-ion battery packs from overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent.


(1) High-accuracy voltage detection for each cell Overcharge detection voltage (50 mV steps) Accuracy mV *1 Accuracy 50 mV Overcharge release voltage V *1. Overcharge release voltage = Overcharge detection voltage - Overcharge hysteresis voltage (Overcharge hysteresis voltage to 3) can be selected V or from a range 50 mV steps.) Overdischarge detection voltage (100 mV steps)

Overdischarge release voltage 3.4 V Accuracy mV *2. Overdischarge release voltage = Overdischarge release voltage - Overdischarge hysteresis voltage (Overdischarge hysteresis voltage to 3) can be selected V or from a range 100 mV steps.)

Three-level overcurrent detection (including load short circuiting detection) Overcurrent detection voltage (50 mV steps) Accuracy 25 mV Overcurrent detection voltage 0.5 V (fixed) Overcurrent detection voltage 1.2 V (fixed) Delay times (overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent) are generated by an internal circuit (external capacitors are unnecessary). Charge/discharge operation can be inhibited via the control pin. 0 V battery charge function available/unavailable are selectable. High-voltage withstand devices Wide operating voltage range Wide operating temperature range Low current consumption Operation mode Power-down mode 28 A max. 0.1 A max. (+25C) Absolute maximum rating: +85 C

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs Lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs


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S-8254 Function = For 3 Cells or 4 Cells ;; Overcharge Detection Voltage (Accuracy) = 3.9 V to 4.4 V (±25 MV) ;; Overdischarge Detection Voltage (Accuracy) = 2.0 to 3.0 V (±80 MV) ;; Overcurrent Detection
S-8261 Function = For 1-cell ;; Overcharge Detection Voltage (Accuracy) = 3.9-4.4 V (±25mV) ;; Overdischarge Detection Voltage (Accuracy) = 2.0-3.0 V (±50mV) ;; Overcurrent Detection Voltage 1 (Accuracy)
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