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DescriptionControl Method = 1-channel For LCD ;; Operation Start Voltage = (Input 2-9V) ;; Output Voltage = Maximum 20-30V ;; Output Accuracy = ±2.4% ;; Switching Frequency = 50, 180 KHZ ;; Current Consumption Operating = 100 µA (Vin=5V, 180KHz) ;; Current Consumption Shutdown = 1 µA Max. ;; Efficiency Typ. = 85% ;; Package = 8-pin Ssop
CompanySeiko Instruments
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Features, Applications

The S-8330/8331 Series is a CMOS PWM-control step-up switching regulator which mainly consists of a reference voltage source, an oscillation circuit, a power MOS FET (for S-8330 Series) , and an error amplifier. The output voltage can adjust by built-in Electric volume circuit , and equip with shutdown function. The S-8330 Series is low current consumption because of CMOS structure , and a step-up switching regulator constructed by externally connecting only a coil, a capacitor and a diode. This feature, along with its 8-Pin SSOP package and a few external components, makes the S-8330 Series ideal for LCD bias generators of portable equipment. For applications requiring a high output current, products used with an external transistor (S-8331 Series) are also available.


Maximum output voltage: (2 V step) 12 V range can be adjusted by electric volume Output voltage accuracy :2.4% Output current: 5mA ( VIN= 5 V,VOUT= 30 V) Low current consumption : During operation: 100 A (typ.) (VIN= V 180 kHz) During shutdown 1.0 A (max.) Shutdown function: Stepping up operation is stopped , and Vout pin is shorted to GND while shutdown. Input voltage range: 9.0 V Soft start function: 3 msec (typ.) Built-in CR oscillation circuit: Oscillating frequency: 180 kHz (typ.) (A series) Oscillating frequency: 50 kHz (typ.) (B series) 8-pin SSOP plastic package 8-bit built-in electric volume circuit External transistor type is available (S-8331 Series)


Power supplies for medium type or large type LCD panel. Power supplies for portable devices such as pagers, handy calculators, and remote controllers Constant voltage power supplies for cameras, video equipment, and communications equipment

8-pin SSOP plastic package (PKG drawing code : FS008-A)

Tape Specification Package name (abbreviation) Maximum Output voltage Product category fosc=180kHz B: fosc= 50kHz Power transistor 0: Built-in switch. 1: External transistor.

Functions Electric volume data input pin Electric volume clock input pin Electric volume strobe signal input pin Output voltage pin Power supply pin External inductor connection pin (Note 1) External transistor connection pin (Note 2 ) Shutdown pin 7 ON/OFF "H":normal operation (stepping up operation) "L":stop stepping up operation 8 VSS GND pin Note 1: S-8330 Series: Open drain output Note 2: S-8331 Series: CMOS output Pin No. Pin name VDIN VCLK VSTRB VOUT VIN CONT EXT

Note: Built-in protect circuit for static electricity on chip. However, prevent a charge of static electricity which exceeds the capacity of the protection circuit. (Unless otherwise specified: Ta=25C) Parameter VOUT pin voltage CONT pin voltage CONT pin current EXT pin voltage EXT pin current Input voltage Power dissipation Operating temperature range Storage temperature range Symbol VOUT VCONT ICONT VEXT IEXT VIN,VCLK,VDIN, VSTRB,ON/OFF PD TOPR TSTG Ratings VSS to 33 VSS to +125 Unit mW C


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